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Hi, I used your OST (few tracks) in my short gamejam visual novel (only in czech for now, sorry) –
Thank you for your wonderful music ^_^

Game cannot be run...

Jaj, povedlo se mi zachránit kočičku, ktera ovládla svět, hned napoprvé ^_^.

Nice OST, my fav is Neo Arcadia ^_^
Good job.

Very cute OST and nice picture! Good job ^_^

Nice BGM, very easy to listening, good job.

Now that I call sound of clock ^_^ Very nice choice of instruments.

Very nice orchestration with dancable rhythm... and ominous piano chords at the end is nice touch. Good work.

Hard and Cool cyberpunk ^_^
Pretty hyped tracks!

Nice variety of styles and Retro feeling... nice work.

This OST ROCKS... IN SPACE! (sorry, cannot resist pun ~_^)
Awesome beats and agressive melodies... totally danceable!
Excellent work!

Very nice work with choir and flute.
Good job!

Very nice basslines! Time Traveling makes me want to travel! ^_^
and A Fateful Duel is really great finale!
good work!

What a Lovely Soundtrack. So eerie and calm, melancholic yet hopefull...
and it's easy to listen as BGM but have enought presence as the main song...
Simple wonderful work.

Very nice orchestration! Nice work.

Oh, that delightful sound of 90s midi ^_^
Kudos for aesthetics ^_^

Cool beats here! (reminds me Terminal Velocity OST a little bit ~_^)
nice work!

Wow. Simply Wow. this OST is... just WOW. Listening to it about hour and never gets old. And whole story about game is clever ^_^
Nice work!

It is so... sad... it's overflowing with melancholy and sadness... excellent work!

Good work, sounds perfectly as bgm, and melodies are melancholic... nice.

Thank You for feedback!
Yes, certain distortion and uneasiness was desired, but I wanted to have more articulated bass line, and now it's kinda muffled. Will try to fix it after jam.

Thank You, I will try fix the mix after jam ^_^.

Thank You.
These summer sickness are pretty insidious, aren't they?
And yes, I should fix the drum and bass part of mix.

And that glitchy sounding synth in background is one of default instruments in BandLab called "Atlantis Pad" without any FX ^_^

Thank You!
Yeah, it was like "I can always fail while trying, it's better than give up"... (and frankly, after two days in bed i get pretty bored :D).

Thank You!
Yeah, two bass lines and drums in the same range is indeed muddy... My main problem was that I composed it on tablet...  without headphones (yeah, stupid me, but it didn't occured to me in the moment)... and even Galaxy Tab had pretty good speakers (stereo!) for tablet, it's nowhere near quility of regular speakers... so when I listened it on the tablet, I have feeling that I had to put more and more into bass.. and after listening on computer with quality speakers... well... it didn't go well...
Certain level of distortion was desired, but this si probably too much ^_^.
Maybe I shoudl fix it after jam.
Thanks again, I'm still learning with DAW...

Thank you very much. Glad that certain uneasiness is recognisable ^_^.

Thank you, I'm better now ^_^.
Yeah, I should correct mixing on the low end, maybe should post new version after jam.

Very cool concept... looping gameplay with looping music... I wanna play the game, sounds interesting ^_^.
Good work!

some groovy rhythms here. nice work.

Transition from ambient to edm is pretty cool ^_^

Trick with reverse sound is neat!
Going To The Olympics 2020 is my fav.
Nice job.

I can smell salt water front this soundtrack :D
Good job!

"Minute Details" is such lovely and cool track! and "Out of Time" rocks!
good work!

Very nice variety of styles! Good work! Into the Future! ^_^

Very impressive work! I love Train Enigma, trully enigmatic track!

Very nice soundtrack, but song at the end  is WOW! Simply Amazing and very powerful. Good work!

Nice melodies... would be great with some 90s adventure game ^_^.

Nice ambient, sound design is interesting, good work!
(bud separate files for each track would be more practical ~_^)

Yeah, Alarm Clock Type Beat ROCKS ^_^.

Wow... didn't expect spanish inquisition and this really weird but fascinating soundscape!
Trully Groovy Soundtrack, Neat Job! (bad pun intented ~_^)