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23.02.2018: v1.9905.1

New features

  • New music tracks: The glienicke bridge sections now all have music by muuutsch
  • New music track: The Last Stop by muuutsch, that plays during credits after completing a campaign
  • Parties now have posters that can be collected
  • Drinks are now visible as holograms that can be collected
  • Clubs now have themes that affect their lighting and colours of certain objects
  • Clubs now have fog
  • Clubs now have trash on the floor
  • The endings now have a bit more going on
  • Added a warning to the mission briefing when you’re on the final mission
  • Objectives will now be marked as failed if they are failed (which may fail your mission)
  • New NPC health bar & icons
  • New feedback for losing health and being at 1 health
  • New eye icon for tiles that will trigger an NPC or scanner
  • New HUD icons for Reset Camera and Draw/Holster weapon
  • New icons for Augmentations
  • New combat HUD


  • Improved DJ pink dialogue
  • Improved campaign generation and savegame loading times
  • If a hostile AI can’t path to the player, doors may open to create a path
  • Can now view Leaderboards from the main menu (steam only)
  • Adjusted nudity distribution
  • Weapon scanner is triggered by the same things patrolling enemies are
  • Added more bar variations
  • Many small HUD readability improvements
  • Added more wall light fixture variations
  • During the drop, if the camera is pointing at a wall, the wall will get hidden


  • Group Elimination targets will now go to the closest escape point
  • Fixed some clubbers having mismatching heads
  • Fixed some club entrance signs not displaying non-English characters correctly
  • Fixed some objective NPCs not becoming hostile correctly
  • Reduced hitch when complications spawn
  • Fixed some labrooms not getting a computer or cabinet for the relevant missions
  • Fixed dressingroom guard having an empty dialogue line
  • Improved buttcrack definition
  • Celebrity portraits are higher resolution
  • Many many performance improvements
  • Reload tutorial doesn’t get triggered by persuador being empty (As that can’t be reloaded)
  • Fixed various objects being invisible when detached from walls
  • Fixed combat mode grid not rendering everywhere
  • Fixed spectres teleporting out of the simulation area in the Traceback tutorial
  • Fix for spectres teleporting while using Traceback
  • Fix for danger tiles not being rendered during the tutorial about danger tiles
  • When taking damage, the damage tutorial will override other tutorials
  • When leaving combat during the combat tutorial, that tutorial will be cancelled
  • Fixed the identification computer being spawned outside the club in the ID Target mission sometimes
  • Fixed rooms that sometimes were emptier than they should be
  • Fixed nemesis weapons not playing correct SFX
  • Fixed gaps in snow
  • Fixed upsetting camera teleport when drop begins
  • Fixed double tap and triple tap drop rewards not being given
  • Can no longer shoot friendly mission critical NPCs (except with persuador)
  • Wind no longer plays in training simulations
  • Fixed some missions not increasing music intensity when objectives are completed
  • Fix for complication enemies not re-spawning after undoing to before the spawn and then playing time forward again
  • Fix for complication enemies spawning twice if in combat mode
  • Fix for spectre tutorials not firing
  • Fixed some mission-relevant containers not getting HUD markers
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=== 21.12.2017: Alpha 8598 ===

ALPHA 6: NICE & NAUGHTY (full announcement coming soon)

New Features

  • Enemy abilities:
    • Phantoms:
      • Now go invisible when stunned
    • Spectres:
      • Move at double speed
      • Teleport away when hit
      • Teleport to enemies when trying to get line of sight
    • Nemesis:
      • Can’t be stunned
      • Can’t use cover
      • Will walk directly to enemies, smashing walls in their path
      • Will shoot at enemies even if a wall is in the way
      • Ignore time manipulation abilities
  • New weapon: “Persuador”: Make humans fall for you and fight on your side. Can’t be reloaded during a mission.
  • New augmentation: “Precharger”: increases Time Resource you start with at the beginning of a mission
  • Cybernetic Fist upgrades now increase the number of wall chunks destroyed by the fist
  • Added “courtyard” rooms to clubs, which are areas of the club that are outside. Both entrances and simple empty spaces supported. Still under construction!
  • Containers can now contain collectible ID cards. You can view your collected cards by selecting “Collectibles” in the main menu
  • Kickstarter backers can enter ID codes into the “Rewards” section in the options to view their backer rewards
  • Added Turbo Trabbi skin switching (Kickstarter backers only)
  • Backers can ensure their rewards are guaranteed in a campaign
  • Added and adjusted some tutorials


