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Nice design, music, sound effects and mechanics!

Hey Man ... that  was fun. Really loved typing games as a kid. One Suggestion...maybe add a rules section in the game to tell you how to play. Didn't know what to do the first time, but was definitely fun after I got it.

Hey, loved your art style and the animation of the main character. Got to level 2 and then it kinda got hung up when I landed on a platform. However, the game looks beautiful and I love the simplicity for the concept and controls. Well done!

Hey!! THIS WAS DOPE!!! Really enjoyable. Got to Round 4. The fire dudes take a lot of hits. It would be nice to have a shield drop that can be picked up, but nontheless excellent game. Liked that It saved my round when I died. Very simple concept but really fun. Great movement. Felt like the movement has a little weight to it, but not to much. Very fluid! Well done!

Very creative idea! Interesting game concept. I definitely didn't expect that type of game when i clicked on it. However, i got a little lost once I confirmed my setting and started the game. My piece was just flying all around and I wasn't sure what to do. Nontheless, I thought that idea was excellent! 

This was well made! Love the way you put the boards together. Very big and engaging. Really good use of the assets.

Really liked the concept behind the game. As I was playing I totally forgot about the darkness. I though my laptop plug had come out and my screen was dimming, and finally went black. Scared the crap out of me until the message appeared letting me know I was consumed by the darkness. Very creative concept. Well done!

Love the style of the game. Ode to Mario with the design. Very creative how you created the first boss in level one out of the assets we had to use. The enemies were challenging to dodge in the 2nd level. I started to try and just jump around them instead of shoot them. Love the variation in the layout of the board, especially the 2nd level and the drop area with little gravity. Very nice touch to change up the pace. You accomplished something really nice and fun over a weekend, and I love you implemented xbox controller support. I used the gamepad and it made it very enjoyable, and made it easier to evade the enemy in some cases. Well done!

Movement was definitely suppose to be a challenge. I agree camera angle was not ideal. I wanted to change it, but I'm kinda new with the software. I hope to get better and better as I do more jams. Thanks so much for taking the time to play it and provide feedback. :-)

Yea, the character speed takes some time getting use to I know. My plan was to adjust it, but funny enough I got used to it and could clear the board pretty quick and kill the enemy (developer perks lol) so I decided to leave it as an added challenge to the game. Like your idea about a reward for having remaining coins. May see that in an update. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much! The plan was definitely to put some game music in it and some sound effects for the jumping, shooting of coins, enemy fireballs, player death, but time got away from me. I will definitely be updating the game with those effects. The double jump and shooting does take a minute to get used to. I was at first going to change it because I thought it was off, but after testing it so many times, I got the hang of it and chose to keep it like that to add a little learning curve to it. Thanks so much for the input! I never used Construct 2, but I really love 3!

Perfect Perfect Perfect!! Can't wait till the real game. Definite purchase. Job well done!!

You guys did amazing on this!! Absolutely love it!! Great job!!

Awesome gamem and love the simply art style!

This was very enjoyable. Great job! Amazing you did it all by yourself in 3 days!

Thanks for the love. Good Score too!  Highest I've gotten was 1200!

Love this! Very Clever! Also like how I physically get to sign the order. Nice touch!

Yea, i noticed there is an issue with loading when using Google Chrome. Works in Edge and Firefox.

Loved the retro feel of this game. Nice,clean and sleek. Great job on this!!

Love the simplicity of the game. Nice job!

Love the color. Great game play. Love how the flame follows the player as they move. Nice effect!

That was with the health bonus! 

This reminded me of a game I played on my computer as a child called Ken's Labyrinth. Very Duke-like game. The colors were great and you were right...definitely have to have 90's controls for a 90's styled game. Very well done. I love how the enemy would say "HEY" when they see you. Spooked me at first, but then it was funny, Nice job!

You did an excellent job! I played all the games submitted and while this was the simpliest in nature, it was the most fun and engaging. I couldn't beat it!! I can't tell you how long I played. Awesome job! I'll definitely be giving it another stab! If I was voting, You'd  get my vote for the win.

This looked very very good. Loved the playstyle and the music. Definitely had a nice little challenge to it too. 

Very nice job! I loved the challenge this presented, I went back and played a couple of times to get a better time. Best I got was 11.32. Nice music and nice art. Was very fun to play and I like that you made it in Construct.

Really loved this game. Very simple and challenging, The space bar was not always responsive when I need to jump. Loved how it looked. It looked like there were two layers I was playing between. The background and this front layer. Nice feel to it and the MUSIC WAS GREAT!! 

Loved the concept, and that two people could play at the same time on one keyboard. Not enough of those games for PC players. I couldn't figure out what the black guy character could do on the right side of the screen. Was kinda confused on how to get him to go up towards the top. 

Love the mario inspired look and feel to this. Music was on point too! Great Job!! Nice level of difficulty too!

Couldn't get too far into it...after selecting my character, I seemed to not be able to go any further. Could not select Alchemy, Cooking or Training :-(

Absolutely Amazing!! Your team rocks for making this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Love the art direction, the controls, the music and everything!  Big up to you and your team for making this. Some of the simpilest art, music and controls makes the best games!

I like this alot. Something about destroying such in a microwave is fascinating. You got something here. Keep up the work! I look forward to the complete game!

Very nice! Love it!  I would definitely like to do a challenge on who can travel the furthest distance!

Great concept and gameplay! Love the soundtrack!

Great concept and gameplay! Love the soundtrack!

WOW! very responsive , clean and fun! Great job on this. Can't believe this is just your second jam. Really nice job on this!!