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Little jerks kept hitting the egg after it fell!
I managed to keep the egg up for about 30 seconds. I have a bad habit of pushing the enemies towards the egg!

My current record is 16 before I moved too fast and slid one box off. 

I love how adorable this game is. I managed to solo a score of 10. Once I got the hang of the controls I was doing quite well!

After a few attempt I got that sweet spot and was able to get a good score... I then saw aptBenj got a higher score and deleted my screenshot. :D

Your record is about 7 seconds longer than me.  😄

If I had known I would've shifted it over to my server. :(

This was really fun to play. I look forward to seeing your next game.

I'm actually building a build for it now. I forgot to do it when I got home.

It took me a bunch of tries. I think I played it maybe 7 or 8 times. But, I managed to win!

This had me dying trying to figure out what was going on.

You're right. It doesn't. Photoshop earlier told me 16 :( 

Sorry about that.

I love the game. It uses more than 4 colors though. :(

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Argh! I got to the second boss and ran out of fuel! 
I'm curious how you spawned the obstacles. Are they random or did you build out the level?

I was playing for a while, and I suddenly died. I think hitting those spikes did me in. Really cool concept! 

I love that the point of this game is to break the physics! :D

Okay. I put in a new version, that has a screen size toggle by pressing the "~" key. Thanks for that bit of info.

Does it mean the location is one room, so if I do a 8/16 bit style RPG where combat takes you to a different screen that still counts as 1 room because combat is supposedly in that location? Or, if I made a game where you jack into a computer and you're venturing the net but your body technically is in that one room even though you're searching the internet cosmos? Or are both of those breaking the rule?

This game is awesome, once I figured bought "Possession" That's where the real fun starts!