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Of course there is, lol, I should've checked. I dunno if I even would've turned it off had I know, it added a touch of longevity to the game having to spend a little time backtracking if you got hit.

Yeah, I took the old version down after your comment, I got sick of people getting confused as to which one they should play, lol.

I really enjoyed this idea. The "guns push you" mechanic has been done before, but this was definitely a neat twist on it. The graphics were polished and everything fit in really well, the colour scheme was interesting. The sound wasn't obnoxious. Really good job overall. I think the only thing I didn't like was I felt like you should be able to autocollect the coins (have them automatically fly into you), because coin collecting itself isn't interesting mechanically or design-wise, really, and it slowed down the pace of the game a lot having to go and grab all the coins each time you killed something otherwise they would disappear.

I liked the idea of the microphone mechanics, although I didn't use it. I kept trying to scare the dog at the start but even after scaring it I would die? I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing wrong. The buildup to the scream felt good and trying to sneak around behind to pull it off was a fun mechanic. It would've been nice to have a tutorial of some sort so that I could figure out exactly where I was screwing up, lol.

A good start for a run and gun game. The guns themselves felt like they lacked a bit of oomph, I think it would've been more engaging and better for player retention to start off with easier enemies and just the pistol and then unlock the others as you play, with the other guns being much stronger than they currently are.

The graphics were fine, but pretty basic and the lighting was pretty overwhelming at times, it started to hurt my eyes after a bit with all the darkness and then bright flashes of light. It would've been good if you could've implemented bloom, rather than the "bright but dim" saturation it has now.

Overall it was pretty fun, but definitely needs polish =)

Thanks! Ain't no such thing as talent =P Just practice, practice, practice!

Thanks! You were nearly 1337 =P

I mean, what's not to love about lightsabers ey. A fun game!

I think it would be much better if it were full screen though, I kept moving the mouse outside the screen and the game wouldn't pick it up properly. The pace was good, the deflections felt great. The tables, I think, could've been used a little more effectively, but still a fun idea (it took me a long time to figure out pressing E flipped them, I thought the icon was telling me to twirl the lightsaber around).

The graphics were charmingly simple and they read well on the screen. The sound effects definitely could've used a nice low-key hum and "vrrr" noise when you swung, but overall, it was good!

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Is that with version 1.1? Or with the original version? There was a bug to do with the YYC compiler itself that gave that error message in the original, but I was pretty sure I fixed it for v1.1. (just deleted the original version because the jam is almost over and a few people have been caught downloading the wrong one)

So the goal is to stand on the platforms that match your neon colour thing in the top left right? And the timer only counted down when you weren't? And standing on the platforms added a certain amount of time to your timer? I think that's how the game worked. It was interesting as a puzzle platformer type thing, having to figure out what series of doors I had to take to get to the right coloured platform, but the sound was pretty obnoxious, hahahaha, it was chewing up my ear drums.

I think with a better explained goal and more polish and player feedback the game could be interesting!

I enjoyed the game! The humour was on-point ("Sorry about this"), the platforming was pretty tight (it could've been a smidge tighter, but overall it was good) and the graphics were really nice. I'm not too sure where the neon theme exists and the death timer definitely needed to be way lower (and I think platforms and stuff should reset on death as well, so you're not waiting around), but beyond that, it was really good!

It's a jam game, it's always super hard to tweak everything until it feels perfect! I still had fun playing =)

I liked the warp mechanic, it's a nice idea. I would definitely switch to particles for the effects, I've got a good PC and it was slowing down wildly whenever I warped. The platforming feels very sluggish and floaty which isn't great for the precision required for some of the jumps. Also an indicator showing where my warp would end up would be really nice and help with the "oops I warped too far" kind of moments. And one shot kill is kinda cheap =P The game is already quite hard, so being able to take a few hits before game over would be a welcome addition.

With polish this game would definitely be quite fun to play, I'd imagine! Good job!

I really liked the concept of the game. It was fun to have to use an external object to fight with rather than a gun or something like that and the way the fights played out like a puzzle was great! I got to task 7 and every time I tried to push the box at some point it ended up disappearing, not entirely sure why. I don't know if it was a collision issue with the walls or something like that. Also, I think the direction the box is pushed should be linked to the direction the player is pressing on the keyboard, rather than...whatever it is (I couldn't entirely figure out what the causation chain was).

