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This was a fun story haha, I appreciated the sense of humor and this was an clever way of making interactive fiction out of a situation where the horror is that the scenario isn't at all interactive. That drone/rumble thing in the background's a good choice too.

My chaser face is   :  )

I escaped! (for now) -- more platformers need chasers, this was fun

Ahh, thanks, it's good to hear the game was fun.

There is indeed only the one ending. Thanks for the typo list, I'll try and get those corrected as part of bells-and-whistles release meant to cover the stuff we couldn't polish up in the jam timeframe.

I think this was about the best gameplay of the stuff I've played haha

"My funny psychologist" indeed - that's a clever device to get the player's focus to drop though haha

While it's been forever since I read Saya, it sure makes me wonder what the original game would've been like if it had adopted this sort of more straight horror style than veer off into the lovecraft-lore tangents that it did. Probably better.

Oh right whoops haha

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My bones got eaten :/

I'm not sure [redacted] but it sure scared the shit out of me anyway haha

This was a fun, I'm a sucker for multimedia storytelling. Also appreciated the mixed 2d/3d stuff in the point n click scene, it's a neat effect.