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Attack and reflect at time! Boss rush game!
Submitted by David Lopez Espada
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Which song(s) did you choose for the theme and how did you incorporate it/them?
Lights out, Running and 2bottons.

Which parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED?
Just set up some sprites on the game engine

Which parts of the game did you NOT create?
The most of the 2d sprites, I'm not good at art hehe

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Nice job. Took me a bit to get how to dodge. I made it to what I think is the final boss (no spoiler) with the piano and had to stop. I was never able to do any damage to him. He fired a consistent string of notes that didn't seem to end. I was able to block/take damage until he shot 35 notes in a row and at no point could I do any damage. After several more tries with the same results I had to call it. If that's intended, I'd say it is way too hard if you need to dodge over 30 shots in a row before you can hurt him. If it's not then, hope that helps as an issue I experienced. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing it! About the boss you're right, we have had to do it more balanced and more visual feedback for the player.


I love the concept of a musical fighting game. Also your player character has to be the most badass looking character of all the jam entries. He looks so cool. And your title screen looks so damn awesome. The fact that your title itself can be played around with with the mouse makes it really stand out.  

Talking about the gameplay, it is kind of slow for my taste. I can't complain because you intended it to be as it is. But I think it could have been improved. And I found the timing to deflect attacks to be too precise. Also more game juice could have been added here to improve the game feel. The spellings and grammar are wrong at many places and I don't think it was intentional in a funny way. I know that's not part of the gameplay but it is part of the game and it bothers me.  But I suppose English isn't your first language. It is not my first language as well so I can understand. 

And by the way, you are using mouse position in your menus and also to exit the game. Shouldn't that count as more than two controls. I'm not sure. I guess the judges will decide. But in my frank opinion, it disqualifies you. 

Good game. Could have been better I think, maybe if you had more time. 


Thanks for playing and for the review, I really appreciate it!  And sorry for the grammar mistakes, as you said it's not my first language and we added the narrative at the end and we didn't have so much time. About the mouse position if it's only on the menu I don't think they'll disqualify me, I didn't realized and maybe you're right but if it's only for the menu I hope they don't disqualify me :c.


Was a bit difficult to get the block timming down, but I liked the overall concept and iteration. The art was cool!


Thanks for playing!!


I like how music is Incorporated as your weapon!

Also especially liked the sprite animation for the  boss.