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Space prison breakView game page

for Mini game jam may 2018
Submitted by TDMxross — 11 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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  • Pretty good. I like the general gameplay, and bosses! Would love to see a version were you can work on it more than a few days.

Team Members
one person. ( me )

What did you use to program this game
Game editor

How many cookies did you eat
i don't have any cookies to eat ;_;

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Good use of colors. Speed of it at first felt too slow, but playing it made me realise, with 128 pixel limitation faster movement would've made it frustrating. I'd say good design choice, taking rules of the jam in mind.

Developer (1 edit)

thank you for playing! Thank you for your opinion too!! I hope you'd like to take a look at the sequel I'm making.


Hey guys! i made a page for the sequel of this game. check it out and let me know your suggestions and opinions.

here is the link to that page.

your suggestions are very valuable for me.


I've uploaded a demo! please check it out.  :)


Can't wait for the "sequel" :)

To improve, I'd put an outline on the text to make it easier to read, and maybe I'd speed up the ship, or at least put a little more inertia.


Thank you so much for your opinion bololobo!


i need some help for the story of the sequel. can you help me bololobo? :)

Developer (1 edit)


Space prison break
Artwork by TDMxross
I'm working on a sequel for this game. hope you guys like to play it!
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Argh! I got to the second boss and ran out of fuel! 
I'm curious how you spawned the obstacles. Are they random or did you build out the level?


Thank you so much for playing the game! i manually placed the asteroid thingies, but the blue enemy ships spawn randomly.


Cool game and nice way to work with the 4 colors. Great job.
Didn't realize I could shoot the lasers until I was in Battle Mode. It's a nice detail. Of course, looking at the instructions clearly stated that. :)

Ending the game was cool but... how do I restart?
The Fuel value goes outside the screen when it has decimal places (ex:89.3)


Thank you so much for playing! the fuel meter was made in hurry that's why it works in kinda weird way :p . i'll make a sequel to this game soon in future,  i guess it'll be more polished.


It's fun, only thing is that it forces fullscreen.

That wreaks havoc on my two monitors.


I've uploaded a window mode version for you! try it out! 


i played this game... it was fun... why am i so slow??? interesting concept and great use of 4 colors


Thank you so much for playing! if you want faster game play, let me know. i'll try to make more levels with faster game play (new graphics too).