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Cycle of SporeView game page

A small vignette in a garden of horrors
Submitted by hephforgegaming (@hephforgegaming), Summer T, rosko vair, jdcviolin (@jdcviolin), metakazz — 4 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio - Does the game have nice sfx and music?#73.3533.353
Gameplay - How fun is it to play?#182.6472.647
Graphics - Is the game aesthetically pleasing?#193.2943.294
Originality - Does the game innovate or try something new?#222.8242.824
Completeness - Is it an unfinished tech-demo, prototype or a complete game?#233.0593.059

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice entry!

What did I like:

  • First of all I like the color palette. The palette itself is somehow unsettling which fits the mood of the story.
  • Showing the health as a leaf is a great idea
  • The story, although short is nice and unsettling as well. It really started to feel alien when the flesh in the inventory was mentioned. The moment he first mushrooms appeared I thought: holy hell, he's fighting hos friends! And it was logical since he wanted to rescue someone, so why being polite to the already damned. The end of the game then takes this to the max with a most twisted end. I like it! Good narration through images and short texts. By the way: I had to smile about the heading "Narration" above the narration ^^. It felt really comical.

What can be improved:

  • The fighting timing bug of course, that prevents the sprites from being showed when the character is too fast. Just make the character walk slower then or time the encounters differently or make sure it is always displayed in front of the player. Giving the player the opportunity to walk fast is nice but it should not be punished by missing sprites.
  • As a high level criticism the fighting menu could apply the style of the rest of the game which was done very nice by using the leaf as the health bar

Other than that I found it a bit short but a very nice experience and I really liked the story.

Good job!


We appreciate everyone's comments!  The bug from the sprite disappearing is due to actually stepping past the sprite.  If you navigate more slowly and not press the movement keys so rapidly, you shouldn't run into the issue.


Really loved the art style and music in this one.  The way you show health is cool too.



osx version refused to run

nice concept. a bit klumsy to use. 

I like the colors and the general sound ;)


so, i like the vine health thing. but eventually monster started being invisible


The art style was nicely consistent throughout the game. The use of colours was interesting and the font choice was good (apart from the start screen!). The music came in at the right times and was appropriate for the game style. The narrative was well done and clearly considered and often missing in games that are made so quickly. Well done for making your game!


Nice with the narration and the movement and dungeons were decent. I would've liked a bit more from the combat and perhaps some more interactions but still, good job and thanks for your submission :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, it is a shame, that the monster graphics often don´t load, as the designs are awesome. But is it over, when you kill Tomoko? After that I can seem to do anything else.
Movement felt very good and while basic, the battle system was good, too.


Cool little story and cool art when it loads,  Combat would have deserved some elaboration.


Ah yes, a fellow JRPG Crawler. Nice.
Sadly, a lot of the time the graphics for the monsters didn't load.


Interesting game. Sometimes the graphics for the monsters didn't appear.