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Thanks! I wasnt expecting it haha.

You placed really high yourself! Fantastic work!

Absolutely brilliant entry, I loved the art it was sooo cool looking and very clear.

Took me a bit to realize I had to click the shield and shooters, but the number on them helped out alot. 

It really surprised me in a OH WOW moment when the invader shot the shop icon making me unable to buy more money makers. a really "oh they thought of that" moment.

I do wish the shooters were automatic tbh, aiming was a little awkward and not exactly that fun imo. I think it might have been fun to have another row and autofiring, then you just try to amass power and economy as fast as possible rather then having to aim.

I admittedly havent beat it yet, but I plan to come back to it sometime to win. Takes a long time to win I found, but was still really really fun. 

I think it might be important to make the player start with a money generator tbh, cause my first run was me buying a shield then... not having any money. PvZ addressed this by having you start with only enough money to buy a sunflower, maybe you could do something similar!

Really awesome entry, had fun and surprised me!

Okay, Best use of the limit by FAR, seeing Die as a litteral Dice is genius, and I love games like this so much!

This is one of those jam games that I play and it lights my brain on fire for ways it could expand into a full fledged game. Could work as a deck building roguelike in many ways. Something that comes to mind, is getting or upgrading actions. So you can choose to make your attack, d + d, rather then just d. Or maybe you can choose to get a heal action instead, your attack is still just d, but you also put a d in healing (maybe  a heal action could be d - 3 clamped above -1). Just thoughts like that.

Some notes that I think are a bit obvious is the game feels very static, the characters don't move or anything, dont think there was damage numbers or such either. I would love to see a bit more movement, not much, just something subtle to keep the eyes entertained.

I was a bit sad when I realized Dice are consumed on use, but this was ultimatly not a bad thing I think, made me want to save dice for future rounds and all that, I suppose I just wish I had more dice to get messy with haha.

Overall really fantastic work!

"Cookies eaten
On a diet so none :( Had pretty good meatballs though"

Meatballs > Cookies >:3

This is peak as what a jam game can be.

would this work as a full fledge game? idk probably not.

is it super refined and polished? in some ways, but thats not the focus.

Was it super fun, funny, and had all kind of amazing work in all the right places, like the heaven cutscene, the legs, and the options to crash your computer?

Yes, 100x yes.

Very very well done. Would would Egg + Leg = Legg again.

Im glad I finally got around to your teams game, was excited for it since I saw it in the discord, I really really enjoy anything with a hint of simulation and my mouth salivates at potential hehe. 

I really enjoyed this entry, Your basically just trying to fit characters into "good enough" rooms so they can get along well. Its cute, and I would love to see some sort of expansion on the interactions between the people. Considering how short the Jam is and how much is here I wouldnt say that would have been good for the jam haha.

Things I loved: The art (I am especially a sucker to things that remind me of Chainsaw man right now, and one of the mouths just screamed Power to me haha) I myself love adding character generators to things ehehe, I know its takes quite a bit of time sometimes. 

The concept, heaven management, where you biggest concern is keeping people with those that make them happy. Simulation is so expandable in so many directions which is why its so exciting to see in Jams. For example, Having a relative system, people want to live with family, but that might create alot more diverse thought in a space, which can cause more conflict. Plus I love the idea that Archangels are just dead people baby sitters.

Some notes from me tho, It was hard to exactly tell how well I was doing and I think the reason is, too many stats. They were all fun to look at, but it made it hard to tell what was actually good or not. Maybe less would have been more tight feeling. For the jam version this was fine, reading over the stats was the main thing to do. I do think numbers beside the sliders could have helped too.

