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The Airline Project - NEXT GEN

Become the CEO of your own airline in this tycoon game. · By Tjoeker, Tomcatter, pjank42

High Flight Expenses

A topic by fabbi008 created May 31, 2020 Views: 257 Replies: 2
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In my game the flight expenses are so high, that it is impossible to make money. For example in the southwest scenario, a flight from Dallas to NY has expenses at about 2.5 million dollars. That would result in a ticket price higher than 20000 dollars per PAX. Is this a bug or do i miss someting?


I have had no issues making money in TAP, so I think something is wrong here.

What year are you playing in?
Do you offer a lot of different stuff in the IFS (in flight services)?

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The example route is Dallas Love Field - Fort Lauderdale. The picture shows the finance after one fligth (with return flight). The airliner is a Boeing 727-100 (from used aircraft market). Flight was 90% full. No onboard servcies were provided. Just bought an airliner, an set a route. I also tried in different centurys, same problem. The AI oponnents seems to have the same problem, too. 
Thank you for the quick response