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Hope it helps. ;) 

Before 3D became a thing in videogames there were some 2D games that attempted to simulate a 3D enviroment. Doom, 3D tetris and such. Those games usually gave me a headache while watching them, and in addition to that the color limitation makes it even more "annoying" to my eye. Your game would look awesome with more colors or even in 3D. I hope I explained myself good enough, maybe I just said more than needed. :P 

Not to be harsh, but it feels like one of those 3D-2D games that I just hate looking at... it kinda is. But the games is actually good and the fact that you "need 3 hands" really makes it different than many games. Good job making my brain work that much :D 

Maybe the bars could be a bit bigger and the sprites smaller. Makes me feel like I don't have enough space to move. Besides that, game is actually pretty good. :)

I don't like 3D-2D hybrids, to be honest. I see the effort though and game is easy to understand and it has a challenge.

Simple and fun. I didn't like the graphics at all. But in general is a fun game. It could be good to add a counter or timer, I think. :) 

To be honest I got a divided opinion about the game. In technical terms I'm simply amazed, the game runs so smoothly and music is awesome. In terms of graphics, personally I didn't like it... it's a 3D game with some kind of 2D filter and that always makes me mad. But feelings aside, this is an awesome job for a single person. Congratulations. :)

No problem :)

Thanks! :D

I made this game to join the Mini Jam before I ran out of time. Maybe next time I'll make a "bigger" game. =) 

Thanks for the comment.

No, it doesn't.

Thanks for the comment ;) 

Awesome :D 

Thank you! :D 

Good to know there's gonna be more of this in the future. Mini stuff is fun to make :D 

I like the fact that is simple to understand but actually pretty hard to play. :)

A simple avatar creator project based on pixel art graphics.

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You need to clear all blocks from a grid by making paths of 5 steps. Get your hamster running and try to get the best score possible. The more blocks of the same color in a single path gives more score You can also pass through cleared blocks, but it will cost ya points.


A new concept still under development, so any donation, comment or feedback will be appreciated.


Go to the project site right here and enjoy. Also make sure to read the instructions on the site.