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The Airline Project - NEXT GEN

Become the CEO of your own airline in this tycoon game. · By Tjoeker, Tomcatter, pjank42

crash after game settings

A topic by Airliner created Jul 07, 2020 Views: 133 Replies: 5
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Every time when I want to start the game after the game settings, it crushes. There is no crashlog available which describes the reason (the log is empty) and I also tried to start the game with the tips from the forum here like deleting the openborderagreements or the weather folder but nothing help. What can I do now?


Can you tell me what settings you're trying to play with?

I tried different game settings but no one work; no matter which settings I use, the normal game can't be played. I tried the campaign modus, and that game work unexpectedly...

I have the same issue. It doesnt help to reduce the other competitors, or to change any settings...


I believe I responded to your post on Reddit about this issue? :)

I have the same problem. Every time I want to start a new game it crashes, but the crashlog (editor) es empty...