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Cold Hat Hot HatView game page

Reach key temperatures, unlock hats!
Submitted by AntiClux (@AntiClux) — 1 hour, 9 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Community Spirit#383.8573.857
Use Of Theme#573.5713.571

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team or Solo

All assets made by myself.
Tools used: Godot, Aseprite, jsfxr, Rytmik Ultimate

Did you follow the theme?

Did you (you or your team) do the graphisms yourself?

Did you (you or your team) do the musics and sounds yourself?

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well got my self a blue hat to -154c but then messed up my jump and hit the dude bouncing back and forth which flew me right off the screen to me some time to get the jumping down pat kept over jumping the platforms. I was only able to get to +98 on my one attempts and a reverse spawned above my head which I tried to dodge and died lol.  The music was great as well good job on that.


Thanks man, appreciate it!


Great game! I took only one hat 😆 It is difficult, but ok. The "D" power-up could appear more times. You count a lot with luck (And i'm unlucky).


Thanks for the comment!

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

First off loved the music and I liked the plyers sprite. I didn't see anyone else have this problem, but when it got to around 70 degrees the block would fly off the screen instead of bouncing back. Otherwise I like how just because I was hit does not mean I am out.


Thanks for the comment and for letting me know of the bug. That was something that came up during initial phases of development, but that I thought I had fixed. Apparently not, haha. Glad you enjoyed the music, gives me confidence to continue to compose my own going forward.


This was a lot of fun!  A bit up to chance whether you could complete it or not because of the reverse haha.  But the music was nice and the visuals were interesting enough to keep me wanting to go on.  I liked that bouncing on the enemy was not a guaranteed loss-that you could recover from it if you were careful.


Thanks for the comment! Yea, it was a bit too much up to chance, something I'll have to work on for my next time. Glad you enjoyed it :)


Game was good, but ultimately way too frustrating! Only because of the power ups lol I made it to 350+ degrees and still had no Reverse power up spawn in. and then on another attempt I was at 150 degrees when it finally appeared, but I already had a few "H" power ups spawn on my character so it was moving at .25 each and a double never appeared once when I lost at 112 degrees. (From 150 at a rate of .25). 

With all of that being said, I was just frustrated by the great challenge your game has to offer. It was very unique but I really enjoyed myself! Nice job!


Thanks for the feedback :) Yea, I agree, in the future I think I'll keep it challenging for other projects, but I'll try to find ways to implement it that don't frustrate the player, as I think that's where I went wrong this time. Glad you found enjoyment in my game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super fun game.I liked the level of difficulty there is a nice rhythm to it once you figure it out. I think my only problem is how random the power ups can be, maybe you could have some sort of system that checks if the same power up has spawned x amount of times, then it has to spawn a different power up, or you could check if it hasn't spawned a power up in x amount of seconds, then the next power up will be that one (or just force spawn one), maybe you would only apply this to the reversal powerup since it is the only one required to win. The game was very engaging also, I was determined to win, and so I did :)


Haha, yes! Congratulations on being the first person to beat it! I totally agree with your criticism and it was something I only really thought about after releasing the game - I ended up putting bad randomness in it. If I were to change anything, it'd be something along the lines of your solution. Thank you for your comment :)


The gameplay is quite addictive and the music is good but my goodness it is unforgiving, the speed the character moves and the requirment for fine tuned jumps, make the gameplay very diffivcult. The artstyle and sounds are very good though


Thank you, appreciate the feedback :)


I really liked the platforming feel and the look of the art and the music. Definitely a lot of good potential in here.

That said, I can't get past about 30 seconds... It reminds me of that one jump rope star to Super Mario Odyssey which I struggled with for so long. I like the concept of surviving long enough to reach the temperature, so I'd love to see like multiple levels with progressive difficulty.


Thanks for the feedback! Yea, in hindsight I might have made the game too difficult from the start. I only had one level in mind, so I wanted something tough but beatable, but I probably got better at the game than the average player during testing. Well, lesson learned.


Fun game! Music is great and fits the art style well. Also the dynamic music is great (something I wish I had the time to put in my game!). Only recommendation is to make the start a little easier. Maybe fewer gaps to start or different levels. Great job!


Thank you for your kind words. I'll take note of your suggestion about difficulty, seems to be a common trend in the comments, haha.


I may just not be good enough to play this game, couldn't find a way to reach either temperature and kept getting knocked off within a minute of each playthrough. Visuals and music are nice!


Haha, I agree that it is hard, only having beat it a handful of times myself during testing. I'd encourage you to give it another go at some point :) Thanks for the feedback!