Having said all that, the idea is good and if it were expanded on and polished up it could be a really interesting game. Great job!

The visuals seemed kind of mish-mashed together and by gosh does the player move quick. It was super overwhelming trying to play, I literally couldn't get my bearings before I died, hahaha. The sound effects and music are pretty grating as well, it sounded like it was actually meant to be a parody or comedically bad? That high pitched "ching" was going right into my ear drums.

I can see the idea behind the game, but because of the difficulty curve in getting started I couldn't get far enough to really enjoy it. With some tweaking of the difficulty level, a bit of polish on the graphics and less obnoxious sounds, I could see it being a really fun game =)

It's an interesting concept, it's always fun exploring disease and the body and things. The controls murdered me, lol, I kept getting stuck on the green goo and teleported around and if I were shooting while stuck the "point" from which the bullets came from would move while my playable character was still.

The sound was kind of obnoxious as well, with that scraping, grating sound when you were being hit. I think it would feel a lot better if the green blobs simply slowed you down a little bit and if damage done by an enemy gave you a short invincibility window to escape after you had been hurt.

Overall there's clearly a lot of effort gone into the game with unlockables and a ton of levels. Just needs some work on the polish and control scheme. Good job!

I think the perspective shift as you moved back and forth between the sides of the screen was interesting and well done. The game itself was pretty basic, but it was fun for awhile. I think the music would've been a little more pleasant if there wasn't quite so much distortion on the synth, lol, but overall a good job for the jam =)

Awesome game! It was funny, good looking, interesting combination of mechanics, well paced. Great job!


Thanks! I tried to keep the scope small enough so I had enough time to implement most of the things I wanted to =) I got like 95% of the way there (the only thing I would want to add would be alternate modes of play, like perhaps a "Speedster" track with only boosts and platforming, with the goal being maintaining a high speed, etc).

Well, I beat it...

Can't say it was easy or fair, but I beat it =P

I liked the graphics of the boss and the player. The music was kinda cool, it reminded me a bit of maybe Ghosts 'n Goblins or something like that (if I'm remembering correctly). The white lines pissed me off, lol. They definitely needed some sort of indicator to tell you where they were falling. They did so much damage and there did not seem to be a pattern to them at all. The same as the spikes at the start, it was impossible to make it through that section without getting hit, because you either positioned yourself to avoid the spikes or you avoided the bullets, it was an either/or situation. The spikes should've shook for a bit of time before they fell, to let you know where it was safe to stand next. Also, the bullets really should've been getting destroyed when they hit the boss, it felt like I was throwing wads of paper at him (which, considering his health and the difficulty of staying alive as the player, I guess I was).

It was fun, in that frustrating kind of way, but (as I'm sure you're aware) it definitely needs a ton of polish. The biggest thing is fairness. Did I die because I made a mistake? Or did I die because the game rolled a random number. A lot of the deaths in this game felt very much like the latter. If that were fixed (i.e. there was a pattern or at the very least an indicator of where things where going to fall) it would've went a long way towards making this boss fight much more fun. The platforming itself was smooth and I liked the forgiving nature of the platform hitboxes. I didn't once feel like I died unfairly because of a fall when jumping between platforms, which was good! Overall definitely rough around the edges, but I can see where you were going with it =)

Super simple gameplay, but it was addictive in that way that those simpler games can be sometimes. I liked the perspective that you were working with, there were a lot of nice little touches added to really sell it, like the bullets speed and size changing, the particles when things exploded getting bigger depending on how close they are.

The mouse cursor was nigh on invisible to me, lol, I was using the bullets as tracers really to tell where I was shooting. And it definitely needed to be full screen, I clicked off the window a bunch of times while playing. The graphics were retro and sold that sort of 80's neon vibe well. I only wish the targets had been something other than actual targets, it would've fitted in better.

I played till I got to 100, wondering if there would be some change to the gameplay, but other than things maaaybe speeding up a bit, I didn't notice much.

