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Hey I did stream feedback here is the segment I played yours.
I played it for a uhhh chunk of time so you might want to skip to near the end where I tried to tldr my feedback.
Really well executed all around!

Hey there I was playing games on stream! Here is the recorded bit of this game:

Thanks for the feedback! I am curious if you got a good example of horror music you had in mind would be a good reference!

thanks again for playing and the kind words!

Oreos dipped in pudding is a nice treat, vanilla pudding specifically hehe.

Thank you so much for the praise! and thank you for playing!

You got the loot and thats all that matters hehe, I am glad you found it fun!

Thanks for playing

Dang that's an unfortunate way to go heh.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! I can definitely see why they are rare haha, its hard to fit in the amount of content that feels right. 

I see what you mean about the map size, its not super densely populated with anything so it can feel even more empty in that sense. THanks for the feedback!

Hey there! I was playing games on stream and here is the section when I played your game!

Addicting little score chaser! it was fun!

Nice little game! I was playing games on stream so here is the segment where I played yours:

Great work! and congrats on making a cool game!

You were there, you know what this is about :sip:
Again really amazing work 

Heya I was doing feedback on stream! Here is the recording of your game. Really fun! really loved the ending:

Heya! as I said, here is the recorded version of my feedback! I know you were there during the stream but here you go! Still loved the art!

Hey there! I am doing stream/video feedback, since it can be really helpful to see someone play the game. This game was full of charm and I enjoyed my time with it!

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Hey there I am doing stream/video feedback, really enjoyed this one, I have very little to say in ways to improve the game. I do agree with what others have said about the text, but I got into the mood and was on edge for alot of it!


Hey there! I am playing games on stream and giving good old video feedback: 

This entry is probably the best I have played so far! really well done

Thanks for playing! I did kind of think about something like that with the (basically functionless) time tracker.

That's a good strategy for safety, but I could see it might be more tedious when all units are all together

oo that sounds very neat, I'll have to look into what flash game that was. Thanks for playing!

ah good call, it's definetly on the higher side. 

The intent was to deinsentivise combat a little bit. But might have gone to far in that direction haha.

Thanks for playing

Hey there! I am doing feedback on stream and uploading it on youtube.

I apologize in advance I started recording after I had gotten a bit into the game! Your the first person I am doing this for so was sloppy. Sorry if I was a bit unclear about anything or what not too!

Played it on stream, the flying kick was a high point for me! felt very snappy, just needs a few frames for fire effect.

I am a Technical game designer for a mobile game company.

Again really fun game


"if I had more time I would write fewer words"

This was such a delight, Seriously amazing entry.

I didn't jam this time so I cant rate but I can tell you my thoughts.
Note take any negative with a "Considering you made this in a jam It makes 100% sense to not have had the energy, time, or desire to do these. Just thoughts for the future"

The graphics are very simple, but this actually plays to the games strengths, it keeps the game is visually clear and you can easily understand the board state at any time.

Things are color coordinated but not in a out of context way. Enemies are pollution and they are a dark muddy color, not just red. Their is lots of Greens and pinks for the nature but each element has a different spread of color too, green grass, pink flowers, bush with a mix of green and pink, brown and green trees, etc. It makes the game visually interesting. 

All of this visual clarity also made learning the game alot faster since I didn't read the tutorial.

The visual clarity and theming art strong and great, but I would lower the score a bit off of visual polish. Lots of little things that could have been improved. The font for score and on the enemy timer feels a bit out of place and unappealing. 

Pollution enemies when flying onto the map feels a tame, not bad, but a trail, and maybe some squash on the land would help, additionally during this animation the blobs will layer under your plants. A small effect that probably would have added alot imo is to have the merged elements fly into the final element rather then just disappearing. 

A polish element that might have helped clarity would be to have the pollution timer be alot more intrusive, have the letter scale and maybe pulsate and flash when the timer is on 1 could help.

TLDR: Presentation is Clear, Pleasant, and does its job super well. But it does lack polish in some areas.


Would be an easy 5/5. The gameplay is simple, but there is alot of depth. 

First off the inclusion of an end goal for a jam game is fantastic move imo. It gives players something to strive for, I spent a good hour+ in the game aiming for that end goal. I left satisfied and wanting to play more and I imagine the people who won left satisfied as hell. The general Jam thought is to just make games score based, which imo usually results in people leaving when bored a bad last impression.

So the gameplay itself is great, you need to balance alot of little things, always make sure you have space to finish your merges, to do this you need to place carefully and clear out enemies. Then enemy killing added a great use to finishing merges that you otherwise wouldn't. 

Speaking of enemy killing, a criticism I had at first was the lack of reward for finishing merges with 3+ items. I kinda ended up loving this actually, for 2 reasons: You need to make placements in a way that you avoid 4s generally it takes up more space, this felt more strategic and added a layer to my considerations. Secondly, bigger merges = more enemies your likely to hit.

Game was addicting as hell, very fun to try and beat. Just had a blast.

I again apologize for the Essay, its alot, but am rushing cause I played and rated this on my work shift hehe, kinda rolled my eyes a bit when I saw a merge game ngl, play enough of those for work, but this one really was a blast.

Seriously amazing work.

Awesome entry and spectacular use of the theme and limitation, I did beat the game as hard as the last level was haha. Was great fun to do so as well!

