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Thank you :)


Great, now I'll never be able to unsee that, haha. Thank you for the comment :)

Very true, very true. In a way, these things we make are snapshots of ourselves at this particular point in time. Imperfection leaves room for improvement.

The game is really fun, good job!

Good job making the game in ViteJS. Any reason for using it instead of a regular game engine? 

Beautiful arcade game, very well done.

As far as I can remember, it's the first 3D game that made me feel like I was playing this:

Wire Loop Game Using a Transistor -

Very good job for that lol. I gotta say though, the platforming/jumping bits felt a bit rough and ended up detracting from the experience for me. But it's 3 hours, we don't really know how it's all going to turn out in the end.

The contrast between the lore and the gameplay makes this funny, which is a good thing. The collision detection is a bit too unforgiving, but that actually fits with the nihilistic nature of this thing. Good work.

Amazing work, mate. Pretty much nailed it. Just one question: what was the turbo dive button for? Couldn't use it and didn't need it.

Ah, makes sense.

Fun idea. Game feels almost maze-like towards the end, with how much stuff you have to avoid. If I were to give a suggestion, it'd be to give the shuttle floatier controls, but that really is just personal preference. Great work.

Thank you for your comment! Making me consider trying out similar ideas in the future, haha.

Thanks, man. The voice over idea came in after everything else was done. Made me chuckle, so I threw it in.

Yes, that's the lore of this game right there! Thank you for your feedback :)

Very nice entry, feels very complete which is unusual in this jam lol.

Amazing entry. Simple gameplay and great aesthetic.

Solid entry. Just one question: why green enemies and red allies? Lol, not the most conventional decision.

Nice plot, haha. The game does its job competently, well done.

Congratulations on submitting! That really is what this jam is all about. Good use of the theme as well.

Thanks, much appreciated!

I have submitted, thanks for letting me know.

The game looks great and polished. (First time I've seen a loading screen in a jam game!) But I have no idea what I'm supposed to do! It seemed to me like I was some kind of disaster survivor trying to find a way out. I came to a couple of dead ends though. A bit more guidance to the player would probably go a long way. Because what is there is cool. I'd like to see more of it.

Good job! Everything seemed to work as intended and it was a fully functional game. I'd recommend trying out some animations in your next project, to make the game pop more. Keep making games :)

Very cool game, from the music choice to the theme to the look. A really well done and polished product. I almost got to the end, but there was one object remaining and I couldn't find it after a while.

My one complain would be the aiming mechanics. It's quite hard to aim properly at enemies while on the move. It'd have benefited from twin stick mechanics. Despite this, and because the game is easy (as it should be, as we control a monster), we can still do a good job killing everyone.

Overall, a very good submission. Congratulations, host! :)

Very cool. What would you say you got out of this process?

Nice work there! I liked that the game was quite engaging with the new weapons you can unlock after playing. Have to go through a few playthroughs to get to the end. I'd say the movement is a bit clunky, but that may have to do with the tools you used. Overall, good job!

Obrigado :)

Thanks, man, I appreciate it!

The devlog is coming, just taking the time to make something better than what I previously did. Hoping for tomorrow.

Will do.

Thank you!

Thanks! Yea, I think we’ve all been there in a similar situation, haha

Much appreciated!

Thanks, mate! 😁

Very good level design, great job there. Feels very retro and looks the part of a GB game. The only things that it's missing that would make it feel more like a polished game that would be fast to implement are some simple animations and a tune. Other than that, nicely executed idea. Well done.

Great game. Does what it intends to do well and feels great to control. One thing that it would benefit from would be some kind of checkpoint system. The path is handcrafted, so that'd motivate the player to go through the whole thing without having to start over from the tutorial. But it's already good regardless :)

Thanks a bunch, mate, glad you liked it :)

Happy to try to help if you need :)

Thank you very much!