I did find a someone goofy almost evil strat however haha. Get 2 angels. Then just start LOADING up the first one with who ever, this will average out the interests and lead to high misery. At first I thought it was clever "if its average everyone will be neutral, not miserable! aha!" I was wrong, so really great work balancing that. THE true strat came in realizing that the angel doesnt close up, until you click off, so even if its so miserable it collapses I can keep sending souls to it. Forever! I get paid, they get sent to earth 2. Use this to stockpile up a TON of money, then you can basically just have free rein of sending who ever to hell if you wanted. Made it so if you want to get into heaven you have to love pepsi, dogs, winter, and the night time hehe.

This was alot sorry!

tldr: Art was fantastic. Concept is awesome and fun to play with! Would love more Clarity on how well your doing. Should probably kick the player out of the Archangels room once it collapses otherwise it just becomes hell that pays you hehe.

Thanks so much for playing!

Game is a bit hard but im glad you enjoyed it regardless hehe. 

Getting praise for the art means alot considering how gorgeous your game is, thank you so much!

I think first things first, Damn the art is gorgeous and I just love the whole vibe going on. Very relaxed.

Gameplaywise isnt that much to comment on, you walk around and look at cats and amazing art, so its quite enjoyable haha. Would have loved a more concrete goal and loop, but there is nothing wrong with simple games about just taking it all in and enjoying.

I really enjoyed the use of heaven, and how its a cat cafe. Considering how dream like the whole thing is, its hard to say if this is the characters personal heaven, if the Cafe is a heaven for the cats and your an angel, or something else. Really fun to think about.

Rescuing cats was a bit confusing at first, but I did get a hang of it, I do wish there was more feed back on things in general, a sound effect when you select and use items, I didnt realize I was over watering the plant the first time so a sound on that would have helped with that too, lots of little things like that could have helped alot I feel. Maybe something telling me how to get more fish and rods haha.

Overall was quite a fun little experience and again, the art was just mmm so nice, loved it.

Fantastic work

glad to hear your doing well!

I thought that's how you got the good ending actually! I just couldn't find the way to get the last of the hearts haha. Will have to come back and get that ending then!

(Thanks for the kind words, your too kind)

no problem! I uh 1000% got lucky balancing mine, cause I basically didn't balance it then gave the enemies +10 HP eheh.

Thanks for playing! 

Regen strats seem popular haha, but I can see why, its a fun one hehe.

It makes me very happy to hear peoples strats and how they won so thank you!

Really awesome entry!

A few of the things that stood out to me that were really well done, the game feel and visuals were spot on. The swing slowing you down was both smart cause it prevents spam and makes the gameplay more intentional, but also it adds a sense of weight to the attack. The visuals were just wonderful, not much else to say about them haha. And it had suck wonderful enemy variety. Having the HP be in world too was fantastic as well.

Things I want to note tho, I wish there was a signaling to a purpose, this could be one of two things. Either a score system to signal that its infinite and give the player a purpose of get high score. OR have a ending and clearly tell the player there is a ending, maybe with a progress percentage or level count. Its a minor nitpick but one that I do thing influenced my enjoyment.

The next thing I wanted to not is It was hard for me to tell if the dash was a dash or a melee attack, I think the reason for my confusion was that it looked like the character drew their sword during the dash.

But minor things aside this was just a very fun well executed arcade game, well done!

Regen stacking strats lets go!

Thanks so much for playing!

Im glad you enjoyed it! and also glad you beat it haha, thats always something I worry about, balancing is HARD.

I ended up sacrificing alot for polish, like content and tutorialization. So when she tells you not to worry, its best not to worry eheh.

Thanks so much for playing!

Hello fellow card game enjoyer haha.

This was a really awesome take, everything *can* die, enemy intents, power, status etc. But you don't want *something* to die was very clever! I am very impressed how clear everything was, I knew what I could and couldn't interact with at all times, and I was able to jump right into it with minimal instructions. 

Balance wise the healing felt really weak which becomes a bit of an issue imo when most of my attack options damage the enemy. I would end up with turns that I couldnt act because the enemy was at 1 HP and all my cards damaged them. But I did like the damage enemy cards, hell they are kinda core to the game. I suppose I would have just liked a spread  of more non damage enemy options, like maybe a attack that cant be used on enemy power specifically? hard to say! balance is hard haha.