  • Hacking now lowers your maximum time resource for the mission
  • Some enemies now patrol, both inside and outside the club
  • Hostile enemies now display which tiles will make them hostile
  • Adjusted enemy health
  • Adjusted starting Time Resource
  • Adjusted Explosive rounds tuning
  • Shop UI marks upgradable items as upgradable
  • Updated final list of Backer names for credits, clubs and NPCs
  • Lowered the frequency of enemies taking cover instead of shooting
  • When binding keys, if the new key is already bound, that binding will be cleared
  • Renamed “Displacement Dash” to “Dash”

Bug fixes

  • Game should now be playable without an audio device (not recommended though!)
  • NPC names should be the same for all playthroughs of the same seed (eg Daily Challenges)
  • Reload button is disabled when current weapon can’t be reloaded
  • Can bind Reload input key
  • Clubber names are correctly displayed

Ahh, I knew I couldn't be the first to notice this! Can you link me to the github discussion?


When European customers buy games on itch, VAT is added to the purchase price. This makes some sense, but it is not the standard way of selling products in the EU. In fact, I believe EU VAT law is that the price shown to the customer on the store page should include VAT, though I'm no lawyer so don't quote me there. But regardless, that's what other online stores do, including for example amazon. If an EU customer buys a product on amazon that's listed for EUR 15, they pay 15, and the vat is included in that 15. This is different to how sales tax tends to work in the US.

This is a bit of a problem for sellers, because we can only list a price in USD on itch. That is the global price for the product. If an EU customer buys it, they pay 15 USD, converted to EUR, and then with VAT on top. But if they buy the same product elsewhere, they often will wind up paying less in total.

This is a bit of a problem as some other online videogame marketplaces have rules that a product sold there cannot be sold cheaper elsewhere. Therefore, if the USD price on that other marketplace must be the same as it is on itch. But as other marketplaces have regional pricing, the seller can take the included VAT into account when determining the EUR price. This is not possible on itch. The only way to have the prices be the same would be for the EUR price on other marketplaces to match that on itch, which is often significantly higher than desired.

The bottom line is, it's not possible for sellers to sell a game on itch at the same net EUR price as other marketplaces. I would propose two solutions:

  • Have VAT be included in the listed price (potentially an option sellers could enable, though again EU law may actually require this)
  • Implement regional or currency-specific pricing to itch

Hopefully that makes sense. And please correct me if I have anything wrong. And again: not a lawyer / accountant :D

OK, I've mailed you another possible thing to try :D

Thanks! I've put a new windows build up on itch that hopefully fixes the problem, though I'm not totally sure if it will. Check it out and let me know!

Oh no! What operating system are you using?

Can you send us your log files using the instructions on this post:


We've released the second update for the Closed Alpha: DRONE WARFARE! And - we've announced our Steam Early Access release date: August 8th! We'll be updating the build then, mostly focusing on polish and bug fixes this time.

Read more about DRONE WARFARE on the Kickstarter update!

Great idea! Let us know if you manage it :D Probably in combination with the Trace-Back and Rewind it might be do-able, as you can use those to teleport around and get into melee range. But admittedly then you'd need to complete several missions to get the required funds. Although, you can also just replay the Tutorial mission 3 times to get 1000 credits each time, then begin your challenge :D

Hi Jon1renicus, thanks for the feedback!

