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Puzzle platformer where you HAVE to die. Sounds easy enough. Level editor included.
Submitted by ooeebb (@PKTINOS) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#44.0004.000

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Software used
Gamemaker Studio 2

Cookies eaten
I didn't have any :(

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A fantastic game! The art style is simple and pleasing! The levels are really clever! Music is awesome! On top of all this, a level editor, and that too in such a short span of time :O


It's suicide salesman!  Aesthetic is great! Really digging the style. Puzzles are cool too. Overall super solid entry, definitely one of the best. Great job!


Quite a fun game. I didn't expect so many unique levels. You really explored the dying mechanic here.

After some time the fact that everything is vibrating started to be a little distracting though. And why am I not dying when I'm jumping off the screen? :P

Overall I liked your game. Level design is definitely the strongest aspect.


Besides what I wrote I tried to make some videotest including your game. It's my first attempt to making videos, but I really liked it when someone on another jam did this, so I'm trying to give this favor back. Have fun ;)


Wow thank you I love that <3


Some actually tricky puzzle levels in the main game! I love the scribbles graphical style and the chill music to boot. Even if the story makes it a little dark, ahah 

And an editor added in too? Absolutely great entry! 


Not bad. The thumbnail picture really caught my eye and so that's why I chose to play it. Could not for the life of me figure out level 5.


Try pushing the 1st box then pressing the button once to push the 2nd box away from the green block and then pushing the button again to try to stack the two boxes. Looking back at it I should've made this game easier lol


What a fun idea! It never crossed my mind to make the GOAL of the game to die haha. The puzzles are also quite clever and have fun mechanics but I think u suffered from the same issue our team faced in that the difficulty level fluctuates rather than gradually increases. Tweaking the order of the levels or adding some easier buffers should fix that issue in the future! Overall a really solid piece of work well done!


Really cool game, I like everything about it, the music, the art, the use of the limitation.
It is hard to give any criticism at all, but maybe the difficulty is a bit too hard, for a jam game...or I'm not good enough ;)

Developer (1 edit)

If anyone wants to try the level editor, here's a quick level I made so you can get familiar with it:


Hover your mouse over the panel located at the bottom of the editor to see the "L" and "P" buttons.
Hit the "L" button in the level editor and paste this code in to load it, hit the "P" button to play.
If you make anything, get the code by hitting the "S" button and share it here :)


I love the art, the concept, the presentation, everything! This is the best game of this Jam so far good job!!!
Maybe the only thing that annoyed me a bit was the sound but other than that the game is great!!


Thanks 😂 I added a mute button on the top right corner because it was getting annoying to my ears as well.