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Very cool. I'm crap at adventure games but this one was perhaps a bit too easy even for me. Excellent adventure to use as a tutorial for n00bs though. Well done!

Glad you liked it. I loved making it as once the design clicked in my head, it was great fun trying to put something together that was actually fun to play. I may have made it a touch too hard for the game jam though. lol I had planned on adding other track elements but haven't got around to working on this game again. Maybe, one day!

Thanks for the kind words! I agree there are plenty of things to improve in the game and I like the idea of enemies setting the woods on fire! Turn based rogue is certainly doable but I was going for an arcadey rogue mix, where movement is real time but combat is turn based.  I haven't implemented combat mechanics or even the movement properly (the enemies move randomly) as this game was basically done in less than 24 hours for a game jam. But yep, it's on the TO DO list.

Ha ha. Clearly some work to be done. Glad you "found" freedom though! ;)


Thanks for playing Ana!

Thanks! I was hoping it wouldn't be that obvious, but oh well... Glad you enjoyed it!


Where can I share the invoice screenshot so that I can download the asset?

Very nice! I enjoyed playing this point and click adventure. Some pointers for your next game: 1) proof read or get some one to fix the text in the game. It may not seem a big deal, but a little bit of polish goes a long way! 2) Some of the objects were really hard to find. I found the cage key entirely by accidentally clicking on a particular spot on the screen. I would prefer if either the object is visible but placed cleverly or if there is a visual hint if a object is interactive - for eg, a carpet corner that moves slightly if you hover over it to reveal a key underneath.

Anyway, good job and keep 'em coming!

Played this game after the results were out and noticed this was the #1 game. So congrats! Lovely little game with such a simple mechanic but great fun to play! Loved the art and the music (very 8 bit indeed!). Would love to see this fleshed out with a nice story (why is the witch (?) moving through the castle) and a supporting cast of cute characters into a full on game!

Ooh! Controversial. :) Very nice art and well made game, but I ran out of tweets after just 4-5 of them? So made for a very short game with nothing much to do. Kudos for doing this in 48 hours though!

This is the second strategize and move grid based puzzle game I've played in this jam. Fortunately, they are both original in idea and execution. Whew! I really had fun playing this game and the only niggle I had was that the moves UI on the right didn't fit in the screen forcing me to scroll up and down making me lose precious time and focus. Can I suggest that every level have a small starting time to strategise (perhaps the moves list can be hidden during the period) just to absorb the details. I understand that the current setup matches the theme more, but I just think it might be better to give just that grace period to adjust to new level.

What a nice  change from all of the Out of control platform games! :) Nice fun game with some really neat elements! Had me scratching my head so many times. I think you may be on to something and with a bit more of spit and polish could be a very cool game especially on the mobile. Good luck!

That was entertaining while it lasted. Quite a cheeky take on the theme too. I can't believe you did all this in 2 days, so well done for putting together a polished game that has all the elements of a typical JRPG! Now imagine what you could do in a year... :)

Yours is the second Tetris based game I've seen the jam but both are totally different  in execution. Fantastic twist on the theme IMO and lot of fun to play. I did manage to find a nice nook among the bricks to hide and after that while the score didn't go up, the game didn't end either! A couple of niggles: I didn't think the music went with the game at all and secondly the falling off the edges of the bricks because of the momentum was quite frustrating (although it does match the "out of control" theme I suppose). But I would love to see this implemented with more precise control mechanism to see how that turns out. Nice game!

Very cool take on the theme! I loved the strategy element of the game, which was a bit like reverse tower defense - you started from the inner most levels of the tower with all the defenses, in some sense. However, I did notice that once I had built a couple of obstacles at a certain distance and which forced you to walk next to a vine tile every single time it turned night, the game was easy to beat because the werewolf could never make it in time to the gate. It was still fun trying the combos though. I would suggest that the plants would wither away after certain "uses" or the wolf gets cleverer (or stronger) as the game progresses so that nothing can hold him down for too long forcing you to re-strategize.  Anyhow, nice game!

Fantastic take on the theme! For a first game, it's quite polished and well made, so well done. It took me a while to adjust to the changing perspective but once I did it was fun to play. Although, it did give me a headache after some plays - the perspective change is a still jarring! :) Enjoyed the various puns and writing btw!

Thanks for the kind words! Currently the matrix grows as soon as you find the number of CTRL's required for the level. Are you suggesting that it should just grow every time a CTRL sequence is found seamlessly? That  might  be interesting to try! Regarding the dark theme: Do you mean the background is too light or the overall theme is too light? I will experiment with more color schemes when I update this, for sure.

