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Great entry.

I think bow's direction is not well represented but, after few seconds, it's ok.

Well realized.

At level2 i throw all bodies on the end icon, and had to relaunch with F5.

Great entry.

What a nice idea.

Well realized. The aesthetics is good and i want more !

Good job.

Congratulations for your game.

I can't go after level 7 (too hard) but the concept is really nice. I think you can create various way to end the level, not a single one path.

Great job.

First, congratulations to the entire team. 

I got stucked in a wall when 2 animals pop...but...i'm a ghost anyway !

I can't use SPACE for jump as mentionned.

I love the chara design and the entire atmosphere.

Great work.

Congratulations for your entry.

I like the way i can move the characters (really easy).

You just have to catch good dreams (blue feathers) and dodge nightmares (red swords). Each sword you catch make your character feels worst, each feather make your character feels better. The more swords you catch, the more the big bad black nightmare come close to your character.

Happy you love my graphics ^^.

Thanks for the message.

I add some random values in the movments of objects in order to diversify the level. Moreover, the difficulty steps change the value of the bonus and malus. I'm agree with the fact that the gameplay is very simple, but i only got 36h for this jam and prefer to polish the other parts than add some gameplay.

Very nice entry for this jam. Congretulations.

I may miss some things but, i don't understand how you interpret the theme "sleep".

Anyway, very nice work.

You can see feathers and swords fly in the intro scene -> First clue.
 After that, during the transition scene, you see the dreamcatcher catching the blue feather and dodge the red sword (plus, i put a thumb up blue on top of the feather and a thumb down red on top of sword). -> Second clue.
Always in the transition scene, you can see the feather go on top of nightmare (wich is represents by a big bad black shadow) and make it fade out. -> Third clue.
Anyway i suppose you play and understand by yourself how the game is winnable, even if you miss the clue i create ;).

Thanks a lot for the test and for the message.

Thanks a lot for your message.

I try my best in all of my game with the current constraints such as time or in this context, the "no text".

For me a game is an addition of few things and i am proud to see you actually see them in my game.

...And thanks ^^.

Thanks !

Thanks for the message.

I work a lot on the "understability" of the game ^^.

Too much cute for a game jam.

Really good entry. Congratulations.

Thanks a lot.
The colors are similar with Loom...maybe ^^.

Good aesthetics.

Some problems with jump behaviour but it's fun game.

The clock is just displaying an information. You are the one who set the time at the start of the level. In this way, you know how much time you have to fight against nightmare. May i should have play around some luminosity in order to warn player when sun is rising up ;).
Thanks a lot for the feedback anyway it always usefull for next games.

Merci du retour. Content que ça t'ai plu.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the feedback.

To be clear, it's a ooooold clock. In the past, on this kind of clock, this little needle (the blue one) is use to set the alarm. Actually, by setting the alarm far in the time, you increase the difficulty. I also change the bonus and malus with this difficulty needle ;).

There is i think a little collision bug with the wardrobe.

It's very difficult to clean up the room before sleep ^^.

Good entry but it would be nice if you don't finish by some text ;).

Really good entry.
I love the aesthatics of your game. And i love this character.


Great entry.

Same reflexion. When ennemies are spawed at the right, player have to be in le left side. Half or your screen is just useless. With this adjustement, it would be easier to dodge wrong things and keep good things. Anyway the aesthetics is really good.

Good entry. Nice world.

Some points : 

- I don't know if some elements are good or not (i actually kill all things).

- I don't know if i "win" or "loose".

- Some stars stay at position, no parallaxe. The result is that your scene is unreadable.

Again good work.

I encounter the same bug (sound but my line stay at position). 

Otherwise this is a good entry.

Beautiful game.

The world you create is so cool.

Nice interpretation of the theme.

I encounter a bug (i suppose). Was out of energy, but can still up and down my character.

There is actually no text but i don't understand who i am and why i'm supposed to kill those cubes ^^.

Deplacments are smooth and music is nice.

I regret that i don't really see the ennemies bullets.

Meh !!!

Why do you put "TE" at the end ? The constraint was "no text" at all.

Anyway good interpretation of the theme.

Do not understand at all the aim of your game.

The sound tell me that it is a Pillow Fight but i don't really understand how to hit or def myself.

Anyway th e colorfull palette is sweety.

Nice job.


Nice work on your game.

Some points i see for improve it : 

- Add bounds on your character in order to don't go out of screen.

- I don't understand what the "can" is suppose to be ? (the object to reach in order to pass level).

- The character's physic is strange. I think i was on the moon at moment ^^.

Nice entry for this jam.

Some points :
- The size of pixels is different between items and character -> items looks like strange.

- There is unfortunately no music.

- A simple icon in the top of old character was usefull to show that it need resources (actually i try to just go out of screen at bottom in order to travel resources.

- Add some bound in your scene in order to not go outside it.

L'élément caché se trouve sur l'écran titre, avant de lancer la partie.

Si tu ne trouves pas je t'enverrais la réponse en message privé.

Indice : Il s'agit d'un "cheat" code.

(1 edit)

Arf désolé pour ça. En principe ce genre de bug était devenue assez rare. Félicitations d'en avoir trouvé un dernier ^^.
Merci du commentaire en tout cas. Et à bientôt pour un futur jeu ;).

Merci à vous d'avoir joué le jeu en montant sur scène pour tenter de battre votre record de speedrun.
La partie en 2v2 sur scène était vraiment épique c'était très fun.

Belle rencontre très positive et constructive. Duo de choc qui connait désormais certainement mieux le jeu que moi-même ^^.

Je suis du même avis. Il ne manque pas grand chose pour que le jeu soit très bien.
Ajouter les collisions aux astéroides et les détruire dès qu'un missile touche et c'est déjà cool.
Bien joué.

Très bien trouvé comme idée. Je suis jaloux ^^.

Félicitations à vous. Le rendu graphique est super. Les sons en accord avec l'animation du jeu...bien joué.