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Love the idea of a possessed HUD. Gets really difficult suddenly, though.


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Well done. The art looks really good. The animations could have been better, though. This could have been a good game. But currently, it's too buggy and the controls are not good. The character gets transported randomly as soon as I shoot. I don't think that is a design choice. Even if it is, I'm sure that's not how you imagined it to be.

 It certainly looks good. I wanted to play it as soon as I saw the screenshots. Reminds me of old arcade games. The concept is nice but the implementation is poor. I would like it if it is improved with updates.

Good game. The design of the flower and the bees and spiders is nice. Really love the sound effect when powerup is used. That's a really cool sound effect. 

I had some issues, though. I found the hitboxes to be a bit clunky. Sometimes I would get hit even when the bee seemed not to be touching me. Also, sometimes the enemies spawned almost along the whole width so there was nowhere to go to avoid them. So you should work on enemy placement and spawning. The background could have been better. The clouds seem too big. 

Well done.

For a game technically about reproduction and plant sex, your game doesn't look unsuitable for kids. Haha. Oh, and your life powerup looks like a dragon ball.

It's a nice game. I like the design of the cockroach. The FOV could have been more. At this point it doesn't feel right because it's a PC game. If it was a mobile game or had a portrait screen then it would have been better. The overall game feel is a little bland. It could be improved by adding some effects like camera shake or some particle effects or animations. 

Good work. 

Really like the concept and your choice to make it from a first person perspective. Nice use of the controls. I do have some issue with the hit system. I lost my health even when I'm blocking but the enemy doesn't and almost all the time I got the game over screen while the enemy was standing still. I think you transition to the game over screen even before the enemy has hit the final punch. Also, sometimes I had more than half the health and suddenly in one hit, I got the game over screen. I didn't find the HP lost on getting hit to be consistent. It felt unfair. 

But for a game made in just two days, well done.

This game reminded me of Contra for some obvious reasons. I felt that there could have been a background story attached to this. It would have made the game more interesting. Like I did't even know what I was playing as. What is it? A dog, a pig, just a square with legs, eyes. Is it the character from doodle jump? Why are all the enemies I encounter so different from each other? One is a blob, one is a kind of ghost, one is wasp, and the boss is a turret or a machine that shoots me. To be honest, I have only played the first level so I don't know if all of this is explained further in the game. But if your first level itself doesn't make sense then the players wouldn't invest in the game. That's just my opinion. 

The use of two button controls is good. Though, I didn't quite like the jump in your game. I think for any platformer game, the first thing it definitely has to perfect is the jump and it didn't feel good enough in your game. It felt like the character didn't have any weight attached to it. The shooting was also a bit clunky because of the control limitations. It was hard to shoot at the desired direction many a times. And why was it there? Just to fight the boss? Because I don't think we have to shoot the other enemies. We can just dodge and move. We don't get any reward for shooting any of them. Nor does it have much use because the small enemies are not one-shot kills like in Mario. I think this could have been a much better game if shooting mechanic was avoided and more focus was put on the jumping mechanic. 

Don't take this comment as a negative one. I didn't hate your game. I just felt like you couldn't focus on what you wanted to make and ended up adding unnecessary things in it. I can understand, I really do. There is a really good game hidden in this. I would love to see it come out if you make any future updates.

I loved this game. I really liked the mirror effect concept. Very intuitive use of the two button controls. You made the limitation your feature. The design and art also look very charming. The game was too short though but I guess that was just because of the time limitation. It's short. It took me less than five minutes to complete the whole game but it really made me feel like wanting more. I also loved the animations and the effects like when each level ends.

One negative point I have is that all the levels feel very similar. Some diversity could have been added to the levels. Maybe more kind of obstacles. Or like change the terrain or just make it night. Just so one could remember each level differently. Like my game has just five levels and the look of the first three levels is same but I added different kinds of obstacles in each level just to make the player feel like he's playing a new unique level. Otherwise there is a lack of sense of progress.

Also I don't think you have added a transition back from the 'The End' screen. The game just stuck there. Maybe you forgot to do that but you should take transition the scene back to the Title Screen after a few seconds or on pressing a button.

Overall, I really liked the game and would love to see this expanded upon.

I really love the retro aesthetic and the whole look and feel of the game. The white on dark background gives it kind of a gothic look. And also the use of sound. It's awesome, especially on the title screen. I just wish controlling the bat could have been made more fun. I cannot pinpoint on what is lacking but the overall experience isn't enough to make me want to play more. 