It's a very simple premise done well, but it needed to have a little more danger, more variety and a goal of some sort to really make it sing. Good job =)

The dialogue was good, but by gosh it was hard! I couldn't get past the yellow stage with the bounce from the platform across the gap with the spikes. I kept landing on the slope which didn't let me bounce I guess? I think this is a classic case of the dev playing the game so many times that it becomes easy muscle memory for them, hahaha =P The bounce mechanic felt very unforgiving and just pulling off a good bounce alone felt difficult, let alone then controlling the character as they flew through the air. Having said that, making a bounce certainly felt rewarding and it was a good mechanic, just maybe needed some coyote time and perhaps having the gravity not be so intense so there was a little more time to think as you were trying to navigate the world.

The graphics were simple but effective and had a lot of juice to them which was great. And I've been waiting for some form of "a noble gas can't react" joke the entire jam, and this is the first entry I've played that's done it!

Good job, but with the difficulty spike it's hard to comment on much else as I don't feel like I got to experience the game properly.

Interesting premise, it's like asteroids but more intense. I really wish it were full screen, I clicked off the window a couple of times and the instant death mechanic felt unnecessarily harsh. The graphics were simple but charming in a funny kind of way.

There was a fair amount of "clunk" involved with the dashing, it didn't feel very smooth and it was easy to clip the very edge of an enemies hit box (either your hit box or theirs was larger than the sprite) and die. Shrinking the hitbox down would help a lot with the feeling of fairness. The sounds were cool, I liked the kinda honky tonk accordian sorta sound.

With some polish and tightening of the controls and graphics, this could be an interesting little game. Good job!

I really liked the concept! The encounter rate needs to be waaay lower though and there should be sections where encounters don't happen (around the platforming especially). I actually think it would be much better served if it wasn't pokemon style random encounters and instead enemies that were actually in the platforming section which could be avoided but started a battle if touched. It would feel a lot more fair. I beat the first "boss" but couldn't get past the next two block platforming section and after running from 10 battles and looping back to try the platforming again 4 times, I ended up quitting lol. In the battles, I spend a lot of time just regenerating mana with the item so that I could heal a bunch of times in a row. The ultimates were a really nice touch and the animation/graphics were impressive for it!

The robot movement itself was really cool, I loved the "bounce" when you jumped or landed, though the movement was a bit floaty for how precise the platforming actually was.

The graphics suited the game well and were nicely polished. Implementing the leveling system and RPG style battle mechanics was impressive. The sounds were cute, if a little repetitive.

Overall a really good job, I think with a bit of work on the design and polish this would be a really cool game.

I really liked the art style and the intro was great (the only thing that let it down for me was some of the bad english, lol, it definitely needed a copy editor). The gameplay was fine, if a little static. I got to round 10. The special meter definitely needed to fill up quicker, but the animation was really cool when little LED went super saiyan.

I was really hoping for a weapon upgrade, but it didn't come for me, at least within the rounds I managed.

Overall it's a cool entry with some wicked pixel art and a cool story but the gameplay lacked just a little oomph.

I really liked the atmosphere in this game, deep sea creatures are always fascinating and it was cool to be able to explore the ocean. Obviously there's polish that needs to be done all over the place, with clear player feedback being probably the most obvious, but after I got used to the quirks it didn't really matter too much.

The only thing that really threw me for a loop was that I think some of the text for the hints is off. A few of them had incorrect depths and it made me think I'd have to drive all the way back to near the surface to find them (the one I remember most clearly said "800" when it meant "8000", but there were others). However, I kept going down because I was curious and ended up finding all the animals.

Beyond that, the mini-games were mildly hard but fair and it was fun to "battle" the creatures in that unique way, rather than just trying to catch them (which initially was what I was trying to do, instead of clicking the "Lure" button).

Overall great job, it would be interesting to see a more polished version of this game!

Nice entry! I enjoyed the simplicity of it and the ease of restarting. It reminded me of the Mode 7 games for SNES. The only critiques I have are that it was often difficult to tell if you'd cleared a diamond or not (after awhile I figured out the little lama flashed a bit, but it needed more clear feedback) and it was sometimes hard to tell when you were in a square or not especially when they were moving fast away from you. Also a few times when the next wave started I died immediately because the player wasn't centered on the next stream (though that wasn't such a big deal because restarting was so quick and you didn't lose progress).

Graphics were simple but effective and there was definitely something hypnotic about hitting diamond after diamond after diamond, good job!

