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Thanks for writing that. We really appreciate it. What would that involve? Our plans didn't really go past having fun at the jam.

Dude I laughed a lot, thanks for checking it out.

Glad you liked it

Loved playing the games. GJ everyone. I'm off to sleep :D

Our teams are united as pure masterminds of wordplay...and such :D. Thank you very much for trying it. Really makes it worth it.

We put up Linux but I got nothing to test it on atm, If you can, let me know if it works.

Nice puzzle game, I could see myself playing that on my tablet.

The toilet paper is somehow adorable

Had a lot of fun, wasn't able to get more than 3 sheep in after quite a few tries. Great job!

Having people or cars going around is one of the milestones we still want to get to :). Glad you liked it and thanks for trying it out.

Thanks! We've been still working on it and a while after the jam hope to release a newer version with ever better generation rules, should make each city have a nice unique style to it.

Sorry to hear, I didn't want to release an untested version so I went with windows only for now, when I get a chance I'll look at other platforms.

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback, we've taken it to heart and the new version already includes quite a few fixes for those problems.

Thanks! After the jam we hope to release a new version with more things :)

Thanks for trying it! Glad you enjoyed it.

Really cool, I wonder how more you could built up on it.

The image looks interesting, I wonder if we get a build before the jam is over.

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Good point, I always forget to do that, especially when under pressure xD.
*Edit: Uploaded zip.

It's very much a demo atm, sorry about that. Currently the select box is not working when multiple types of of objects are detected, so you have to click directly on the fox and then right click anywhere. The foxes are the "money gatherers" so you send them to other buildings and they keep bringing income. The Pathfinding weights are not setup correctly since I made the whole thing without colliders (until I needed them for clicks xD), that's why the foxes seem to be "waterproof" :D.

The actual game would have a skirmish vs AI and a multiplayer, but the procedural generation used up almost a full two days before I got it down right.

Thanks a lot for checking it out, we will definitely make it more accessible and more of a game with time. :D

:D electric sheep are the best dreams to have


Thanks a lot! I was hoping people would like a very simple idea :D


A friend got the high score of 28, my biggest was 16, glad you enjoyed it :D

That's because the white sheep have a slight difference in velocity and the black ones have a larger one :D

But yes, I totally need to play around with the difficulty and have different types of sheep there.

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Thanks for taking the time to try the game and give notes :D. Totally agreed, we need more diversity on sheep, I'll add once I have time, changes to the mass and speed and hopefully we'll have different visuals as well.

I also agree that the intro screen is probably a bit confusing, I found myself doing the exact same thing :).

If I get the chance, I'll also add a switch to change between artstyles.

Thanks :D The new pixel art is amazing, but yeah the atari-block style was also fun :D I might actually try to mix em up somehow, will see after the jam :)

My thanks to LienPixels  for great art :D

Thanks :D

@Jupiter_Hadley hey, I checked out your compilation, thanks a lot for adding us, I especially loved your series since it gave me an easier way to see everyone else's game then me having to download a lot of em :P. Keep up the awesome work.

@whogas I'll test it later and see if i can find the issue, sorry about that. And thanks for the review.

We've actually changed it now into an infinite jumper, so it's more about how much score you can get before the party gets you.

It's about 5 minute game.

You just need to keep jumping until you get to your pillow fort.

Wond3rJay Gameplays tries his luck at version 1.0 of the game.

Yes mate I know, I built a shader and I have the ability to change colors as well, my curiosity is, if it was allowed to have multiple palettes or not. It's ok if you don't speak english, and btw, real nice game. But if anyone else sees this comment, I'd love some feedback, for next time.

Gotta ask, and I know i'll sound like a sore looser, but really I want to know for next time. Is this not against the rules? I know that technically there are only 4 colors at a time on the screen, but they do change.Wasn't it 4 colors only? Or only 4 at a time?

Hey, thanks a lot for the review, sadly I couldn't find any other song to fit the theme of the gamejam in the few hours that I actually decided to do this :D.

I've actually fixed the issue with the insane speed movement, thanks for that. Seems you have an insanely powerful GPU compared to mine and I forgot about that.
I'm very glad you liked the graphics, we took a toon shader and made changes to it to fit the theme. While the actual objects themselves are extremely low poly models, such as a pyramid for the ship, a polygon for the asteroid (of different scales and rotation starts) and a sphere for the bullet.

I believe you're right about the shooting range as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

It does suck, but in fairness, I stayed up till 4am on a workday to finish mine. (though that's also cause I started with 5 hours left on the gamejam, crazy, I know).

If you link your game here I'd love to check it out regardless.