On a couple of the things that you mentioned that are more in the bug-direction:

  1. I'll look into the issue with audio muting when you alt-tab
  2. We're aware that large groups of enemies often get stuck in doors and small gaps, and we're thinking about ways to have the AI handle that better
  3. Dancing right now just progresses time, it's basically like the "skip turn" action.
Otherwise, congrats on completing the campaign! Most of your other points (like more dialogue variety and a better UI explaination) are on our radar already - in fact the Bad Language stretch goal that we reached during the campaign covered dialogue updates!

You certainly can! You can find our presskit here if you need any additional material (also includes a monetization permission):

Thanks for the bug report! I must admit I haven't seen this one before :D

What Graphics settings are you using? You can open up the options menu to see. I'd recommend lowering the settings down to Low to see if the problem goes away. You can also use the "advanced" tab to tweak individual settings to see if you can narrow down the one that causes it.

Let me know if that works! If you could also send me the log files, that would be useful. You can see how to do that on this post:


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Read all about VANDALISM on this Kickstarter update!

The next update will be coming July 26! Read about our plans here!

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Thanks for helping us find and fix crashes in the game! To send us a crash report, please find the crash log, zip them up and send them to You may see an automatic crash reporter window when the crash occurs - unfortunately this only sends the info to Epic, not to us automatically.

Windows and Linux Location:

  1. Open the folder where you installed the game (if using the app, just click "Show Local Files").
  2. Go to ProjectDisco / Saved
  3. Zip up the entire Logs folder and send it to

Mac location:

  1. Open finder and navigate to ~/Library/Logs/ProjectDisco/Saved
  2. Zip up the entire Logs folder and send it to
Please also include:
  1. Your operating system
  2. What you were doing when the game crashed
  3. Your hardware specification (in particular, what graphics card you have)

Hooray! Thanks for the report qdo!

Hi again tekbear!

This issue should now be fixed. Let me know if you still have problems.



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This post will be kept up-to-date with changes to the itch build. Scroll down for the latest version!

===26.10.2017: Alpha 7561===
New Features

  • All weapons now have 3 tiers that can be unlocked with different stats and properties
  • Added new “AUGMENTATIONS” category to the shop with 8 different upgrades, each with 3 tiers:
    • Body Armor: Increases maximum health
    • Flux Capacitor: Increases maximum time resource
    • Explosive Rounds: Increases damage
    • Tesla Rounds: Increases stun
    • Displacement Dodge: Improves Dash
    • Neural Matrix: Reduces hacking costs
    • Silencer: Reduces weapon noise
    • Pheromones: Increases positive emotional responses

AI & Combat

  • Enemies now get different weapon types: Pistol, Rifle, SMG and Shotgun
  • AI can now crouch behind cover, and will often go to places where they have cover
  • Enemies will no longer enter each other’s tile, and can path around each other
  • Added new Drop Rewards
  • Added combo counter to Drop Rewards that increases for each reward but resets if you take damage
  • Leaning around corners from high cover has a wider line of sight so is more useful

Clubs and rooms

  • Some clubs will now contain holes in the floor
  • Wall bases now appear jagged when hidden
  • Added more variations of Lobbies, Entrances and Backrooms
  • Club exploration now happens based on player’s line-of-sight, instead of entire rooms at once
  • Clubs will now have fewer dead-ends and more interesting circular room layouts
  • Enemy Agents, Bartenders, Bouncers, DJs and Clubbers now have names (including Backer names)


  • Players can now include a screenshot when sending feedback in-game


  • Improvements to positioning of the drop cameras
  • Heavy enemies renamed to Phantoms
  • Updated Backer Credits and Club Names
  • Combat Drops will now begin with the first combat action, even if it wasn’t from the player
  • Can no longer walk to interactions if they are further than the normal maximum move distance
  • Various small text and script improvements
  • It’s possible to complete all mission non-violently now.


