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Balancing is something important to check upon. Meanwhile noted the fuel concern. Initially the plan was to be able to upgrade the ship but we kinda run out of time 😅

Godot bested us this time so it was the ol reliable Unity.

Time was really one resource that would help a lot and most likely after the Jam a lot more can be added to the world generation and balancing. Thank you for playing ☺️

fun plataformer

Is the pet a mushroom?

Pretty nice game!

Cute Art.

Interesting way to use the path finding with the parrot


Pretty cool actually

LeaderBoard 👀

Cute cat, I love cats 💕 just the Game Over sound Is a bit too loud 😥

Sorry I can’t rate if there isn’t a game 🙁

My team thought the submission was at 0:00 am of out time currently is 23:13 could we have a few minutes to post what we made.

Thank you for playing :D

I´m glad you enjoyed it :3

Interesting combat thank you for the Gif in the desription it did help.

Yikes (O - O) well defenitly not a planned feature. I´ll chek it out once the Jam End

Thank you For playing :3 and for your feed back!

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My only obsevation is that enemies could be a bit harder other than that great implementation


That can happen due to the type of compression in the publishing setting I suggest disabling it tho if the game is to big might get a bit on the heavy side. Or you could try a different type of compression. This is has happened to me on the 2020 Unity versions of you have a backup you could also try changing the version if that is your caso tho the compression method has worked for me. Good luck!

Clever Gameplay! Only if I may how did you make the enemy view system? it cought my eye and would love to know your implementation.

Can always appreciate a well made grid even more an hexagonal one. Good luck!

Thank you for playing :D ! The towers represent different Aztec Gods

We are two pogrammers and one artist

DM here or over discord if you would like to join the team.

DISCORD: FoundTexas#2541

The you won Screen with arial got me

POV: first click gets a 5 O.O

Interestin plataformer at first it was very dificult to control the fast af dude but once you get the grasp of it, the game was actually fun. Would love more levels in the future adding this one to my collection

Reference for the art should be in the description now

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It was made in around 4 or 5 hours 😅 tho I’m glad it ended up well. Normally I would do the art and get some custom music but it was like Meh just free assets

Cool concept :D

Freaking Cool Graphics Dude I love neon and 80s Syth wave aesthetics.

Dude how do you do the 5 O.O ?

Fun arcade shooter wish it was longer but, I understand Time was a bit tight. other than that you have pollished gameplay and nice look and feel tho, more juice can always be added to add more impact to the shoots.

Great Job!

Very interesting concept and take on the rythm genre!! it has a lot of potential so I encourage you to expand it. Very clean and good look and feel. I´m just curious how you did the notes was it charted?

Interesting Gid Movement

Yep, kind of rushed a bit the Art ant I’m not gonna lie is the default Font 😅 I focused a bit more on the mechanic but it is a good observation a. Beautiful Font could help to the feel and look.

Thank you again for playing and leaving Feed back it does help

Thank you for playing!

Yep about the movement there are somethings that could be a bit smoother but nothing that a bit of more testing and trial and error can’t fix

About the Chance, The game goes with the definition of the different probabilities or chances that happens every time you do an action. In this case the player has the power to merge past/parallel decisions to help another version of you. Like if you could chose between do homework or walk your dog so you have de power of do both in different realities and merge them so in one reality both happens.

In short is the multiverse of probabilities the chances you get instead of RNG generated.

Sorry for the long paragraph btw 😅