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Thank you for playing <3

I have no idea what I played but I learned one thing. Omelettes are bad. Haha I loved the pixel art style and the sheer detail with the sliding brain caught my attention immediately. Not sure what this is but I am a fan lol

The game was fun but got a little repetitive after a while. It also got to a point where I was getting hit every second due to the sheer amount of enemies. But after realizing my life is linked to the score bonus so I just hit them whilst they hit me haha

Oooh this is so fun! I loved the concept and the design really helped to outline your next steps. A small addition but really helps! I would have loved a small preview of your past self before I moved just to aid in understanding when it's time to avoid - but after a few levels I got the rhythm.

We were toying with the idea of having among us style minigames for the actions you had to complete, but unfortnately we barely had the time to even finish the story let alone all this stuff. We might add it in the future though! Thanks for playing!

Aww damn, just when it was about to get really good! I hope you enjoyed everything you played thus far!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We do plan on developing it further and will take what you say into consideration!

Glad you enjoyed!

They have been added!

Arrow key support  has been added, going to the next level with enter has yet to be added but is next on our list!

The issues have been fixed and you should be able to play without running into any game breaking bugs!

Hey just wanted to let you know AZERTY controls have been added and should be fully functional!

Hey! Just wanted to let you know we fixed the resoltion issues and the game should be perfectly playable! (Apart from some other improvements)

I am left handed myself so maybe thats why I just see WASD as the way to go haha. Never really thought of it that way!

Unity! and all the art was mude using Aseprite

Thank you so much!

First of all I love the sprite set you used. Gameplay wise I see you want with the concept of possession (and killing them to return to your natural form is quite the sadistic twist haha) I quite enjoyed the game especially when it got past the tutorial area and required me to start avoiding and picking out the animal I needed to move on!

Yep, we have it planned to be added in!

Thank you for the feedback! Adding arrow-key support is quite easy so we are quite embarrassed we forgot haha, we plan to add it in after the gamejam ends.

Ahhh thank you! That is so nice to hear!

Yes I have seen this issue! Unfortunately the only way I saw to clear this is to delete cookies and reload the page. We have listed this issue and it will be fixed post jam too!

For music  we either used non copyrighted music that we bought previously and had ready or found non copyright material online during the jam! We hope to learn to make our own music to make this process more personal to us though.

Loved the idea to distort the UI and graphics to make it appear as  if on an old TV, it really helped the atmosphere of the game! It was a bit of a slump trying to find all of the pills when I walked so slow (unless there was a run button lol) but it was quite fun for what it was. Including pills in the dead realm was also cool, did not see that coming and made finding the last 2 pills take extra long :P

Thank you so much!

Im so glad you enjoyed it! Just watched your clip and the first thing I can see is the resolution issue haha, we definitely need to get that fixed. I can't believe you managed to get 3 stars in all the levels I am quite impressed, thanks for playing our game and sharing it on your channel!

Amazing. This game is really clever and super challenging. I played it a while ago and got stuck thinking it was broken, came back and bam the answer hit me straight in the face. These are really well thought out puzzles and I love ur implementation of death as a mechanic. I could see this game winning it all!

That is so strange. This is our first time exporting to Web GL so we encountered quite a few speed bumps. We just wanted everyone to have easier access. Hopefully for our next projects we can sort this out ! Thanks for your feedback!

We are still trying to fix that issue haha! It is quite an annoyance I must agree. I am glad you liked it overall though!

Did you happen to play on browser? We forced the game to open in fullscreen which we thought had fixed the issue. And if you mean a restart button in levels then yes its the R button. If you mean to clear ur save then unfortunately no we did not add that yet :/

What a fun idea! It never crossed my mind to make the GOAL of the game to die haha. The puzzles are also quite clever and have fun mechanics but I think u suffered from the same issue our team faced in that the difficulty level fluctuates rather than gradually increases. Tweaking the order of the levels or adding some easier buffers should fix that issue in the future! Overall a really solid piece of work well done!

Yes! They were all made using Aseprite. I have been using it for years and really love the program!

Our sister title! We had very similar ideas for the death mechanic, yours had more variety to it though! Loved the story you managed to make them both so likeable within seconds. A very strong submission!

This game had the most cleverest use of death as a mechanic that I have seen so far! A bit unfortunate that it was quite laggy on my device which took away from the experience but despite that the concept, art implementation and game mechanics were really creative! Well done!

Gave my review!

This game reminds me of Kingdoms two crowns!  Good game and I liked that you even added a leaderboard to increase competition. A small bug was that I wasn't able to play again when I pressed the button, I had to refresh the page.

This is my favorite game visually hands down! I love the art so much! Gameplay wise I had issues making it through as my crowbar kept getting stuck spinning the same spot leaving me without a weapon. Still a very pretty submission.

This game reminds me of Luigis Mansion as well as Among us (in the visuals). Unsure how the death is a mechanic comes into play as I was unable to suck up my dead bodies? Either way it was fun walking around trying to find the keys and killing all the rovers moving around!

This game is quite interesting. Unfortunately I was unable to make it passed the Castle Moat as I either kept dying due to being stupid haha or it glitched and messed up my controls. I liked the concept of the ghost and living being able to do different things and adding a time to the ghost was smart! I feel this stuff needed to be explained further possibly in a tutorial as I barely understood the sign and found myself dying a lot just from confusion.

Fun little game. I am not sure how the death must be a mechanic limitation was implemented imo but the game experience was enjoyable and really well presented! Maybe every 10 points the portal could move on the screen? I found I was able to predict when they would spawn and just spawn kill them quite often which made the game a tad easy.

Oh wow, that makes me really happy to hear T^T. THANK YOU!