  • Queueing actions in combat no longer causes enemies outline to flicker
  • Can no longer lose Time Resource during the drop
  • Can no longer take cover behind metal railings with massive holes in them
  • Can no longer Drop a combat if your agent is dead
  • Enemies in backrooms more reliably become hostile
  • Fix for combat mode toggling on and off rapidly when using Rewind in some situations
  • Fix for getting stuck in a barrier in the Glienicker Bruecke level in some situations
  • Drone Terminals display the proper state
  • Fixed not being able to drop a combat if it only had one shoot action
  • Fixed hacking actions not displaying the TR cost in combat
  • Fixed corrupted names in Backroom dialogues
  • Fix for player shooting not displaying correctly during the Drop in some situations

===26.09.2017: Alpha 6862===

New Features
New camera and controls scheme

  • You can now directly control the camera using the WSAD keys, or by putting the mouse to the edge of the screen.
  • You can now manually enter combat mode at any time by pressing “C”, or clicking the “DRAW WEAPON” button.
  • When a combat is over, you can now manually trigger the reply by pressing “SPACE”, or the “DROP IT” button. Alternatively, you can use this opportunity to Undo and try something else.
  • You can now bind new keys to controls in the options menu! We’ve also changed the default bindings a bit.


  • We’ve added a number of dynamic tutorials that will appear in-game when you encounter the relevant scenario for the first time.
  • Some items also have special Training Scenario levels. When you buy these items in the shop, you will have the option of playing the Training Scenario and learning about the item.

Combat Mode

  • During combat, a new (WIP) UI is displayed that gives you information about stats for the current combat.
  • The confirm-action button is now part of this new UI, and includes additional information about the action you are considering: action time and Time Resource cost.
  • During the combat replay (or, The Drop), the action is displayed with a series of camera-cuts that show the action close-up. This is just a first step for this feature, we plan on doing a lot more with it in the next update.
  • After combat, Kai will automatically reload all his weapons.


  • Added a display of the full history of a dialogue, so you can see what was said previously.
  • Each dialogue line in the history displays an emoticon, so you can see what line cause what reaction.
  • We’ve heard some feedback that sometimes, the dialogue responses don’t make sense as part of the conversation. This is in part due to how our dialogues are procedurally recombined. That said, we want to eliminate this problem, so we’ve added a new button that you can click if you think a particular line doesn’t make sense. When you click it, it’ll send us a report about the dialogue lines that were used.


  • Added Club Names from Kickstarter backers!


  • When starting a new campaign, you can select a few gameplay options before beginning.
  • First mission is now randomly selected and isn’t always “Kill Dragan Müller”
  • Kai and the Turbo Trabbi will now begin missions in a variety of locations
  • Mission Objectives now display a marker once explored
  • Doors now display markers
  • Adjusted the maximum time resource
  • After completing a mission, the game goes directly to the Shop.
  • The “Drag or Die” mission chain now has a variety of club sizes it can choose from
  • Adjusted the currency received when completing a mission
  • Health now persists between missions even if Permadeath is disabled, and you can now restore lost health in the Shop.


  • Checkbox state is more readable when hovering over
  • New Font is used everywhere in mission UI
  • Interaction Selection menu easier to read in all situations
  • Some important ambient dialogues now require Space to be pressed to continue

Main Menu

  • Art pass on the background scene Misc
  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.17.1
  • Various lighting adjustments
  • Reduced the delay between requested an action and it starting
  • Clubs now have windows on the outside again
  • Adjusted the distribution of furniture in some rooms to make them feel less cluttered
  • Mac: can now play in Fullscreen mode
  • Destroying “corner” wall segments now explores all adjacent rooms
  • After giving feedback, you can now enter your email address to be notified of replies to your message

