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Unfortunate with the bug in the Jam version but I really liked the other stuff that I could get to in the post-Jam version, especially the final boss. Usually, I don't like card-based battle systems but this one had a really nice balance to it that made it fun.

Also, that ending text went on for a long time but I still liked it. I like a good epilogue.

That is cool, worked splendidly and also helps with other browser-only games.

Well, I did wonder what the point of those pentagrams was initially and the moment I switched sides I realized instantly I was in Wizardry 4 and what I had to do

Really enjoyed this, wouldn't mind having a downloadable version of this even if it costs a bit.

I killed Metatron on my first try. Must have gotten lucky with the right mix of summons.

He probably means the following rule

"The game must have step movement on a grid. Smooth transition between grid squares is allowed. Half-steps or dividing the square into smaller squares is not accepted."

You seem to have 90 degree turning but forward movement isn't adhering to a grid or on a step-basis. Have you ever played a game like Legends of Grimrock or older games like Eye of the Beholder or any Wizardry. They all have dungeons entirely based on a grid (not just the map, but the very movement itself is fixed on a grid and happens step-by-step

This happened to me as well, moved into an enemy and couldn't do anything nor move anymore

I don't know why, but I can't move at all in the game, neither by clicking with the mouse on the movement keys nor by pressing on the num block keys or arrow keys on my keyboard.

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Is it just me, or is there no loading a save from the start screen?

edit: strange, now it suddenly works

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How big is your team? This is a real good looking game, I'm really impressed

Really loved this, perfect short metroidvania-ish game (here's a longer review)

I mapped out the game, but I have no clue where the final boss is. Fun game though

Could you throw in the registered Dos versions of the game (both version 1.0 and 2.0), as I want to play those through Dosbox

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Love the aesthetics and the gameplay (although the divide mechanism only working on keyboard threw me for a moment).

That said, the ending felt awfully abrupt, I wonder if there's more than one ending