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L'idée de base est de moi mais c'est un travail collaboratif pour les idées de gameplay supplémentaires

Merci ^^.

C'était un plaisir de te rencontrer également et d'avoir pu tester ton jeu.

Tu pensais à quel genre de feedbacks ?

Dans sa version web, le jeu à tendance à faire exploser les pc oui ^^.
Mais une fois tout les maïs éclatés, tout revient à la normal ;).

Merci !!!

Le jeu à été prévu pour être joué en natif (donc télécharger le jeu pour y jouer plutôt qu'utiliser la version web)

La version n'est là que pour donner un aperçu du jeu en quelque sorte.

Really nice asset pack.
There is all i need for realize a beautiful game.

Thanks a lot to give this to community.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot. That's my goal to make a chill game.

At start i would create a black and white game but, with the apparition of the second life line, it become ovious to put colors.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I try to make some poetic game. Hope you felt it.

I like the end of the game.

Great entry.


It looks like you got inspired by Omno.

Great atmosphere.

As all of us, i don't have the time to add some features like sounds when you miss a character.

Strange you found movement feel weird. That's a classic behaviour, but hey, i note this for future jam.

Thank you for the test.


Good to read this ^^.

Yeah i'm tried to jam every time i can.

Thanks for the comment.

Damn we got the same idea ^^ !

Good entry for this jam, congratulations.

Le jeu est tout simplement une réussite.
C'est drôle, on apprends des choses (un peu), la DA, les musiques, les petits clins d'oeil à notre état mental que nous fait subir cette "pression".
J'ai passé un excellent moment.


La vidéo est exceptionnelle XD.

Une superbe expérience. Félicitations.

117 !

What a nice entry for a 3h jam. 4 differents gameplay and well realized.

Same problems as already noticed -> lag issue.

Good job anyway.

Great entry. Good job.

Merci ^^.

Yes it is designed for that...few try before win the game.
Thanks for the test and the feedback.

Thanks for test the game. Glad you love it.

Really good entry.

The aesthetics are so cool.


I think the goal and the way to go to this goal aren't clear in the game, even with the tutorial.

Looks like castle life never be impacted by any move i did. But i think the idea behind this is rellay good (such as create minions with minions parts).

Yeah i would to make each colour have his own mechanics.
That's why, green need hold when red is one hit action.

Thank you for test and for your feedback.

Thank you for testing it.

Glad you enjoy it.

Thanks a lot for the comment.
I would like to implement some feature like -> move modules even if they are already placed. But i'm alone for doing all things (even graphics).

Thanks for the test.
I may make the mechanics easier to learn yeah.

In the central HUB there is two doors. The first one is gray, the second one is blue.
Ok, just escape XD. I try to battle versus these bad boys !
Mais just an arrow do the job right here.

Very neat concept.

Aesthetics are awesome. Really great game.

It would be nice to have a visual of what card is stronger than other during the game (like in the carpet).

Anyway good job.

Good job for this entry.

It would be nice if the robot dont' jump as high !

But the combination mechanic is good (even with the colors of robots ;) )

Félicitations à la team !

J'ai un peu mal au crâne mais le concept est super bien trouvé. Niveau du level design ça a du être sympa.

Great aesthetics and feelings.

May it is very great to play it as 4  players.

Very good game anyway.

Great entry and nice idea.

Beautiful graphics.

I don't know how to attack or escape from ennemies. And the gray door don't work at all. But this is a good entry and cool idea.