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This was a quick action game. The particle effects were really good.

Took me a second to realize there was a flamethrower, but once I did it was a lot easier than trying to only use the pistol. Awesome particle effects and art.

Nice visual novel game. The story you were building and the use of theme were really interesting. The menu and UI looked really well done.

It was very hard. I liked the animations and particle effects.

Awesome art. I like the mechanic of hire vs not hiring. Not going to lie when the lights went out I got a little scared the first time

The art and music where really good. Amazing main menu and run animation.

Nice animations. I think you should add a controls panel because it took some calculated keyboard smashing to find j, k , l.

I hope ou know I read the whole ignoring the y's beacuse of the tpewriter joke. I like how sass Vick is. It was a nice change of pace from the other games.

That main menu was soo well polished. The art was really good and game play was fun. I made it to 260 then escaped my prison and fell into the void.

The character movement and sprite were really good.

Controls feel good, quick respawns and nice color palette. A well made solid game. Only things I can say against it is invisible borders and the desolate look in the players eyes(jk).

I can't be the only one to think the candy falling death is brutal. It explains why peppermint is so unhappy, walking on the exploded corpse of his candy friend. Nice game and the little story was a nice touch.

This was a nice cute little game. Well done

I got all 10 in the soup that I can only assume the Polly eats. The art style was also really cool.

I made it to the bear we clashed in midair I sent it flying into the pit next to it then I proceeded to jump into that same pit. The run animation was really good and bear looked good as well. I didn't explore too much but it seemed like there were multiple paths at times?

I really liked the animations for the apple. I was able to get 547 after I realized the pattern repeated and I got used to the wall jump.

This was a really good game concept. The leader board was an awesome feature. Apparently 700 isn't good enough for a high score however.

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The mechanics in this are really good. The "store" was a cool idea and the enemies getting faster the yellower you became was a awesome mechanic. The sound effects are a little weird especially for headphone users. But overall fun game.

I really liked the mechanics especially the candy drop.  Nice music and sprites. Unfortunately I am very bad at platformers so keep your record.

Awesome sound effects, music and art. It all came together really well to make a scary game.

Nice puzzle game. The music was really good, and I liked the UI a lot. The perspective on the pixel art was really good.

 I can't help but think this could have been avoided if I broke the window with the rock.

Really good idea for the end credits. Text animation for the title screen was really cool, and those were some awesome sound effects.

I'm not quite sure how candy bleeds,b but man did I make them bleed.  It was a nice and challenge game. Nice screen shakes and attack animations.

My record combo 244 difficulty 37.

Very fun, fast and violent game. The controls felt really good and the art was great.

My Record 1280.

That difficulty gets pretty hard. I liked the power up, but that fast forward one is a bit terrifying when you are not expecting it.

Awesome visual effects from the screen getting pinker with more sugar, to the particle effect and whit I think is a fish eye lens.

My record Expert 1966.

Reminds me of the good old days of zombie trains in COD

I loved the player derpy little face. This was a really cool concept, I think I agree with Sepi in that you should make a web page.

This was soo hard for me. I did like leeway in the level layout where you could bypass some parts by dragging multiple boxes around.

My record for expert is 23.

I love the jiggle of the jelly and the sound effect! Nice simple game. I bet you could make this an IOS game with tilt controls.

Nice game, the story was a nice change of pace. I thought it was really creative to replace potions with candies.

My poor E key, but anyways I loved the idea of illegally dealing Dru, Candies! I meant candies. Although with how everyone's face looks it could be special candies.

It was a lot of fun to drive the car but as some others said if the car had more weight to it, driving would feel much better.

Nice Game, I love the ducks. My only complaint is no restart button, so I can play more.

Despite my ability to do any platforming, nice game. The art and sound effects are amazing

My top score 3920.

The sound effects were great especially the golden doughnuts.

I love tower defense games, so I may come back for more. Nice job on the path finding of the enemies and I like the different types of "towers."

There is something very terrifying about a giant fat zombie charging me while I try to fire rocket propelled chocolate at it. Nice job and I liked all the different weapons.

My top score was 20. The sound effect for a cool down being done was a really neat idea.

I really liked the sound effects and the simple art style.