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Quite a fun little platformer. I like the distorted effect that closes in from the border. My only real criticism would be the stickiness of the wall-slide. I kept getting stuck in places because of that.

Great job on learning enough to get as far as you did then dude. Always sucks when other team members fall through, but I think we all learnt a lot from the jam so mission accomplished I guess =D (Also, don't sweat it about the game, my game is wildly buggy as well, hahaha, it's not the easiest thing in the world to create a vertical slice from nothing in two weeks).

I liked the aesthetics and the sound was very moody and created a great atmosphere, but the intro was a little long (especially compared to the actual length of gameplay). The controls were tight (once I had full power that is) and I can see that an extended/improved version of this would actually be pretty fun to play. Good job.

Sheesh, I don't wanna have to unzip to a folder AND have a settings screen pop up to play a two week game jam game =P

Overall the game looked pretty good though it was the typical minecraft style stuff. I immediately dropped my burger bun on the ground and could not retrieve it so I went to the other side to see if I could blow off some steam killing zombies, but they never spawned (I assume it's because I didn't make the first burger), hahaha. So I didn't -really- experience the gameplay, but I could see where it was going. The controls were very floaty, I found it hard to now where I was gonna end up when I pressed a movement key. Nice work for the time period we had though.

Nice little super smash bros style beat em up. Good collision detection and I didn't hit any game breaking bugs (which is more than can be said for my game). The only thing I noticed is that the 'combos' don't really feel like combos. But eh, good job.

It seems interesting. It took me a -long- time to figure out what to do. Not sure if this is the order you intended, but first I had to drag something onto the middle bottom squares (which do nothing again after this sequence) and then two white squares appeared on the middle left just below my 'elements' then I had to drag something from my elements onto those left hand squares...Dragging things onto the bottom center squares did nothing after the start.

The physics is really floaty, which could be good but in the basic demo here it felt a little weird. It was fun to try out the spells, but I need -way- more feedback when I did something right because it felt like things only kinda worked some of the time and I'm not entirely sure what I was doing wrong (or what I was doing right when it did work alternatively).

Good job overall though, definitely something that has promise.

Hahaha, I had no idea what I was doing and accomplished nothing. But I can see the general idea of it. If you had time to do a proper walkthrough I think this would've been pretty fun.

Hey thanks for rating, glad you had fun! I had a lot of the game that I missed out on due to timing, especially to do with the battle system (I was still fixing it with half an hour to go on the submission, hahaha). I'm gonna go back through it next week and at least remove any egregious bugs (like the battle hang you discovered), but again, thanks for playing through it =)