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Wharf API for unreleased (restricted/draft) games

A topic by Isaac Ashdown created Nov 17, 2016 Views: 515 Replies: 2
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I'm currently developing a game and distributing it via itch to friends and family using the keys system and having the game set to Restricted. I'd like to implement a system to check for updates in the game using the API described here:

As mentioned, this is not currently possible for Private games. However, I can specify that my Restricted game is accessible to those with the correct password, which winds up being specified in the url using ?password=<pass>. Would is perhaps be possible to also allow this way of accessing the update check API?




That's a valid point! I've opened an issue to track our progress on that:


I don't see any movement on this on GitHub, is it not going to happen? I too have the need to offer patching, or update notifications to users who are not using the application.