Also, I encountered a crash. Here's the screenshot of the Code Error:

I love the concept of a musical fighting game. Also your player character has to be the most badass looking character of all the jam entries. He looks so cool. And your title screen looks so damn awesome. The fact that your title itself can be played around with with the mouse makes it really stand out.  

Talking about the gameplay, it is kind of slow for my taste. I can't complain because you intended it to be as it is. But I think it could have been improved. And I found the timing to deflect attacks to be too precise. Also more game juice could have been added here to improve the game feel. The spellings and grammar are wrong at many places and I don't think it was intentional in a funny way. I know that's not part of the gameplay but it is part of the game and it bothers me.  But I suppose English isn't your first language. It is not my first language as well so I can understand. 

And by the way, you are using mouse position in your menus and also to exit the game. Shouldn't that count as more than two controls. I'm not sure. I guess the judges will decide. But in my frank opinion, it disqualifies you. 

Good game. Could have been better I think, maybe if you had more time. 

Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it enough to play until the third level. I know it's too hard right now. To be honest, it wasn't intentional. I just didn't get much time to playtest before submission. I will update the game after the judging period ends.

About them looking at each other, there is this one video of a conference about the Game Juice at GDC. You should watch this if you haven't. They give some really good points about game feel and game juice. In one point they say that adding eyes to even a block can add so much character. I just followed their advice. And it really worked. Part of it was also because I am really bad at game art. So I couldn't design the characters.

Actually I wanted didn't made the hearts triggers because I wanted them to be felt like they have some weight and are a solid object and not just something you can touch and collect in passing. But I agree that at this point, the game is too challenging. I will update the game after the judging period for the jam ends. 

Well, I don't have much knowledge about music but when I heard the song Lights Out, it just felt like evoking an emotion of a searching or longing in a modern world. But it's of course subjective. What I felt may be completely different from what you felt. But thanks for playing and the feedback.

Thank you for playing. Glad you liked the game GRG. 

As soon as the judging period ends I'm going to update the game and make the levels longer but easier. At least the introductory levels. Till then, I guess it's a romantic Dark Souls.

Oh I think I didn't collect any zeroes. I was collecting randomly just to see if and when do I get a game over screen. 

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Love the artstyle and simple platforming mechanics. Reminds me of The Lion King game. Also the game feel is quite nice and the animations really work well. The frog actually jumps with his hind legs. But I am stuck at the starting position. How am I supposed to jump over the big gap after eating the grasshopper? Am I missing something here?

Edit: Ok. So I missed the instructions on your page that clearly tell what to do. My bad. After knowing that..... this game is good..!! I really like the use of different abilities to progress. I loved the caterpillar's ability to stick to the bottom of platforms. You guys really put in some thought behind this game. Nice! I haven't played much yet though but I really like it so far.

Edit 2: Ok. So I completed the game. The only negative thing I can think of is that it's a really short game which is not that much of a negative point considering it was made probably in just a week. I hope you guys expand this. Would love to play more. Maybe add some death traps like spikes or something and you have to collect an armadillo's tough shell ability to go through them. Or to roll. I can think of so many things. 

I love the art style and the cute little animations. I think the cues could be louder and more identifiable though. At this point, they get mixed with the background music. And I feel they shouldn't be this frequent from the start. All this is just me saying, I suck at your game. But I don't know. I think it can be improved because me lagging behind the cues because of them coming so fast sometimes made me feel that the game is not responsive enough.

Interesting concept. But I think it could have been implemented better. I like the underwater look. It actually looks like it. But at times I didn't understand which number would change if I collected a new number. You can make that clearer. And once I go beyond the number that I have to reach. Like I had to make 2= and I collected other things and reached 125.5. Now how would I reach back to 2? You should look into it. Maybe a reset collectible. Also there could be other fish that eat up the numbers before you can collect them. 

Oh, and the game should be called something like - Professor Fish.

I like it. The look and feel kinda reminds me of old games like Star Fox. But I have some suggestions. You could have put a starfield with particle effects that move backwards. That would make the ship seem like moving forward. And the shield should have an effect to show it's going off. And also there could be a dash like powerup where you just blast forward with great speed for some time without taking damage. And I don't think the game speeds up as we progress, does it? It should.