Really enjoyed this game. The platforming was tight (I think the only thing I didn't like was the immediate killing of vertical momentum when the jump was released, I think just a touch more "bounce" after you let go would feel slightly more natural as opposed to it feeling like you hit an invisible block the instant you let go of space).

I got into quite a groove when I was playing and only got hit when I got to the boss section, which was quite a spike in difficulty but it didn't feel unfair, I just had to learn the rhythms. I beat it on my first go, but it didn't feel too easy, especially since I'm one of those people who don't like games that are needlessly difficult. Let me have fun! Which is what this game did.

The graphics were simple, but suited to the gameplay. I really liked the background elements like the flamingo and stuff, it added that Super Mario 2 sorta vibe to the game. I had a lot of fun overall, so great job!

The first game I actually played till the end of the jam so far! I really enjoyed the 80's vibe, the Bill and Ted's references, the gameplay, the graphics (and the textboxes!). It was all very polished and came together beautifully. Losing all powerups whenever you got hit was a bit of a pain, but it didn't turn me off enough to stop playing. Beyond that, there's not really anything to critique, I didn't run into any bugs, I had a lot of fun playing, it was really good!

This is one of the more unique games I've played for the jam. Definitely a very interesting idea. As has been pointed out, the wall'o'text tutorial is bad, but you've already said that time constraints were in the way and you plan to replace it, so no problem there. I had a lot of fun rotating matrices and figuring out the best positioning in my head to give myself the biggest advantage each round. It was difficult, but not too difficult and each time I failed I kind of knew I was making a compromised choice when placing the data packet (or whatever it is, lol).

Awesome job!

Interesting concept, but it was super unforgiving lol. I think more work needed to be done on the generation patterns for the bullets as there were a ton of times when going in the wrong direction led to death because the precision required to move between the bullets was pretty insane.

I think it might've been better if every bullet that passed out the bottom increased your score, with the grazing mechanic adding an extra set of points (or maybe a combo multiplier). Some bullets going faster than others would've also added an interesting spin on the mechanic (or even bullets that moved between lanes). Also, even if you manually timed the BPM and used that timing for generation or something, it would've added a lot to the game (and more SFX, lol, there was very little feedback for the player).

Overall, a commendable effort for the jam =D

Wow, that intro was really atmospheric. I enjoyed it a lot, sucked me right in. The graphics are pretty incredible as well. After I fixed the tree board, nothing happened as far as I could tell. I redid it a few times hoping that there'd be some sort of "thing" (like the tree lighting up) that would let me know I'd done it successfully, but I didn't see anything. After I fixed the board that led to the metro, the screen flickering really threw me off. I thought the game had bugged until I read the other comments here and realised it was meant to do that. Tbh, I found it a little bit obnoxious, hahaha, it was really messing with my eyes.

I killed a few dudes in management but I couldn't find anything (I see in the comments that there's a board there I can repair or something?) and even the mild flickering in the other view modes was starting to give me a headache, so I ended it there.

Beautiful world you've conjured and I love the mellow atmosphere the game has going on. A really great job for a jam entry overall!

Very meditative and graphically impressive game. The music also suited the mood really well. The highest score I got was 104. At one point, when I started a new game I immediately hit an asteroid before I could even see it and lost a shield, lol. I like the simplicity of gameplay and relaxing vibe a lot, I think with a different control scheme and slower movement this could actually be an awesome idea for a VR game. Good job!

I really like the concept, it's an interesting take on bullet hells being able to essentially "tank" infinite hits if you're the right colour. The difficulty really hit me hard, I've played a fair few precision platformers, but this felt extremely unforgiving, hahaha. I can see it being a good fit for a certain type of player though, but it was definitely too difficult for me. Graphics were nice and everything felt like it fit, and the music was high energy and felt good for the type of game.

Overall a really good job!

Really pretty game with great feedback when interacting with things. I found it -really- difficult, lol. I never felt like there were enough jumps (and there were times when the entire screen near me felt too empty for me to properly get anywhere), but maybe I'm just bad at the game, hahaha. Overall great job!

Thanks! Luckily, I've implemented leaderboards for previous games...If I had to do it for the first time here, with the number of bugs and silliness I ran into trying to do it before, there's no way I would've had time, hahaha.

Also, I'm happy to share my crappy online code.