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Isaac Ashdown

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Sorry Amos, I should've been clearer - after reinstalling the game, it found the manifest fine. Beforehand it didn't. My suspicion is that renaming was the cause of the error, but I haven't verified that. It would mean the repro would hypothetically be:

  1. Create a game with a manifest
  2. Install the game, note it finds the manifest fine
  3. Rename the game
  4. Publish an update to the game
  5. Update the game in the itch app
  6. Launch the game - it doesn't find the manifest
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the game - it finds the manifest

This is basically more or less what I did, I think. But there were other factors involved probably, such as updating the itch app itself somewhere in the middle there.

Hi again Amos,

So I got this working a few days ago but it's stopped, appears to have been when the itch client updated. I have the manifest file in the game's root folder, but no key is passed to the app. The log appears to be generating a key fine:

[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.065] [tasks/launch] Requesting subkey with scope: profile:me
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.248] [tasks/launch] Got subkey (171 chars, expires 2016-12-23 12:38:19)
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.255] [tasks/launch/native] env keys: [

I also renamed my project at this time, to something that includes Spaces. After doing that I noticed that the itch app wasn't finding my manifest, so I reinstalled the game in the app. Note that this is on windows.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with itch or on my end, but the way I'm getting the env variable was working before. Any ideas?



Awesome, thanks Amos!

Perhaps this method would also be a way of getting information about a game that's private, such as the latest version?

Hi Amos, thanks for the reply. Can you point me to the relevant documentation for this feature?

I guess I'm still a little confused. Do I need to get an api-key first? Which means then having the user authorise my game to access their itch account? That's probably too high of a barrier of entry for our game, unfortunately.


Is there any API available to query the information about the user playing my game? Such as their itch.io username (for display in a scoreboard, for example)?

I'm guessing the answer is no, as I can't find any documentation to that effect. So this is probably a feature request :D


I'm currently developing a game and distributing it via itch to friends and family using the keys system and having the game set to Restricted. I'd like to implement a system to check for updates in the game using the API described here:


As mentioned, this is not currently possible for Private games. However, I can specify that my Restricted game is accessible to those with the correct password, which winds up being specified in the url using ?password=<pass>. Would is perhaps be possible to also allow this way of accessing the update check API?



Ahh you know what - I found it - I guess you need to uninstall and then re-install the app?

A related question: is it possible for a user of the itch app to change which channel they are currently 'using'?



Awesome Amos, thanks for the infos - looking forward to it!


I'm currently evaluating itch and refinery for our team's next project. So far I'm very impressed, but the build management feature set is perhaps missing something that would be useful - or perhaps I can't find it: the ability to revert a channel to a previous build, or to move a build that's already been uploaded from one channel to another.

For example: I might realise I've made a terrible mistake, and our latest build has major issues. In this case I would want to revert that channel back to the previous build while I investigate.

Or: I might first push builds to a -beta channel for initial testing by my QA team or beta testers. Once we're happy with it, we then push it over to the main channel for general release.

In the "edit game" web page, I can click on the channel name to see a list of all the builds that were uploaded there. However, it appears there's nothing I can do with that information other than look at it.

What's the recommended workflow for these situations? Is this perhaps a planned feature? Is this even the best place for this feedback? :D