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Thank you erun, ooniy, dung-bung and jully also thank you the game developer-man.

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Super cool and fun to play, when you get used of it. Also, didn't even touch hard mode.

Good use of colors. Speed of it at first felt too slow, but playing it made me realise, with 128 pixel limitation faster movement would've made it frustrating. I'd say good design choice, taking rules of the jam in mind.

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Might not be for me, but solid non the less. If not careful easily mobbed by enemies, but health drops balance that out quite well. Good design.

Thank you, glad you liked it. Yeah, time and day to day stuff, couldn't get more done before deadline.

So cool. I like how it's a nightmare and after waking up you can go straight back to eternal horror. Love it.

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A nice, but short bit of entertainment. Just a bit short.

Somewhat reminds of Space Impact. Uncoplicated fun, shoot and manage incoming colored bars. Good fun.

Just a bundle of bork and fun.

Cool how he goes flying when you lose the hat for too long.

Don't get me wrong, but helps to fall asleep. I mean that in a fun way.

Damn it man, you are right. A sexy surprise at the end is what this really needed. Ugh, damn it!

Come on don't make me blush, but really thanks.

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Simple and fun. Physics of it are hella enjoyable.

Rules and jam stuff aside, so damn fun.  Just real good. 

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Movements so unique, feel fun to just woosh around.

So god damn cute. Fells good to play. But fuck the spikes they're the bane of my existence.

Game it self was real fun to play, but aesthetics of it really grabbed me. Loved it.

Thanks a bunch. I only wish mine was half as cute as yours.

Thank you, fact that someone used their time to do that warms my internal organs.

Glad you liked the visuals, sorry 'bout lackluster gamplay.

Liked your video series on the jam, graet work covering all games.