This was really well done, a card game isnt easy to make and this one was fun, had strategy, and was just a blast. 

Fantastic work!

Such a awesome entry, I think its awesome to see games that are genuinely thoughtful made in such a short time. I couldn't find a way to """win""" but I would honestly believe that there is no way to prevent the ending. Its a very sad game, with such lovely pixel art too. Fantastic work.

I really cant think of anything that can improve on this that isn't alot more work then the time would allow. But If time wasn't a thing in the jam, it would have been awesome to see the game go for a few days or so, maybe, increasing the amount of "locked" hearts each day to kinda help people with less experience with what its like to have a sense of hopelessness and being shut it, create that sense that things are only getting worse. I think it might make the game a bit more tedious, but that might be good for the themeing, part of what makes being shut it so mentally draining is how easy it is for life to start feeling horrifically tedious. But again, adding a day system and dragging content out isnt realistic of for a jam time limit haha.

What you made here is damn fantastic, covering pretty damn relatable feelings especially with the pandemic. Amazing pixel art, and even a outfit selector. 10/10

Fantastic work! (and if you ever need to talk dont hesitate to ask!)

ok this game is pretty hilarious lol.

The gun is super powerful and feels great! probably needs a range limit tho, I think it gets even better the further away you are. My best run I stood outside of the house and just shot none stop, I kinda carved through the whole house like that. Lots of fun to do so hehe. 

I really couldn't tell if I there was a good way to tell if something was possessed, I kinda just shot everything, I bet the phone tells me but you can shoot so fast that it seemed easy enough to just unload. The service sheet wasnt very clear if I was losing money for wrong shots, could be a good way to make the game alot more thinky solvey, but tbh had a blast blasting everything. 

The physics and destructability was just a joy to mess around with especially with the music and themeing. Really just all around such a great way to take a jam game, a quick but fun take on the theme. really great.

The sensitivity felt a bit low for me personally, but it wasnt that bad, obviously an options menu would help but not the fastest thing to implement at the end of the jam.

Best score I got was with the "stand out side and bombard the house" strat and was about 7000k total

The visuals were fantastic, very clear, and lots of assets to shoot. The gun sounds and effects were really great, and the style of the service sheet was perfecto. Presentation was just great all around.

Really awesome work, the systems seemed technical to make but are wrapped in a fun concept thats quite the game! also should out to my favorite ghost blaster, Jammy.

very fun!

Did submit so cant rate but:

really awesome entry! was a very awesome take on the limit, and it lead to some pretty chaotic stuff. Well done.

The little leaning the character does while moving is perfect and it really does feel like a robot with one wheel. Well done

A few things I defiantly would have liked to see tho

I wish the camera was zoomed out. This is essentially a bullet hell where you make the bullets (a very clever twist) but I felt like 80% of my deaths were from offscreen bullets. Plus I feel seeing more of the map would have lead to more a satisfying "look at all these bullets!" sort of vibe. Plus seeing how painted more of the map is would nice. I think this game would have been a great candidate for having a stationary camera that views the whole level actually.

Only other criticism for me is that I didn't realize the other robots weren't enemies until the last level haha. I was doing my best to avoid them thinking touching them would be death. In the last level when I found out they were friendly I used them as shields. Maybe if they didnt chase the player down they would have seem friendly faster? just a thought.

But yeah those two nitpicks aside great work, Juicy and Fun. The ending credits were very charming as well!

Great job yall!

ooo that's good to know actually! 


Bloody Amazing entry! Seriously.

Big teams are always a risk but yall pull together a very talented group and did amazing.

Some things I would like to note personally (note given the time frame its 100% understandable these where considered/brought up):

The font was kind of hard to read, the outline didn't help that much. Just wish it was all bolded tbh. Would have added to the more cartoony vibe too.

