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Thanks for playing man! Wanted to add features, but had to keep it simple due to my understanding of only the basics and this being my first jam :)

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the feedback

A Nice game with good movement! Art looks cool! 

The attack mechanics are good, but I kept dying really quickly due to the monsters being too strong. I was able to survive by spamming ranged attack. Maybe you could make the monsters a bit weaker?

Finally I found another Unreal Engine entry! Mine is really really basic but this is an advanced one! The UI and the art assets are super clean and pleasing! The effect of switching to your soul looks very cool and the yarn effect looks fabulous! 

A fantastic game! The art style is simple and pleasing! The levels are really clever! Music is awesome! On top of all this, a level editor, and that too in such a short span of time :O

The game is short and sweet! Art style is cool and the simple concept of guessing the player's nature through their decisions in game is smart!

The art looks good! And the fact that you have to die at the right time to pass levels is clever! Overall a great entry!

A fantastic game! The puzzles in the game are awesome and really thought out! The sound effects are great! Really enjoyed playing it!

Fantastic art and environment! The mechanics of the game are great and the levels are clever! Looks extremely clean!

The game's great! The concept, the art and the menus are awesome! And the addition of the leaderboard system gives the player an incentive to keep on playing :)

A Great game ! Love the watercolor art, and the minimalist and subtle environment! Good music! Although I could not crack the puzzle, but figuring it out and completing it, is the one thing that is still lingering in my mind!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the feedback!

No, I did not make the art. Got the models from the sources in description.

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Thanks for playing !

Cool game! Love the mechanics of the characters!

Oh these are some great art packs! Thanks!

A really great game! Looks clean and polished! The control queues given in the game in the beginning were for the Xbox controller I guess, but no worries!

The art style and the blood effects are great, and the concept is really clever! Switching to different palettes looked cool!

Really cool game! Loved the art style and the graphics! The game's tv-like screen effect looks great!

Nice game! Liked the environment and art!

Really cool game with a minimalist art style! Love the colors chosen for the game and the environment!

I got stuck after possessing a heavy enemy, as i could not further convert to a ghost. But still a very nice game!

A nice game with great environment, art and graphics! I had a little difficult in figuring out the talk button, so i could not interact with anyone but still I had a fun time exploring! 

A really great and extremely polished game! The concept is superb and perfectly aligns the limitation of the jam! The level and the effects look great! The music is cool and quaint.

Had a fun time playing it!

Really liked the game and the art! Although the movement of the llama was a bit slow, but i managed to move around really quickly by spitting like a machine gun XD

The dialogues were hilarious and clever XD

Maybe you could add a little extra time that a door remains open after pressing the pressure pad, as i kept getting stuck in doors.

A nice game! Loved the art style! The music in each level was great! Although i read in your description that you could not complete building the game, but still it's a great effort!

A nice concept man!

The game is hilarious XD
Although it's very short, but accurately simulates the state of bankruptcy XD

A cool game with a cool art style! The music is retro and nice! I came across a bug - when you pause, you are still able to play the game but nothing major! Really liked the unlocked doors and its animations!
Overall a great effort!

A good intro man! The dialogue system was great and the dialogues themselves were cool! The intro made me want to play the full game even more. If you would have added some animations to the characters, it would have made it even cooler, but no worries!

Although the game was not complete, but the ending was clever and hilarious XD

It's a nice game! Liked the simple art :) If you could add some kind of objective to selling chickens, it would add a further challenge to the game, but overall a good effort!!

A Great game! The game looks polished and is extremely fun to play! The level design is intelligent and the mechanics of different characters are superb. The pixel art looks extremely neat.

Enjoyed playing it!

A pretty good game man! The mechanics of the game are great and the art looks good! The level design is clever!

And its your first game, just like me :) Overall a great job.

A pretty clever use of wordplay on the limitation and incorporating it into your game! The game is fun to play and the art looks good!

Just a little suggestion. Maybe you can keep a timer on repairing each car and as our score increases, the timer decreases upto a limit.

A superb game! The music is great, and the look of the game is minimalist but great at the same time.

The puzzles were challenging and  I had a great time solving them!

Thanks for playing man!

Love the game's look and mechanics!

Unfortunately I stumbled onto a bug where even after it showed Game Over, we could still keep fighting, but still a fun and enjoyable game with sweet mechanics!

The game is awesome! Love the art style of the game and dig the menu!

Although if the bees were a little faster, it would pace the game up a little, but nothing major!

Overall a great and polished entry!

Thanks for playing KaaSnake! That's a really good suggestion!

An awesome retro-styled game. The movement is extremely fast , making the game harder, but at the same time smooth.

Thanks man! Appreciate the suggestions! Had thought about adding the controls to just manipulate the horizontal movement but being my first jam left the control scheme to the simple-old WASD :)

Great game! Feels extremely clean and is enjoyable

Great game! The art style and the movement are extremely smooth