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A tycoon game where you are running an airline. · By Tjoeker, pjank42

Utterly Poor Performance

A topic by Mjw5147 created 39 days ago Views: 107 Replies: 1
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When I started Patch I it was lightening fast. Me and 5 AI airlines. Starting in 1999 it now takes over 30 seconds to get the day to change to the next. I used DB Browser to buyout (merger, not subsidiary) all the AI competition to try to help the game along with no luck. It's almost unplayable and I'm only at 2/2/2003. It's on Ultra Fast setting, too. Any input would be appreciated. It's me and two subsidiaries with a fleet total of about 8-900 and 800 routes. From what I saw when you put out patch I this is actually rather small because you were doing it with almost 100 AI opponents.


It is true that the filling degrees for opponents flights are calculated a lot quicker because it doesn't have to calculate IFS for the opponents. (those are preset values for AI). We have a performance upgrade planned for human players a bit down the line.