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:D dudeee very nice 

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Music by : Igor Mortis


now i'm forced to unlock all games!! :D  well played...  loving this minigame ideas. 

Nice game, fun , retro and entertaining :) 

LOL!!!! nice game guys 

OH YES!!!!

It's been a pleasure to give to life to your game idea. 

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Thank you for this warm reply... now i think i'm drifting away from stone age... guess i got carried away a bit.... but the result is a bit hilarious. You positive feedback created this even the cave man is like WTF. 

Thank you i followed your example and the result is mind blowing i feel like a learned some ancient magic here.


:O  wow thank you this really really helps.... it's an amazing explanation!!!  are you a wizard????

OK maybe this looks a bit better? 

a bit more progress

This is my starting point. 

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Im a noob i will need your advice to make sprites for this JAM i will present my progress here hoping from some feed back that can push things forward. I used CPC to challenge my self.

im a bit confused about the proccess  :(   can i just make my assets  like a normally do and and chage the aspect ratio?