I wish there was more movement in the characters, game feels very static in places. Since animating would have taken way to much time, a simple, idle pulsating would have been nice. And the Animations that were it were SUPER fast, would have been okay in my mind if they shook around a bit more. If you were using do tween or some other tweening engine, you can use DoComplete to not have the tweens overlap and cause weird movement.

Energy costs weren't displayed for me so I kind of had to intuit costs initially.

Those minor nitpicks aside amazing work on everything, gameplay was fun and interesting, art was stunning, audio was great, music also just great, and the take on the limitation for me is fantastic as you used more than a D6. Having the type of dice being a key aspect what dice did is amazing!

Fantastic work all of you!

My absolute favorite game of the jam so far, its a perfect score from me tbh.

Such an awesome blend of mechanics, execetuted so well with such clear and awesome art.
Just amazing

There are a few things that could be added though to really drive the experience further! All these little points have the * of "but considering the tight time its probably better you didnt focus on these first.

The death animation is definitely a bit abrupt, would be nice for a proper death sequence rather than cutting away.

Skill Descriptions would help alot as getting dup skills was unclear what it was even doing.

Those two minor things aside this game was amazing.

Great work!

Really cool entry! it is very satisfying to get underneath a car and juggle it a bit!

The visuals all a round were super well done! and I just love how the music fit the tone perfectly.

I found I scored higher if I just embraced the carnage and went ham. I never really scored well if I tried to intentionally hit all the cars from the underside for the juggles. This isn't a criticism by the way, I think its great that the CARNAGE way of playing is better for scoring haha. 

I think I would have liked if the game was infinite with hazards, but that would have gotten rid of the bonus roll at the end. Which was super cleaver imo.

The take on the theme is really cool to me too, since its alot more about the ROLL than the DICE. A very clever take!

again really awesome work!

Such an awesome entry!

The visuals and sound are perfect imo, they nail a simple puzzle vibe.

The music and sounds are nice without ever getting annoying or repetitive, and the visuals are so clear and precise. Very well done!

The gameplay is very thoughtful, avoiding making reds is really fun! The RNG aspect of it is actually to its benefit too! makes the game very repayable and adds alot. one big flaw is the existence of the 1 < and the 6 >. I think removing those would add alot to the game.

Just seriously fun all around.

Great work!

Heh no problem! thanks for being in it

Very awesome entry with such great are!

I really enjoyed the idea of almost a management game between platforming levels. Picking the characters who are best at which levels. Tbh in this jam for is more of just a interesting life system, which hell, is still really cool!

The visuals were very strong, Had almost a doodle vibe which I loved.

My main criticism would be with the platforming which is actually extremely solid and fun. thing is tutorialization could have been strong. I say that cause I missed the part that tells you how to pick up objects and it had me stumped line a fool. Kind of on my end cause I didn't pay attention heh. 

overall very awesome entry! seeing a overworld screen was exciting as hell

Thank you so much for the nice comment!

Really awesome entry! A pretty straight forward puzzle platformer but I think the power ups added a bit of depth. I do wish there was a few more levels however to really play with it. 

Something that stood out to me was how you would sometimes want to skip a power up until the path to where to die with it was opened up. That is a really interesting realization that could lead to sick puzzles, and would have been nice to see expanded on more.

and hot damn that death blood is really awesome! Its adds alot to the visuals imo, other wise I would have complained the game was a bit too 1 tone. The Bright red really sprinkles in good contrast as it stands out super well!

My biggest issue I have tho, and this is for alot of jam games tbh, I didn't feel any coyote time. Which is when you walk off a edge, if the player presses jump late there is a window in which is still counts. Its a key feature for platformer feel imo. 

Side note, X doesnt work for me dying it seems. R does tho so no biggy.

Seriously great work all around! All critisism is with the invisible foot note of: But considering the time limit these might not have been top priority

Thanks for playing!

