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Hi again Amos,

So I got this working a few days ago but it's stopped, appears to have been when the itch client updated. I have the manifest file in the game's root folder, but no key is passed to the app. The log appears to be generating a key fine:

[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.065] [tasks/launch] Requesting subkey with scope: profile:me
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.248] [tasks/launch] Got subkey (171 chars, expires 2016-12-23 12:38:19)
[2016-12-16 @ 13:38:21.255] [tasks/launch/native] env keys: [

I also renamed my project at this time, to something that includes Spaces. After doing that I noticed that the itch app wasn't finding my manifest, so I reinstalled the game in the app. Note that this is on windows.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with itch or on my end, but the way I'm getting the env variable was working before. Any ideas?




Thanks, I'm able to reproduce the issue and will issue a fix shortly.

I'm puzzled by the app not finding the manifest file on a path with spaces though - that shouldn't happen. Can you tell me exact reproduction steps?


v22.1.0 has been released, which fixes the problem - thanks for reporting!

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Sorry Amos, I should've been clearer - after reinstalling the game, it found the manifest fine. Beforehand it didn't. My suspicion is that renaming was the cause of the error, but I haven't verified that. It would mean the repro would hypothetically be:

  1. Create a game with a manifest
  2. Install the game, note it finds the manifest fine
  3. Rename the game
  4. Publish an update to the game
  5. Update the game in the itch app
  6. Launch the game - it doesn't find the manifest
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the game - it finds the manifest

This is basically more or less what I did, I think. But there were other factors involved probably, such as updating the itch app itself somewhere in the middle there.

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