Bug fixes

  • Shower cubicle areas in the guard rooms have correct collision and cover setup
  • Time Resource cost for Dashing no longer gets charged twice
  • Black Bars no longer displayed in main menu in some resolutions
  • When using a time ability, the sound effect now stops when it should
  • Wall attachments (eg paintings) now detach from the wall correctly when it gets damaged
  • No longer lose Time Resource while the cutscene is playing
  • Fixed some occurrences where replaying same mission would have a slightly different furniture layout
  • Fixed some actions not having their sound effects played on the beat correctly (in particular, the SMG)
  • Fixed some Sound Effect volumes not being affected by SFX slider
  • Fix for player health in campaign being set to zero after failing or aborting a mission
  • In the Group Elimination mission, only display TARGET ESCAPED if the target that escaped wasn’t already eliminated
  • Fix for game not pausing/resuming properly when opening the pause menu
  • Fixed some dialogue typos
  • Kai plays animations backwards when going back in time
  • Fix for camera in main menu being incorrect when returning there from a mission
  • Fix for not being able to punch adjacent enemies (“not adjacent” would be displayed even though they were totally adjacent)
  • Grid UI now displays at the correct height
  • Fix for cyber fist radius indicator not being displayed if fist was equipped in slot 1

=== 22.08.2017: Alpha 5980 ===

Bugfix and tweak patch
New features and changes

  • New walking animations for Kai
  • New font for Dialogues
  • Added Objective markers for more Mission Objectives
  • Offscreen enemies in explored rooms now get a marker
  • Objective markers are animated
  • Cutscene includes a prompt for pressing Enter to skip
  • Tooltips are now always displayed on Action buttons and display Time Resource cost
  • Added Permadeath and Decision Timer toggles to new Gameplay Options menu
  • Interactions now require confirmation when in Combat
  • If player doesn’t have enough Time Resource to hack something, the interaction is available and Kai will tell the player
  • During the combat replay, long sections where there are no combat actions will be sped up
  • Drone Terminals now cost Time Resource to hack instead of giving you Time Resource
  • Drone Terminals now always hack the closest drone
  • Friendly and Hostile drones now move at double speed
  • Friendly Drones now explore their rooms for you
  • Updated Backer Credits
  • New variations of Front Entrance outside area
  • Adjustments to tooltips, controls screen and some tutorial dialogues
  • Less confusing options menu checkboxes
  • Additional splash text informing about autosaving, permadeath and permahurt
  • Tool tip text adjustments
  • Added tutorial lines about damage avoidance in the intro mission
  • Renamed 'Dance' action to 'Wait'
  • Added Faceless script lines when additional enemy groups spawn
  • Added variations for public entrance outside area

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where cursor would not display on some Windows machines
  • Music: fixed issue where sometimes “empty” loops would not get chosen
  • Music: fixed problem where sound would "pop" on some machines. Note: if you still get sound popping, try lowering the "maximum audio loops" slider in the Audio Options.
  • UI: fixed issue where weapon name text would be clipped
  • Added missing “cheering” dancing animation for dancers
  • Fix for Glienicker Brücke level not having shadows
  • No longer possible to get a Dialogue with no text
  • Combat replay won’t trigger if player is dead
  • Fix for double tooltips being displayed sometimes
  • No longer possible to hack scanners and doors if there are no guards that will be alerted
  • Number of guards displayed on Weapon Scanner now only includes alive guards
  • Fix for some lab rooms sometimes having inaccessible tiles
  • Fix for “Start New Campaign” sometimes failing to generate a campaign
  • Fix for sometimes the Coat Checker would not have a dialogue even though the weapon scanner was active

=== 08.08.2017: Alpha 5721 ===

Early Access launch!

New features

  • Added Kickstarter backer credits
  • New SMG sound effects
  • New sound effect that plays when you use a time ability
  • When the game first runs it auto-detects settings
  • Weapons and destruction sounds now get quieter when the player is further away
  • Done a pass on volume levels and ducking
  • Added breathing effect to characters
  • Dialogues are now aborted and cannot be started when in Combat mode
  • Itch build will now display a big button in the main menu when a new version is available

Bug fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where some of the new environment objects (shelves and bunk beds) would not have the correct cover type
  • Fixed an issue where music loops would play over each other on some tracks (mac and linux still have issues though)
  • Agents no longer get stuck on each other when moving through the club
  • Tweaked tagging and added some new loops to tracks Zugzwang, Who Gave You Access, and Propaganda
  • Weapons don’t have reverb outside the club
  • In the “Interrogate Dragan Mueller” mission, he will now properly move around the club after being successfully interrogated
  • Fixed drone particle effects
  • Tweaked lighting, shadows and post-process
  • In the “Group Elimination” mission, escaped targets will now display as being Escaped rather than Outside
  • Entrance bouncers now have a “talk to” option on their guarded door
  • Fixed some issues when using time abilities during dialogues
  • Music intensity now gets correctly raised in all missions
  • Spelling and punctuation pass on many dialogues

