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23.02.2018: v1.9905.1

New features

  • New music tracks: The glienicke bridge sections now all have music by muuutsch
  • New music track: The Last Stop by muuutsch, that plays during credits after completing a campaign
  • Parties now have posters that can be collected
  • Drinks are now visible as holograms that can be collected
  • Clubs now have themes that affect their lighting and colours of certain objects
  • Clubs now have fog
  • Clubs now have trash on the floor
  • The endings now have a bit more going on
  • Added a warning to the mission briefing when you’re on the final mission
  • Objectives will now be marked as failed if they are failed (which may fail your mission)
  • New NPC health bar & icons
  • New feedback for losing health and being at 1 health
  • New eye icon for tiles that will trigger an NPC or scanner
  • New HUD icons for Reset Camera and Draw/Holster weapon
  • New icons for Augmentations
  • New combat HUD


  • Improved DJ pink dialogue
  • Improved campaign generation and savegame loading times
  • If a hostile AI can’t path to the player, doors may open to create a path
  • Can now view Leaderboards from the main menu (steam only)
  • Adjusted nudity distribution
  • Weapon scanner is triggered by the same things patrolling enemies are
  • Added more bar variations
  • Many small HUD readability improvements
  • Added more wall light fixture variations
  • During the drop, if the camera is pointing at a wall, the wall will get hidden


  • Group Elimination targets will now go to the closest escape point
  • Fixed some clubbers having mismatching heads
  • Fixed some club entrance signs not displaying non-English characters correctly
  • Fixed some objective NPCs not becoming hostile correctly
  • Reduced hitch when complications spawn
  • Fixed some labrooms not getting a computer or cabinet for the relevant missions
  • Fixed dressingroom guard having an empty dialogue line
  • Improved buttcrack definition
  • Celebrity portraits are higher resolution
  • Many many performance improvements
  • Reload tutorial doesn’t get triggered by persuador being empty (As that can’t be reloaded)
  • Fixed various objects being invisible when detached from walls
  • Fixed combat mode grid not rendering everywhere
  • Fixed spectres teleporting out of the simulation area in the Traceback tutorial
  • Fix for spectres teleporting while using Traceback
  • Fix for danger tiles not being rendered during the tutorial about danger tiles
  • When taking damage, the damage tutorial will override other tutorials
  • When leaving combat during the combat tutorial, that tutorial will be cancelled
  • Fixed the identification computer being spawned outside the club in the ID Target mission sometimes
  • Fixed rooms that sometimes were emptier than they should be
  • Fixed nemesis weapons not playing correct SFX
  • Fixed gaps in snow
  • Fixed upsetting camera teleport when drop begins
  • Fixed double tap and triple tap drop rewards not being given
  • Can no longer shoot friendly mission critical NPCs (except with persuador)
  • Wind no longer plays in training simulations
  • Fixed some missions not increasing music intensity when objectives are completed
  • Fix for complication enemies not re-spawning after undoing to before the spawn and then playing time forward again
  • Fix for complication enemies spawning twice if in combat mode
  • Fix for spectre tutorials not firing
  • Fixed some mission-relevant containers not getting HUD markers