Very cool interpretation of the theme and fun to play. My only quibble though is I wish I could undo a wrong placement of item on the burger by clicking on the piece again (or did I miss how to do this?). A minor concession given that you're already juggling so many things!

As soon as I saw the name of the game, I knew I had  to play it. :) I really liked how different it was to the other games and it's a very clever take on the theme. Could have done with some proof-reading but otherwise I quite enjoyed the game (although  I couldn't figure out what the 3 evidences were for "Godlike creature" etc [presuming that's the actual revelation!]). Please make this into a proper game for all us Lovecraft fans, because let's remember: "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn..."

Kudos for doing the art, sound and coding by yourself in 48 hours! This game really begs for a  mouse control though. Using the keyboard to move and shoot was quite difficult. The game also ramps up difficulty way too quickly  and it wasn't always obvious to me what was going on. :) 

Cool idea and very nice work! Had lot of fun running around and shooting up the zombies (?). I couldn't quite get the green grenades or the barrels to explode though (I tried shooting at them but either I was doing it wrong or maybe I didn't have the right weapon). The yellow grenades did explode thankfully.

Cool idea and matches the theme IMO. Has a nice one more go factor to it! I have a couple of suggestions though: make the player color a bit more contrast-y  to the background because it's easy to lose it. Have a control key other than space-bar because the response on my keyboard was quite wonky. How about the left mouse button, or  the CTRL key (ha!)? Finally, I couldn't quite manage to finish level 2. It seemed to loop in the first part of the section no matter what I did. I had to go to level 3 from the menu. :)

Thanks! I think I should have named the game Out of Time! Lol. I really should not have made it so difficult and I blame my own developer bias for it. The music suggestion is a neat idea. TBH, I just added the music at the very last hour of submission so it's a wonder it's there in the first place. Ha ha.

Thanks! Time bonus for finding the letters is a great idea.

Thanks! I will try to play test the difficulty with more people so that my own bias is removed, next time.

Thanks! You're the second person to say that the time was too less. It's the curse of the developer bias. I thought the game was too easy and actually reduced the time. Lol

Very polished and original take on the theme! But the game is way too hard and the difficulty ramps up too quickly for you to be able to play. Perhaps with a bit of balancing and additional mechanics (enemy/wall bullets can destroy enemies themselves perhaps) this can be a fun game!

Fun take on the theme. I saw a few other games where they took away control as the game progressed but you've gone the other way! Apart from the slightly unforgiving  platforming elements (leap of faith, platform edges collision issues), there is the kernel of a solid platformer here!

Had lot of fun playing this! Original and good take on the theme, with a very polished implementation. Spotted a few easter eggs too but I couldn't quite reach them. Nice work!

Cute and fun game with a nice idea of controls being take away. Fits the theme very well. One criticism I would like to add is that there were long periods of the game where I literally did nothing and felt no obligations to change the inertia until one of the monsters got very close (especially in the Cliffs level). Perhaps faster moving bats or some other "activity" to keep the player on their toes would be nice. Loved the font btw!

Really fun mechanics and a very original take on the jam theme! Nice work!

I tried running the game but it throws an error:

Application folder:
There should be 'SloshBucklers_Data'
folder next to the executable

There *is* a SloshBucklers_Data folder in the same place as the exe, so not sure what's going on.

The .exe file has to be downloaded separately, why? :) 

I liked the idea of the robot losing control as it is hit by the humans. I found it too easy to be boxed in by humans and then it's impossible to kill them even as you're literally shooting through them. A couple of times the NPC's spawned right on me. I also noticed a couple of NPC's wandering off the map. With a bit of polishing, bug fixing and more additions (power-ups, weapons, ability to recover lost controls, etc) this could be a fun game!

Ha ha. Is that Yoda in trying to master the Force? Nice twist on the Flappy Bird concept while still matching the theme of the jam, I thought. Has a nice one more go factor to it. The best strategy is apparently to button mash the CTRL on the left and right side of the keyboard so that the ball stays on the top of the screen and letting go for a split second only if a bird appears on that part of the screen. 3600 is my high score. There is not a whole lot to do though so the novelty soon wears off. Perhaps make the screen not so static and add some strategy to the CTRL mashing aspect?

Very cute and fun to play with. The idea of the dog dragging you around is quite cool and fits the theme very well. I just wish there was more to do in the game than just shooting. Perhaps the weapon upgrades as the level progresses or collect stuff to upgrade something (scatter gun? laser?) or the other so that I can look forward to the next wave. I suppose given the timeline squeezing in all this would not have been feasible, but something to think about for the future...

When starting the game.

Really? I get "Unable to get property 'getParameter' of undefined or null reference" error...