=== 26.07.2017: Alpha 5501 ===


  • New music track: Synaesthetic by Ben Prunty (soundcloud)
  • New enemy type: Drones
  • New mission: Group Elimination
  • New room type: Guard Quarters
  • New mission chain: Underground Railroad
  • Updated backrooms
  • Permadeath and Permahurt
  • UI Updates to main HUD, dialogue screen, shop and loading screen
  • New and updated dialogues

=== 14.06.2017: Alpha.4128 ===

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when destructibles were destroyed

=== 14.06.2017: Alpha.4111 ===


  • New music track: Calm Before the Gunfire by Jukio Kallio (soundcloud)
  • New music track: Who Game You Access by Kuedo (soundcloud)
  • New weapon: Cybernetic Fist
  • Extended Cover System
  • More destructible objects
  • New room type: storage backrooms
  • Better danger prediction system
  • New and updated dialogues

=== 08.05.2017: Alpha.3283 ===


  • New music track: Das Bunker by Mona Mur (check it out on soundcloud)
  • Loading screen now includes camera and confirm action controls
  • Can now enter anything as a campaign seed (will be converted to a number)
  • Fixed bug where enemies would spawn and appear hostile but not do anything and not be targettable
  • Added button to give quick feedback via stomt

=== 13.03.2017: Pre-Alpha.3082 ===

  • Using different time abilities in combination with each other now more reliable, consistent and hopefully intuitive
  • Updates to track Propaganda by muutsch (still WIP)
  • Game will now check if a new version is available and display a big button in the main menu if so

=== 28.02.2017: Pre-Alpha.2892 ===

  • New music track: Zugzwang by The Orion Correlation and Lost & Found
  • New music track: Propaganda by muutsch (WIP)
  • Added a brightness slider to the options menu
  • Can now choose between Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen (PC only)
  • Added setting for FPS cap (30 / 60 / none)
  • Fixed delay that happened at low FPS when giving orders
  • Traceback time ability now animated

=== 27.01.2017: Pre-Alpha.2613 ===

  • Added scripts to missions
  • New narrative level at the end of the campaign is finished
  • New VO grunts

=== 25.01.2017: Pre-Alpha.2485 ===

  • Fixed issue where sometimes tiles would not be reachable when they should be
  • Many new sound effects
  • New narrative level at the end of the campaign (work in progress)

=== 20.01.2017: Pre-Alpha.2355 ===

  • New sound effects and background street details

=== 18.01.2017: Pre-Alpha.2167.1 ===

  • New options menu with separated video settings and FPS counter
  • New sound effects
  • Performance improvements
  • Danger prediction should now predict further into the future and warns if predictions can't be made

=== 31.12.2016: Pre-Alpha.1909.3 ===
Fixed hitch that occurs on some PCs.

=== 31.12.2016: Pre-Alpha.1909.2 ===
Lower graphics settings no longer do resolution scaling.

=== 31.12.2016: Pre-Alpha.1909.1 ===
Fix for crash in "SetStaticMesh" when loading.

=== 18.12.2016: Pre-Alpha.1909 ===
First version: playable campaign comprising "Loop 1", roughly one-third of final campaign length

Thanks for the info you sent me hochul <3

This should be fixed in the most recent update.

Thanks for the info, tekbear! Does this happen 100% of the time?

We've seen that one a few times ourselves so I'll try and get on it soon. I'll let you know here when we have it fixed.

Hey indolence!

Thanks for the info. Could you perhaps take a performance capture for me?

