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Done... But... you have to find it. :smirk:

(as far as royalty free... if you end up using it anywhere just make sure I get acknowledgement. It's currently under Creative Commons)

The standard Ludum Dare Compo is 48 hours. The Ludum Dare Jam is 72 hours. The Ludum Dare Relaxed is two weeks. I spent one or two weeks on it

I didn't know if it was okay to post it... If not I'll delete it. If I save the game and refreshed the window, the cost for the click upgrade would reset. So, once it was I was getting millions per enemies clicked. I would rack up damage, move on, save, then refresh. 

I beat the last creature!

Found a nice little bug that allowed me to see the Fallen Angel. I don't know how else I would've gotten that much money to get there.

It feels like it goes on and on, and I'm curious what the last creature actually is.

Pikmin was one of my biggest inspiration for this game.  Music is perhaps one of my weakest talents, hence why I had to use stock music for the game. If I were going to move forward and build a more complete game, I would honestly love to talk to you about something like that. :)

I enjoyed playing all of the mini games. The thing that I love most of all is the music. 😊

This game was very challenging. I got to level 3 and panic clicked everywhere except on the actual cinnamon sticks. 😅

That ending. ❤️ It took me a bit to realize I had to click on that menu to get it to blow up. I really love your music!

I really love the music in this game. It's way more difficult than I was expecting, but I'm going to keep going and hopefully I can eventually win.

Alright! I will jump in and play everyone's game in this thread. Feel free to play mine if you haven't. 😀

Hands down Spog. Im not sure how I broke it, but I was racking up the point! I couldn't score a single point on Tong. 

This was a very fun entry. I unfortunately kept losing the pumpkin cartridge even when I inspected it away from the bean bag. BUT... I did play the other two. :D

OMG I love it! 🥺I refused to run the entire time! I slowly explored and didn't eat any of the treats. This is a magnificent entry! 

I really really love the music in the game as well as the Playstation style graphics. Did you do the music yourself?

All of the talking came from me. 

Thank you. I tried my best to make it more toy like and allowing the player to try different things out. I realized once it was too late that things aren't as intuitive as I wanted them to be, and that's something I'll work on for future game jams. :D 

If you're looking to give it another try:
Wander around and press the "Use" key (E key works for that) whenever you see something light up. Walk over to the water and press the use key to throw your rod in the water, wait for a fish to bite. Then rapidly tap on the use key to pull a fish out. If you press on the use key while standing in front of the rocket, you'll go inside where you can play the video game system inside. This speeds up time(So if it's night time you can get to daylight faster). Everyday a new plumbkin spawns nearby the base. There's a bug where if you walk too far in one direction, the pumbkin can disappear. So, if the world wraps around go back in the direction you came from if you didn't see the fruit.

Hope all that helps. I do plan on releasing a small update to it, after voting is done as well. That version will have all of the feedback that I've gotten. 

No. Not dumb at all. Shaking the trees is just a thing to do.  That was one of the many toys I put in, that has nothing to do with actually finishing the game.  I tried my best to have people explore as much as possible to try different things, and that backfired with there being no instructions. 😔

The fishing mechanic I thought was easy to figure out, until all of my play testers told me it's not intuitive. You throw your rod in the water, and wait for the explorer to say "Fish!" and you rapidly tap on the use button to pull the fish out. If the meter gets to the top, the fish gets away. 

The plumbkin is hard to find and tends to get lost very easily, I spawn a new one every morning near by the ship. If you walk to far away from it there's a bug where it despawns. I couldn't fix it in the time limit. :(

This was quite enjoyable.  I also enjoyed the speech. I did hit one bug though. :( My cat wouldn't leave the lure in the water and kept yanking it out. I even caught a fish while he was doing that. Overall this game is very enjoyable and quite relaxing! I wish there were people I could play this with, online.

Made a happy mistake, was still very pleased with the out put in the end. I love how relaxing the game felt, I didn't have a sense of urgency nor did I feel like if I missed anything I was going to "lose". I did chicken out and did the first pattern because I didn't know where the gameplay was going to go. 

I enjoyed trying to figure out how to get money, but I feel like I quickly ran out of things to do. I want so much more from this, I can't wait to see where you take it next. I couldn't figure out the multiplayer aspect of it, but I definitely wanted to leave more time on the campfire than I started with. Great entry!

I love all of the mini-games inside of this! The physics sometimes threw me off when platforming, but I was able to buy my bike in the end.

Yes the "E" key works as well as "Enter". Hopefully that made your experience better. When the game was being developed it was originally designed to be a full screen game. I quickly tried to export out a WebGL version not remembering that pressing Control and W will close the window. :( Since I primarily used the "E" key in development, I didn't include it in the keyboard overlay, and by the time I remembered time had run out. Thank you for playing! 

Max distance 62 M in 32 Seconds. (Felt that was good until seeing the other's comments)

Had a few hiccups on collision detection. Not quite sure if I can go inside of some of the logs, there appears to be a collectible inside, yet I always fall instead of going inside. 

I love how put together everything is, from the music to the expectations. I was able to figure out right away how and what I was suppose to do. Awesome job!

Press "E". That's what I did to get past it.

I really love this game. Are you going to do more with it?

😮 Pressing "P" in the main menu to start the game was the thing I was happiest about! I tried my best to make the game playable with only the keyboard. 😔

Typically if the game window doesn't have focus, pressing "P" wouldn't work.

It feels great to be on that side of things for once... :D

I'm not sure if I missed all the things you could do. Were there upgrades? Drinking the coffee do anything more than keep me digitally caffeinated? 

This is so adorable! I wish something like this existed on a large scale, so we can teach children in a really fun way to code.

I really enjoyed this. I felt as though the last two levels should've been swapped for difficulty ramping up. I REALLY got stuck on (I think it was the second stage with the beam that only went horizontally across the level). 

Cool game! :D

It's taken 2 years. But, I've almost got this shifted over to my server. New windows build is available.

Little jerks kept hitting the egg after it fell!
I managed to keep the egg up for about 30 seconds. I have a bad habit of pushing the enemies towards the egg!

My current record is 16 before I moved too fast and slid one box off. 

I love how adorable this game is. I managed to solo a score of 10. Once I got the hang of the controls I was doing quite well!

After a few attempt I got that sweet spot and was able to get a good score... I then saw aptBenj got a higher score and deleted my screenshot. :D

Your record is about 7 seconds longer than me.  😄

If I had known I would've shifted it over to my server. :(

This was really fun to play. I look forward to seeing your next game.

I'm actually building a build for it now. I forgot to do it when I got home.