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BreakOut SheepView game page

Tap the sheep to start
Submitted by greenbluebit — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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  • dat music doooooooo... ITS GOOD 

  • Black sheep are rare... toooooo rare.

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Don't get me wrong, but helps to fall asleep. I mean that in a fun way.


so fun to play! i liked the music and the third sheep ( i named him popo ). i almost played until level 11.



A friend got the high score of 28, my biggest was 16, glad you enjoyed it :D


I was thinking about how I would be able to play this forever by just clicking right in front of the fence... 5 seconds later I lost. Anyways I also like the blocky graphics better.


That's because the white sheep have a slight difference in velocity and the black ones have a larger one :D

But yes, I totally need to play around with the difficulty and have different types of sheep there.


I prefered the block graphics! not that the pixel art ain't great, but the other had a strange charm to it that really suited the minimalistic gamepaly.

Also, the "press any key" makes me instinctively switch to keyboard for the sheeps, even if I well know it's mouse-based. :T  Speaking of which, it could have been nice to have more variety in the sheer height on the screen, so that you can't merely keep the mouse at the sae place all the time (or maybe I haven't got far enough in the game)

good job!

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Totally agreed on feedback

Developer (1 edit)


Thanks for taking the time to try the game and give notes :D. Totally agreed, we need more diversity on sheep, I'll add once I have time, changes to the mass and speed and hopefully we'll have different visuals as well.

I also agree that the intro screen is probably a bit confusing, I found myself doing the exact same thing :).

If I get the chance, I'll also add a switch to change between artstyles.


Love the simplicity of the game. Nice job!



Thanks a lot! I was hoping people would like a very simple idea :D


Lovely graphics and soft gameplay. Must be great for people trying to sleep. :)


:D electric sheep are the best dreams to have


The best! I'm torn between these beautiful graphics and the atari-blocks version you posted on the discord site.

should have a switch to be both :D


Thanks :D The new pixel art is amazing, but yeah the atari-block style was also fun :D I might actually try to mix em up somehow, will see after the jam :)


My thanks to LienPixels  for great art :D

It's been a pleasure to give to life to your game idea. 


I like the fact that is simple to understand but actually pretty hard to play. :)


wow actually really fun!!!


Thanks :D