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The King's Knight AdventureView game page

Submitted by Fax37 — 2 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#173.5003.500

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Construct 3

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I really liked the art and the story that you constructed for this game. It was really cool! I feel that it wasn't very clear how to carry out the mechanic of becoming a ghost, but I managed to figure it out. That ending when you followed the princess was unexpected. Really cool game. I streamed it on my twitch, in case you want to watch it. 


Yeah thanks a lot for the message and for stream my game.
And if you choose the king ? May the princess will die cause of monsters (cause you don't save her).
In my opinion, there is no good end to this game ^^.
It's nice to see a player react in "real time" to my mechanics and i found a lot of things to improve because of your experience. Thanks.


Ahhh, thanks to your hint I was finally able to beat it - wasn't actually that hard, I blame it on the late time of day :D But at the time I figured the hint from the princess out, I almost brute forced the solution by hitting shield-vases at random ^^ Played the other route too, the ending was kind of tragic.

I encountered two minor bugs: One time, I fell into a hole that kept sucking me in after respawning. The other time, I respawned with my blue, physical body in the mystic garden near the princess and thus had no way of coming back. No idea how I managed that though :D

Apart from that a really nice small game.


Strange second bug. The respawn is just a save state. Anyway im glad you finish the two ends.


I really liked the graphics, cool idea and mechanics.

I still have a bug that I started walking through the walls.


wtf XD. I have check all walls. You are really a ghost maybe to go  here ^^. Hope it dont spoil your experience.  Thank you for the feedback.


Nice Idea but a bit of a too big scope for a jam game, wasn't it?

If I should give one advice for the next time, limit your features more (or team up wth someone), to have some extra time for the look and feel part of the game. There are some details here and there, where I am pretty sure they would have looked different if you had a day or two more ;)


Thanks for your feedback and advices ;).


Very cute Art and story! It was fun to play. I wast expecting the seppuku of that little guy so I was 0.0 but, it fits very well the limitation. Also that Romeo and Juliet vibes from the princess ending. I only didn´t get why the princes was in the garden in the kings route. 

Really emjoyed this one and would be nice to have more levels


The princess is actually dead on this side. You can see that only the ghost can see her. She was dead because of the knight's choice ;) -> killed by monsters. 

Thanks for message.


Well that actually make sense 


This game is quite interesting. Unfortunately I was unable to make it passed the Castle Moat as I either kept dying due to being stupid haha or it glitched and messed up my controls. I liked the concept of the ghost and living being able to do different things and adding a time to the ghost was smart! I feel this stuff needed to be explained further possibly in a tutorial as I barely understood the sign and found myself dying a lot just from confusion.


Damned this is sad. There is a button to press on the left side at moat.