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To be honest. I really couldn't understand what am I supposed to do. Maybe you could make it clearer for the player. Like have a tutorial segment with examples. In the end, I just ended up pressing left and right one by one and things were happening in the game but I couldn't understand what. I think it's a really cool concept but at a disadvantage due to the two buttons limitation. You should expand on this.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I am also really happy with what I could make in 6 days.

I have your game downloaded. I am playing all the windows submissions one by one. I'll let you know what I thought about it.

So this is what tennis looked like in medieval times. Makes me realize there could have been a good tennis game made with the two buttons controls. I didn't realize that I can't hit the yellow ball at first so I thought I don't need to dodge ever in the game.  

Yes. You should try to test the game for all screen sizes and aspect ratios. 

Nice game design. Simplistic but efficient. And I also like how you used the 2 button controls for navigation through menu, controls, etc. Could start a little slower and the increase the pace gradually. And I found a bug. My life was 1 and then I took two damage and before the game being over the lives showed -1. You should clamp it so it doesn't go below 0.

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I can't even get past the start point. The controls don't feel right. Holding to gain momentum would have been better than tapping the buttons. And also you should set your HUD canvas to scale with screen size. I started the game in low resolution and the HUD took up one-fourth of the screen. And the score text and the three monkey lives left sprites overlapped.

Thanks. The hinge joints were a bitch to get right. If I increased the number of velocity and position iterations then the mechanics would run accurately but the performance of the game dropped drastically. And if I kept the iterations to minimum then the chain broke off on increasing momentum. I had to spend a lot of time testing to find just the right amount of iterations.

I have downloaded your game. Will play it soon and share my thoughts.

Hey fellow devs, maker of the other Hooked here. I really liked your game. Love the art and the feel of the game and the simple control scheme of just pressing space to grapple and releasing it to releasing the grapple. One thing that bugged me was that, though I understand this is a score based game, but it would have been better to have the character grapple to reach somewhere or maybe collect some thing. Because while playing your game I kept wondering why the hell is the character even grappling around? He could just stand on the platform which is right there to be safe. And many a times the grapple points are spawned off the screen which made me feel I'm not in total control. Maybe you can have the camera follow the character. This way there could also be a goal to move upwards to escape this radioactive chamber. 

I love the clean looking design of the levels and the game art. The platforming is quite easy but very addictive. Smart use of the 2 button controls for a platformer. Overall, a fun game.

Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I understand the momentum mechanics can be really hard to master. I'll try to make the levels easier though in the updates. Actually the first 4 fays of the jam were spent just making prefabs and polishing the mechanics and the enviroment of the game. I made all the levels in just 1 and a half days so I didn't really get much time to play test. In fact I haven't completed even the second level myself. Some of my friends beat the whole game though but even they said that it's really hard. Anyways, I'll try to make it better. Thank you again.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. You are right. It can be quite difficult because of the momentum mechanics. I think of it as a game mechanic that's easy to understand but hard to master. 

I'll try to make the levels a bit easier if I make any future updates.

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I don't understand what do we have to do exactly. I moved forward, saw the bad guy, something happened then the level restarted and this time with a bug: everything became super slow.

Also the game crashed a few times.

I would really appreciate it if you could check out my submission and give honest feedback.

Love the game and the overall design. Hate my driving. 

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Loved this game. Very enjoyable. Nice design. Responsive controls. If this were on mobile with bluetooth or wifi multiplayer, it could be the kind of game students play hiding their phones under the desk in class. 

I would really appreciate it if you could check out my submission and give honest feedback.

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Nice game. The design and concept work together very well. I really liked the simple yet effective animations. Felt like SSB meets Adventure Island.  

I would really appreciate it if you could check out my submission and give honest feedback.

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The level design looks cool but it may cause problems for epileptic people. I'm not sure. Felt like it. 

Holding the button to make the cube move continuously in the particular direction can be added. And I know the game gets faster as you progress but it starts too slow.

I would really appreciate it if you could check out my submission and give honest feedback.

This is my first game here. I developed it in 6 days for the 8 Bits to Infinity-Two Button Jam.

It's a platformer in which you guide a couple of lovers through various challenges to find love. 

It has just two button controls and the mechanic is easy to understand but hard to master.

Try it. Let me know if you like it. Or don't like it. Just give honest feedback. Thank you.