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This game feels as if it came from WarioWare (have not played that game, only happen to know by Super Smash Bros. series) and you can't pick which game you want to play, which is perfect when it comes to multiplayer party games. Even though there is no multiplayer, I think this game can benefit from it.

The gameplay aspect feels polished and didn't run into any known bugs as far as I know.

I tried this game on Linux and it runs well, so I had no issues other than the mouse not being grabbed by Unity at the start of the game.

Really loved how sometimes the crabs will go directly to the pot and they themselves become a victim without me doing anything which is more of a win, actually! But it also forced me to open up the pot if I wanted them in, which in turn would also risk of me losing other crabs already inside given by their colored state.

The rotation can also be considered as a bit of "out-of-control", even though it is controllable and might sometimes not work for my favor in some way or the other which is not really so much of an issue.

The Linux version (could apply to Windows, don't know) of this game crashes when I play it without Internet when the scoreboard menu shows up, so that should also be a hotfix. Other than that, so far I haven't seen any bugs or errors while playing it!

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I don't know why, but when I try playing keyboard games I can't even use CTRL or SHIFT for some reason. (No, that did not affect my rating since I can only make best of assumptions).

The game is enjoyable given how you have to play it and even feels like it's a typing game (yes, when you have to type in words) plus even making it a bit more fun when I first played it.

Love the gameplay but the controls just made my life a lot harder to play with and it is a bit difficult in playing it just like others mentioned in the comments. But the best thing is how you can control the ship in different angles and not just in 4 directions when playing with keyboards which is bad when being limited to.

When I played at first I was like, "Nope, I don't even know where to start even after reading the instructions." and after several minutes I find myself now understanding how the game works.

I think I didn't enjoy it as much but it was a bit original and for me the theme doesn't really adhere although I do appreciate the gameplay and could also be used as an strategy game if it was polished.

While this is your first game (given what I read in the description), it actually looks decent and I think it's fun to play. Now, while there's the ability to automatically shoot, the shoot faster ability is not really needed because I can quickly spam left-click just to kill the viruses and the only limit is the player's clicks-per-second (CPS).

 Another criticism is to spawn these viruses not so close to the player because that is how the player dies. I was playing a round with ~2000 points and had several of them spawn very close or in the player's location and lost hearts as a result of it. While you're learning, try keeping this in mind!

Had a lot of fun playing this one, just as others mentioned, it's a risk/reward situation when you get closer to the cars and earn more points the closer you get (maybe I didn't see this be the case) and also noticed that the faster you accelerate, less cars show up which makes it an even better experience when your car can't be controlled to be precise.

The only criticism is that it lags when accelerating way too fast (like around 1500 KM).

Pray for RNGesus! But seriously, this game is just jam-packed with RNG, especially when the player can't be controlled and you can't choose the orders in which you want to place the block at!

This just leaves you with only few things you can do: Decide what to place given by the object, where to place it, and of course, pray that you won't get hit by a bad object. This game balances it in some way by giving you both the good things and the bad things just like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Hero's down special. I know it can be broken and sometimes I wish it was biased so that the majority of things were good.

Had a lot of fun playing this game! It likes it feels like as if I wish the baby was just scouting around and get to different places, but I think that would make the game a bit boring so I think it is fine as-is. I also love how it gives the player a chance to make the item stay in place before it falls because the baby can make multiple objects fall.

The hitbox to prevent an item from falling should be extended a bit more (not unless the developer intended it to be this way) so that I can have a bit of an easier time fixing it before it falls. Lost some rounds as a result of this...

I can go and play this game maybe without doing anything and still get a win. Don't know, as I kind of tried it for the most part in some levels and still was able to win. The "Out-of-control" part is for me, in this case, feels so broken that you can possibly do what I just said earlier.

While I do understand that this game was made as a jam and was decent, I think that the controls could be better played (even better, allow customization),  and felt like wallkicking could be done a bit better, but overall I find them fine and didn't have much issue in playing it. Gave it an overall of 4 stars.

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I know how to toss the battery to the other robot, only I didn't know that in order to proceed maybe was to just throw the battery around to the other robot up until it went to the next level without knowing anything other than that. 