Some things I noticed immediately is how low the gravity is, this did add to a general feeling unwieldiness which might have been the intention, but I do think that it made deaths hurt a bit more since it would take longer to get back to where I died. This was compounded by the 1 hit death system and resetting the level on death, however resetting was instant so it did have that fun difficult game aspect of die go die go die go. Super great work. I want to go into detail about something to consider that might help some of these issues as I address this next thing:

There was a unique type of risk reward I found with the slime, if you get the slime you become bigger and can see alot more. This is very handy in finding your route and timing your falls. However the bigger you are the easier you are too pop. On the last level I found it better to only get 1 upgrade as it kept my size low. This was really great, the risk reward nature of it created a sense of strategy and routing. However, it felt a bit skewed in favor of being small alot of the time. Mainly cause all your getting is sight. This is hardly much of an issue however since as your learning you get to enjoy that aspect of strategy.

I would like to suggest that having fusions be HP would have solved quite a few issues the game might have had unless the intention was to be more of a rage game. When you get hit, you shrink, if your the smallest, you die. This would make slime blobs always good to get, killing a sense of risk reward, but would have helped the difficulty alot, mainly since I do not think the game is that hard, but rather punishing, if you make 1 mistake you reset after all so you need to redo every trick perfectly to retry the hard bit. Dealing with the pain of the slow from paragraph 1 since you don't have to reset as often.

Game jams are tight and so changes like this can be big changes to make, so I am not trying to say "why didnt you have this" but just offering a suggestion of a potentional fix for some issues. Jams are hard and what you have is fun and unique so fantastic work! (plus I enjoy a good difficult game hehe)

Some small elements of polish that I think should be noted (again with that "considering time limits making anything at all is great so these are not me trying to scold or anything just things to keep in mind):  
- the camera, when it comes to camera movements I feel its almost always worth it to Lerp the scale rather then instantly resize it. This would make it alot smoother an just feel more natural.
- particles/effects on slime pick up just felt a bit barren.

Some final notes: 

the slime is SO CUTE, love him. The game was a bit punishing but overall was alot of fun to move around in. 

I realized afterwards that this game pulls up some nostalgic memories actually, their is a game with similar ideas to this called Loco Roco on the PsP. The rotation is 360 but has a limit left and right, also was soft and cute. Could be a good reference! (note since this can vary from person to person, but imo if you game generates images and inspirations from other awesome games your doing something right and fun!) Loco Roco:

Genuinely great work.

Heyo! playing some games from the Jam, and I just wanted to inform you that the windows build for whatever reason does not seem to work for me. Specifically it crashes the second I touch creature. 

I know news like this always kinda sucks to get, but its better to know then not imo. 

If you can your always allowed to upload a fix as long as the original is still up as a download tho!

The art looks so clean and the severed cards seem awesome. 

Not I have 2 monitors, not sure if that would have affected the crash or not.

I made the foolish choice thinking I could finish this in 20 minutes haha. Pretty fun, I got with that Jump king / getting over it pain of finally getting past a hard part only to fall all the way back to the start.

I never played jump king so I cant speak on the authenticity if that was a goal. But I can say that this made me want to play jump king alot, so fun and the presentation is just stellar, love the little guy and his movements in this.

I could say some of the jumps seemed brutal but its not to a level that makes it obsurd in the context of this Getting over it style rage games, felt really solid actually. I feel the "small section that you cant lose progress on but is brutal" followed by "Not super brutal section, but if you mess up you had to go back to that small brutal part" is a great combo in this genre. By the end of the game youll be so good at that little section that it will seem easy 

the minimal sound design works really nicely and is just right honestly.

I honestly cant think of many ways to improve this entry without suggesting things that would be out of scope. But some super minor polish things could be as such: There was alot of places to bonk the top of your head, and almost all of these would send you down in a bad way. Perhaps a unique animation for that interaction where the character is staggered in the air, rather then their default kinda graceful pose. Another super minor detail that could help is having a seperate "up velocity" stance, and "down velocity" stance

But these are details that arent worth the time in a lot of cases. 

The take on the theme, setting that game on the "Severed bridge" got a smile out of me for sure, very clever.

Will try to come back to this one after my shift to actually try to find the endings!

Super awesome entry

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Heyo! I did video feed back / impressions / playthroughs.

Really awesome entry, I forgot to say in the vid but super clever to make the gameplay ABOUT color when the limitation is color related. Absolute banger all around!

Also holy hell I apologize for my Microphone going rogue

Im so glad you enjoyed it!

The temptation to take it further is real not going to lie haha! Maybe ill pick it back up once my main project is done!

Thats high praise, thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! I did end up patching the game slightly so it should be alot more possible haha. Level 7 was quite insane prepatch so complete respect for getting that far!

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Doing video impressions/feedback!

Great work btw!

Also holy hell I apologize for my Microphone going rogue

Oh the X-Frames thing was me just thinking like, that would be a funny name for a speed run game show.
Like instead of X-Games, its X-Frames haha, dont mind it.

Really fun entry!

Thanks so much for the kind words!
and yeah its quite unbalance, tho its been patched a bit now haha. The pet floor is floor 8 so you were further then you thought! well done.

Doing video first impressions!

Super pleasant take on tetris!

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback!

I would like to mention that you can put multiple coins on one enemy action and is the best way to deal with the slimes, by stacking up all your coins on 1 or 2 actions at a time.

But agreed, balance is all over the place, the jam time got tight

Hi, am doing feedback in video form cause it fun.

Thanks so much! 

Im glad there is a sense of complexity!

Thank you for the feedback!

And yeah I feel that, I was considering adding a toggle to auto click through, but time was tight. Its a great suggestion!

Doing video feedback! 

Cute little entry, its quite short but I think for the first few weeks of using your engine quite nice little romp!