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=== 21.12.2017: Alpha 8598 ===

ALPHA 6: NICE & NAUGHTY (full announcement coming soon)

New Features

  • Enemy abilities:
    • Phantoms:
      • Now go invisible when stunned
    • Spectres:
      • Move at double speed
      • Teleport away when hit
      • Teleport to enemies when trying to get line of sight
    • Nemesis:
      • Can’t be stunned
      • Can’t use cover
      • Will walk directly to enemies, smashing walls in their path
      • Will shoot at enemies even if a wall is in the way
      • Ignore time manipulation abilities
  • New weapon: “Persuador”: Make humans fall for you and fight on your side. Can’t be reloaded during a mission.
  • New augmentation: “Precharger”: increases Time Resource you start with at the beginning of a mission
  • Cybernetic Fist upgrades now increase the number of wall chunks destroyed by the fist
  • Added “courtyard” rooms to clubs, which are areas of the club that are outside. Both entrances and simple empty spaces supported. Still under construction!
  • Containers can now contain collectible ID cards. You can view your collected cards by selecting “Collectibles” in the main menu
  • Kickstarter backers can enter ID codes into the “Rewards” section in the options to view their backer rewards
  • Added Turbo Trabbi skin switching (Kickstarter backers only)
  • Backers can ensure their rewards are guaranteed in a campaign
  • Added and adjusted some tutorials


  • Hacking now lowers your maximum time resource for the mission
  • Some enemies now patrol, both inside and outside the club
  • Hostile enemies now display which tiles will make them hostile
  • Adjusted enemy health
  • Adjusted starting Time Resource
  • Adjusted Explosive rounds tuning
  • Shop UI marks upgradable items as upgradable
  • Updated final list of Backer names for credits, clubs and NPCs
  • Lowered the frequency of enemies taking cover instead of shooting
  • When binding keys, if the new key is already bound, that binding will be cleared
  • Renamed “Displacement Dash” to “Dash”

Bug fixes

  • Game should now be playable without an audio device (not recommended though!)
  • NPC names should be the same for all playthroughs of the same seed (eg Daily Challenges)
  • Reload button is disabled when current weapon can’t be reloaded
  • Can bind Reload input key
  • Clubber names are correctly displayed