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Amazon Shareholders Meeting Simulator 2018

Great concept, very creative.  Not sure if this would qualify as a platformer though.  Game works solidly, good job!

Perfect design.  Took a little getting used to and helped a ton once i realized I could turn on the lamps.  I love the style, I love the ghost.  The only criticism I can add is that the intro could use some more sound, possibly some music.  Game crashed once but that's to be expected when you only have 48 hours :).  I would love to see this game expanded on with more levels and mechanics.  Excellent job. 

Love the sounds and the music.  There are some awesome aesthetic touches too, like the ceiling pipes.  Mechanics are sound and enjoyable. The controls for the shield are a little clunky, the timing is difficult to get down.  Other than that very good! Great job!

Known issue: Typically the third or fourth room you enter spawns no items and can cause the game to freeze, just restart and let the ghost kill you in a different room, you should get access to more playable game this way.

Always risky when you don't give your player very much to actually do.  This pulls it off though.  Kind of feels like running around in that old xmen arcade game but trying to get everyone to kill each other rather than attacking them yourself.  I like it. 

Pretty cool because its like rocket jumping in quake.  Mid air controls are a little hard to adjust to and I had an issue where my guy kept turning left perpetually but that only happened twice.  All in all, pretty solid entry. 

Confusing, charming and fun, I really like this one. Great job!

Love the theme, the art and the music (lol at first song) but I don't really know what I'm doing

im not sure if its me or the collision detection but this was super hard.  also i loved it.  great use of music! 

Simple, sweet and fun.  When I play Asteroids I always stay in one spot. This game made that impossible and was a nice spin on the classic. 

Interesting and starkly minimal but with an excellent air of tension.  Great job!

thank you. i love you.

Very intuitive, excellent level design.  The Christmas music is a little weird but somehow it fits :)

Little bit of a difficulty curve to get into but after that it's very satisfying and dancey.  All with almost no UI.  Impressive :)

Very creative / intuitive.  Excellent level design though the game froze on the fourth level. All in all great job!

really dig the style

Absolutely love the style, that lo-fi droney guitar is on point and the aesthetic is perfect.  couldn't figure out how to get past level 4 though

really solid in terms of presentation

i luv u

kiss kiss, amigo


this is the best review so far :)

A little difficult to control but on the whole very cohesive and fully functional.  Also creative.  I dig it. 

Love the low poly style and cool movement system.  Sprinting and doing flips is fun.  I'm not certain how to defeat enemies.

oh btw the rooms are random so you won't get the same game twice

I think I was supposed to be putting the other robot head onto a robot body and something failed to load and I couldn't proceed. Sorry, I should have screen shotted it for you.

Love this one, I hit an error eventually but up til then I really enjoyed accidentally shutting of the screen when trying to go in a certain direction.  Definitely one of the more creative entries I've seen.