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Thank you! I never considered this project to become a full game, but it could be interesting. Also, I can see why you like the limited palette XD (referring to your game)

I love how walking in front of the var gives you a death screen!! I love when devs add little details like that!!

Very fun game! I love how it was randomly generated!
I found the knife throw to be a bit too powerful

Thank you, it really means a lot!!!

Very fun mechanics, makes me think of Celeste because of the dash

Thank you for the input, I appreciate it!!

Thank you!! And for the enemy thing.. I hope it at least looked funny

The boss was very creative, really caught me off guard

The cutscenes are beautiful.
I was a bit confused at the beginning because I didn't know you could wall jump.
I really like the Idea!!

Very good art and design
A bug that really affected the gameplay is the fact that the keys to move were a bit strange, I had to press "Q" to go left, "D" to go right, "Z" to jump, etc

Very very creative! I was not expecting that at all.
After you get used to the controls it's actually not that difficult!
Definitely on my top three games, I played so far!

Liked the art! The doors looked like they came from Yoshi's island XD.
If the game was more polished and you added more to it I would actually consider buying it

I love the art and the music!
I tried using a hint but it didn't seem to work

Very fun!

I liked it! Very simple, very clean!
Maybe add a bit of explanation as to what to press to go to the next level. (Press enter after dying for anyone reading this)

Thank You!

Yeah, I saw that too XD. By the time I saw that bug I only had like 3 minutes to upload it

The art is pretty cool, the concept and use of the limitation is great as well.
Just a bit difficult to control

I love the art, the concept, the presentation, everything! This is the best game of this Jam so far good job!!!
Maybe the only thing that annoyed me a bit was the sound but other than that the game is great!!

At the second level, my character doesn't seem to spawn.

The art and concept of the game is genius!!

I am a bit confused as to what I'm supposed to do.

The graphics are incredible good job!!

It was made in GameMaker Studio 2

The title says it all. I am currently drawing a cover image for a game that I want to upload, I want to know in more details how graphic it can be?

In the "Content creator quality guidelines" it says " showing potentially offensive images, flashing colors, loud or annoying noises, or other material that is designed to be obnoxious then we may delist from our browse and search pages."

My game is not THAT gory, and it's certainly not gory to be obnoxious. I just really don't want to upload my game for it to be unlisted without my knowing.