This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-05-08 03:00:00 to 2021-05-17 03:00:00. View results

Previously named "The Beginners Circle Jam" Hosted by Angrysmile and the admins here:

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It's not about trophies but about all of our metals of courage.

The goal of this game jam is to welcome all levels of interest in game development and the next best start-up community on One full of positive, like-minded individuals of all walks of life who work to make each other better within a comfortable environment. This jam will not focus on winning, but rather helping each other to improve our skills; a game jam where we can work together to help participants go from Level 1 to Level 99.

We all start as a beginner in any new skill but always improving, gaining experience. We are here together as one! This game jam is for a new and old community and to help you, the participant, create a brand for yourself! Let’s start a new day!
A day 1 for all the underdogs, a new start and fresh beginning in these strange times we are currently living in.


As participants, your goal is most importantly to practice, learn new skills, and have fun. Secondly, it is to create a full game (as close as you can within the timeline) around the set theme while being original and creative. All you need is an account to be able to participate and a willingness to gain new skills through learning and helping others.

If you feel that you do not want to follow the theme, or you wanna practice with less stress, join our practice jam:


The Theme: Temperature is Key

Good luck. Let's see some fun games and don't forget to have fun learning and creating!!!!!!!!!!
Think of something about how will temperature be the key to your game. Good Luck!


1) Originality - Be original and creative with your entries. If you have to watch a tutorial that’s ok, but make it your own. I really do not want to see a bunch of Udemy or YouTube tutorial copy submissions. Be inspired by others, but don't steal! Credit your work properly.

2) Use Of Theme - Use the theme in a unique way within your game.

3) Fun - A game is supposed to be fun! Don’t just submit a completed game for the sake of simplicity, let’s make fun games! Visual novels and C.Y.O.A types MUST be fun too, and they’re usually a harder route!

4) Community Spirit - A game jam is nothing without the community. Being noticed by others in the community, taking feedback, giving good feedback.


  • HAVE FUN - The more you focus on winning and the less you focus on having fun... the more you miss out! If you have a great attitude and aren't under pressure, you might turn out the greatest game in history, but applying imaginary competitive stress is only hurting you! DONT! Some of you may be starting out others may have been around the block, we are here for the same journey and having a blast doing so.
  • USE ANY ENGINE YOU WANT - You may use any engine (Godot, Unity, etc.)
    as long as you can make the game within the time limit,
    and it is playable on Windows or a Web build.
  • AIM WINDOWS OR WEB - Ideally, try and make your game a web build and/or windows. Since most people will have access to web build would be preferable.
  • BE CAREFUL WITH NSFW - All NSFW or adult-themed games must have appropriate warnings on the title. Example: β€œ(18+) Zombie Fun” or similar. If you choose to go this route, please keep it subtle. We will disqualify a game from the jam if more than one person claims it as "offensive" or if it’s clearly too excessive. Please keep in mind that as a learning-oriented circle we may have a younger community, which may prevent NSFW material in future jams if submissions for this game jam are excessively inappropriate.
  • MAKE IT YOURSELF - You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam. Any templates and/or pre-built games will not count in the originality department. This jam is intended to practice your critical thinking, creative and coding skills, not copy and paste.  Any of these will apply to the Originality category.
  • EXTERNAL MUSIC AND FONT ALLOWED - Music and Fonts must be royalty/copyright free and properly credited.
  • NO SELF PROMOTION - You may not post any links when commenting and you may not post a comment for the sake of self-promotion. These comments will be deleted and this type of behavior will count negatively towards your Community Spirit score. There is a section in our community to post your links.


If you need help ask in the proper channels either in COMMUNITY PAGE or DISCORD