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Dream of the MachineView game page

Mini Jam 109
Submitted by ilPrinni (@IliasLPrin), SavestateCorrupted (@ssc_ZeroK), Derpyzza — 5 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#293.6003.600

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
3, Ilias, Derpyza, SaveStateCorrupted

Software used
Unity Krita

Use of the limitation
Your HP is fuel and everything you do costs Fuel. Its your tool in completing your objective

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Awesome game. Took me a while to beat the boss. I don't know why but there's something that gives me Edmund McMillen's games vibes (like, the game is completely different but at the same time so similiar to these games, it's so weird, maybe it's the music, idk). Also that character slamming into the ground each time you go to the next level is just perfect lmfao. Oh, and you should nerf that guy with the gun, he has way too long range lol. And also some text showing on which level you are would be really helpfull. But if it was a full game I would definitly play it, maybe with ability to upgrade your weapons, your inventory and other stuff througout the levels. I think the next time I might record video feedback just like IlPrimy does, because I probably forgot half the stuff I wanted to say


A very cool game! The concept and presentation is amazing! The art is impressive and the game is well polished! 

Great work, hope to see more games from you guys!


One of my favorites of the jam!! Absolutely oozing with polish, and the gameplay is rock solid. Phenomenal job, and I bet this would be great as a full game (if you ever wanted to pursue that). 


I like it, the art is nice, animations are juicy.

I like how you have to prepare for the last boss to be able to beat it. I tried my best, but i didn't beat it even after restarting it 10+ times.

Limitation is well done, each weapon consumes different amount of energy, each has its own strength and weakness, sometimes it's beneficial to shoot a weapon at nothing to kite an enemy to reduce energy consumption overall or use a sword to kill an enemy with 1hp instead of a shotgun, there are lots of strategies you can utilize to minimize energy use, well done.


I honestly don't have much to add, it feels very polished and the only thing that i believe your game might benefit from is a procedural difficulty where on each restart you can upgrade your character (roguelike). But you probably already know this and didn't have time to implement it.


very cool game! It's very creative and used the limitation well.  The music is awesome you did a great job.


Thanks! Our Musician is really talented!


Sorry for all the comments.

You spent such a long time reviewing other people's games, I thought I'd give some better feedback than just it's an amazing game.  Again, love this game, best game of the jam - from the music, the aesthetics, to the real selling point: the just overly fun mechanics. 
I'd like to see a level indicator so I know where I am (my game also didn't have one ironically haha) or something letting me know a boss is coming up.
I'm a fan of non-traditional tutorials and you did that well with the text in the background. Maybe on level one, have the text flash once to make it a little more apparent that it's advice.
The last boss, you might want to consider him skipping a turn every 5 turns or so as once he gets next to you, there's not much you can do.
When you die, maybe have something flash on the screen ESC to return (I know it's on the upper right side already though).
Shooting through walls (actually to be honest I like this aspect a lot) might not appeal to some people.
Enemies also won't move from behind walls on their own (which could be considered a strategic point in gameplay or some necessary AI tweaks).


thanks for the feedback! Those are all really good points haha, the AI and is definetly more a consequence of time tbh haha. 

I'm very happy you like the game alot!!


Super cool game. Fits the limitation so well!


Thank you!


game’s fun, took a few tries but i managed to win and get sent back to the menu — was worried i wouldn’t have the energy to run around that final room after grenading the big guy, but i got through with about 10HP left

i think my biggest complaint is my usual one: starting a level with an item in hand should highlight the usable squares. as it stands you have to swap items or move in order for the highlight to exist


Reviewed live at


best game of this game jam


Thanks! thats really high praise!

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

(I havent managed to complete the game yet, I keep dying at that level with the 10hp dude, ill update this comment when i do)


  •  Lots of strategy involved, the core gameplay mechanics are really deep for a jam game
  • Great enemy variation, most enemies were very unique and distinct from the rest 
  • Great art and visuals
  • The soundtrack was good and there was adaptive audio
  • Quite a lot of juice


  • There didnt seem to be proper pathfinding as some enemies could get stuck on walls, but that makes sense since its a jam game (We're in the same boat lol)
  • I didnt think it fit the limitation very well, and the concept of the health bar being your "fuel" metre isnt very original
  • The visuals look... unfinished? Not the art, but the implementation of the art. It could be just the style of the game, but it almost feels like theres no post processing at all

In conclusion, good game! Theres bits that needs to be finished up, but in all for a 3 day jam its really well made!


Thanks for the feedback! 

You are 100% right imo! lots of things arent exactly where they could be, there isnt any post processing at all either!


Please, PLEASE make this into a full game. I love everything about this.


haha Thanks thats really high praise! anything in particular you would like to see?


You're on the right track so I'll leave the design to you but I could see many different things going into this. Maybe hidden traps? Chance to drop an item on enemy death. Treasure chests.  Maybe a super meter/revenge bar. Different forms of mission (escape to a certain panel, save another robot, fuel a giant robot/vehicle), etc. Maybe an "upgrade disc" loot drop or something that allows your player to get small upgrades like max energy or +1 weapon damage to a specific weapon. Weather effects (lightning storm everyone takes damage if lightning hits them, foggy - chance to miss, etc). Tiles that do different things (slows movement, gives +1 damage while on the panel, damages you every other turn, fog of war).  Fog of war (enemies can't see you inside tall grass - like League of Legends or Brawlstars).  


This is really fun! Loved the art and the concept, you should really build up on it!


Thanks! im very tempted too!

Any suggestions to what would be cool to see?


Of course without the time limitation maybe some new areas with different tiles you could explore like ice, mud, glass, i dont know if its possible to turn it into a procedurally generated kind of game where you could shop for stronger drops everytime you die. But for 3 days this is really well done already!


Very cool. Original concept, art and design. Well done. Highly recommend you guys build on that to a published game to Steam or something.


Thanks thats super high praise! I am really tempted to to be honest!

Any features you would like to see / think would be good, specfically?


Reminds me of the Darkest Dungeon a bit, you could use it for inspiration if you already haven't. I think showing the range on the enemies would be nice and improve the way the item-using is, especially the self-use, like the fuel. Good luck!