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There's only 5 levels looping infinitely. So don't expect to actually "beat" it :)

Can't wait for the "sequel" :)

To improve, I'd put an outline on the text to make it easier to read, and maybe I'd speed up the ship, or at least put a little more inertia.

I prefered the block graphics! not that the pixel art ain't great, but the other had a strange charm to it that really suited the minimalistic gamepaly.

Also, the "press any key" makes me instinctively switch to keyboard for the sheeps, even if I well know it's mouse-based. :T  Speaking of which, it could have been nice to have more variety in the sheer height on the screen, so that you can't merely keep the mouse at the sae place all the time (or maybe I haven't got far enough in the game)

good job!

Thanks for the nice feedback!  I actually wasn't sure it would be fun :)

Gotta love the dithered 4 color display.

I don't think no game boy could have run this, but it's fun ... even if I was stuck at then end missing a key :)

Graphics sucks. It isn't worth the 80$ price-tag!


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C'est possible de sous-inclure un sous-thème Bolloloft ? ..Pour souligner le même move de Bollo pour Gameloft, la compagnie de l'autre Guillemot, celle qui fait des sous-jeux les pour sous-plateforme mobiles..

Ça donne plein de potentiel avec tout les Modern Combat, Asphalt, NOVA, Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar, Brother In Arms, etc.