The physics engine, I don't know anything about Unity but I think you could maybe change the friction...

Maybe make the tutorial a bit more clear as to what the robots should be doing, and also tell the player that in order to throw the battery use the mouse and give a visual indicator as to where it is going to go (like an arrow pointing to the mouse, straight from the robot that has the battery).

That profile picture I drew it myself, since I'm an artist who barely draws and programs almost a lot. Planning to be balanced so that I also study art/draw at my free time.

I had problems at the start of the game, got past it without looking at the comments, and am amazed! Love the idea of actually relying in a object just to power up the other robot and throwing it! The only problem though, it's the traction when you stop moving. You want to stop immediately since that will help you when you're at the edge of a platform and not have to die.

This game does a well-job at introducing a mechanic (such as Portals, Levers) and lets you try them before jumping into the challenge. And having only the ability to attack makes you think about how you're going to use the attack button for. More enemies would be nice but I understand why there is only 1 kind since it had to be made within two days. Gave everything a 5.

I love what you decided to go for here, the only problem were the detection and the character literally teleporting from one side to the other when switching directions. I understand, you didn't have time to fix it, I gave it 4/5 for design and the rest are 5/5 since I love what you decided to go for. I'd love to see a complete build if you're really into it!

According to @milololo1's comment, I also had problems controlling the light and costed me about 6-10 rounds and I had to find the solution in making sure that the character wouldn't die. I sometimes wish if the character were to move slower for a bit, that also costed me about 2 rounds in the level that had two crushers close another. Besides that, I gave the game 14/15 since it has full potential!

While the game is simple and adds just a simple obstacle which is touching the blue blocks, it varies the playing field here. The only problem though, it's the insane amount of requests that only makes the player's productivity go down quicker when we have executives in play and all 3 employees want their coffee. Well, that's it!

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This game left me mind-boggling. In the last level I'm dealing with hints and in it I start thinking about "How can I beat this level?" and then "How can I apply those hints to beat the level?" and left me on about half an hour. I know some people are faster in terms of their creativity and I appreciate that, but I'm slow and really bad. I have a shifting problem in my mind that prevents me from thinking into what I'm facing at the moment. Great puzzle game. Not sure if I'm going to beat it, guess I'll have to give up until I come up with a solution, plus some other people were able to beat it!

The way that this game makes me go from left end to the right end reminds me so much of "That Level Again" by iamTagir.

This game, you can gain speed by just clicking, but when I click, the direction that it goes just feels fine at first but then as I gain speed, I feel like I don't have the control and then I have to deal with hitting the edges of the world, making me lose HP. And talking about HP, I feel like almost every single option you make you lose 1 HP. Perhaps what would be better is that when you hit enemies you regain 2 HP instead of just 1. Again, I'm not sure if it was intended to rely on the edge to reduce your directional speed substantially. Still a good game here, perhaps it could have been better if some problems could have been fixed.

Played the game, and not disappointed at all in terms of the mechanics. You are forced to think about reaching for a particular weapon that you want to use. Creative thinking also comes into play here. I love both the cherry (the pink bomb that kills a bunch of enemies) and the ball that attracts enemies, combine them together and you get lots of points. I also love how you are given a chance if an enemy is close to you so that you can escape before you die. Sometimes there are situations where if there are a bunch of enemies, you are just outright stuck, that happened to me several times. 

Love the game mechanic here, but sometimes I get issues by trying to jump and attack at the same time-- when I do, I risk getting lower jumps and the platforms are sometimes a huge pain.

I love how this game introduces parts of the collisions that will not rebound (as stated by their dark counterpart) and it tells you where is the next rebound happens.

I rated 3/5 in terms of design since it's a bit hard to maneuver and the collisions stop the can from keeping the momentum, which is a big factor here.

I love the concept but the initial speed could have been better, like get to top speed a bit quicker.

The game looks quite good but I think that you'd probably want to reduce the angle that bullets go like (0.0 degrees -> 0.1 degrees) if players are switching directions. It makes it harder to kill ghosts if the degrees are skipping small parts. (Example: 0.0 degrees -> 5.0 degrees)