  1. Start the game
  2. Once the performance is bad, open the console with [~] or [`] (the key to the left of [1])
  3. Type "stat startfile" and press enter
  4. Play the game a bit (about 10 seconds)
  5. Open the console again
  6. Type "stat stopfile" and press enter
  7. Close the game
  8. Go to where the game is installed (if you're using the itch app, it has a handy "Show local files" button in the bottom-right
  9. Go to ProjectDisco\Saved\Profiling\UnrealStats
  10. Zip up the folder(s) you see there and email them to me at
Many thanks!


(1 edit)

Sorry Amos, I should've been clearer - after reinstalling the game, it found the manifest fine. Beforehand it didn't. My suspicion is that renaming was the cause of the error, but I haven't verified that. It would mean the repro would hypothetically be:

  1. Create a game with a manifest
  2. Install the game, note it finds the manifest fine
  3. Rename the game
  4. Publish an update to the game
  5. Update the game in the itch app
  6. Launch the game - it doesn't find the manifest
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the game - it finds the manifest

This is basically more or less what I did, I think. But there were other factors involved probably, such as updating the itch app itself somewhere in the middle there.

Glad you liked it! You can give us as much specific feedback as you feel like! It's all useful. Feel free to fill out the survey that pops up when you quit the game also/instead, it's up to you.

You can get an fps counter by opening the console with ~ or ` or whatever the key to the left of 1 is, and then doing 'stat fps'.

Thanks hochul! Could you mail me the log, to please?

They should be in ~/Library/Logs somewhere...

Hi again Amos,

So I got this working a few days ago but it's stopped, appears to have been when the itch client updated. I have the manifest file in the game's root folder, but no key is passed to the app. The log appears to be generating a key fine:

[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.065] [tasks/launch] Requesting subkey with scope: profile:me
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.248] [tasks/launch] Got subkey (171 chars, expires 2016-12-23 12:38:19)
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.255] [tasks/launch/native] env keys: [

I also renamed my project at this time, to something that includes Spaces. After doing that I noticed that the itch app wasn't finding my manifest, so I reinstalled the game in the app. Note that this is on windows.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with itch or on my end, but the way I'm getting the env variable was working before. Any ideas?



Awesome, thanks Amos!

Perhaps this method would also be a way of getting information about a game that's private, such as the latest version?

Hi Amos, thanks for the reply. Can you point me to the relevant documentation for this feature?

I guess I'm still a little confused. Do I need to get an api-key first? Which means then having the user authorise my game to access their itch account? That's probably too high of a barrier of entry for our game, unfortunately.


Is there any API available to query the information about the user playing my game? Such as their username (for display in a scoreboard, for example)?

I'm guessing the answer is no, as I can't find any documentation to that effect. So this is probably a feature request :D


I'm currently developing a game and distributing it via itch to friends and family using the keys system and having the game set to Restricted. I'd like to implement a system to check for updates in the game using the API described here:

As mentioned, this is not currently possible for Private games. However, I can specify that my Restricted game is accessible to those with the correct password, which winds up being specified in the url using ?password=<pass>. Would is perhaps be possible to also allow this way of accessing the update check API?



Ahh you know what - I found it - I guess you need to uninstall and then re-install the app?

A related question: is it possible for a user of the itch app to change which channel they are currently 'using'?



Awesome Amos, thanks for the infos - looking forward to it!


I'm currently evaluating itch and refinery for our team's next project. So far I'm very impressed, but the build management feature set is perhaps missing something that would be useful - or perhaps I can't find it: the ability to revert a channel to a previous build, or to move a build that's already been uploaded from one channel to another.

For example: I might realise I've made a terrible mistake, and our latest build has major issues. In this case I would want to revert that channel back to the previous build while I investigate.

Or: I might first push builds to a -beta channel for initial testing by my QA team or beta testers. Once we're happy with it, we then push it over to the main channel for general release.

In the "edit game" web page, I can click on the channel name to see a list of all the builds that were uploaded there. However, it appears there's nothing I can do with that information other than look at it.

What's the recommended workflow for these situations? Is this perhaps a planned feature? Is this even the best place for this feedback? :D