And yeeeee was my first time messing with the head tracking so definitely got some demon vibes from some of them. I decided since they are a cult its works tho haha. 

(1 edit)

Super awesome entry! was very fun to run around and try to not.. die in a very slow way hehe.

My 50K+ strat:
Instantly buy both schooling and sell your Eye and Lungs (you dont need them)

Buy life insurance off cool down, this is 100% of your score tbh

When you bars are high work at the $$$ work.

Any time your lungs are full, walk over and deal with mental and wife.

If your kids want stuff buy it from $ store.

WATCH YOUR LUNGS, they burn your HP and forgetting to watch them is what killed my 66K run. 

Once things start to get harder because your traveling too much between Stores and work, sell your kidneys, and start staying at the $$ work instead, so you can jump to hospital or shop instantly.

Your goal in the later game is to just survive between the insurance cool down, your metals matter more than the other things. If things get dire you could sell your leg to afford bills and such.

I believe this Strat could easily break 500k if played better, my 66K run died to accidentally walking with my lungs dead. The insurance payout Doubles per buy so buy it often and early. 

Now as for feedback now that my start sharing is done lol.

I Love this type of game, was really well designed all around and fun to play. If you had a leaderboard I would shoot for number one. Having the "financial goals" was such a cute and smart way to set up a "target score" too! I think your game over screen should highlight which one you got, would be like a ranking system. S A B C F sort of deal.

A few flaws that I think could be dealt with, depending if you view them as flaws:

The shops have no differences but price, like the longer shops don't seem to make the time between tantrums longer I found. Or if they do I got very mixed signals form it. So either more clearity of a slight change would be nice. HOWEVER this could be considered the point, since the locations of the shops could be part of your routing and strategies. Again I start working in the south since the $ shop is right next to it. So this is a minor complaint if even one.

I wish bills had a more clear indicator of when they get paid off, a small cha ching with a number pop up  by your money maybe. Would help with timing Insurance resets too!

The art blended pretty well considering, but not perfectly. Making it greyscale really hit that the assets are pretty scattered, but its still a bit noticeable. This is all perfectly fine btw, it is a jam game, but something to consider is that having so many different pixel sizes and art styles was a big jarring visually.

Okay seriously awesome game, I had a ton of fun!
Really fantastic work!

Thanks, it came out better than I thought with the voices even if the implimentation was quite simple haha!

And yee, the server peeps get to be forever in a game. Maybe ill reference more people more often!

Fai'Lures paper work is just gonna be a few letters to Management and HR.
Also reports on damages.
shouldnt take them more than 100 hundred years

Its neat seeing so many narrative takes on the limit, and this one was done quite well to boot!

The puzzles where actually really fun to solve, though I did need a piece of paper for them haha.

Had a very strong spooky vibe. Not sure what it is about the silence and text explaining your death that spooks me so, but hell it works on me well.

Was not a fan of the maze personally. The enemies just felt like they would get stuck. And sometimes block the path for a long while if there was 2-3 of them in one spot. made the maze take quite a bit longer for me.

but really amazing work! and suck a sad spooky story

Cute little entry! was a really cool take on the limit, and was very well shown/explained.

Two minor issues imo. The Audio. Its not that its bad, its just that every enemy makes the same sound at the same time, so it overlaps and gets ear bleedingly loud all stacked together. second issue was it wasnt always clear where enemies were gonna move so it takes away alot from any sort of puzzle feel, and felt more like wiggling around till an enemy lined up. 

Those two minor things aside tho I still had fun! the mechanic is simple and clear.

Great work!

Oh wow, what a fantastic entry.
note the size of the two sections doesnt anything other than how detailed I felt I could be!

The Goods:

Everything really, the visuals, audio, gameplay and story were all wins for me.
The boss was hard but fair, I only really got messed up hard when I tried to rush.
Really I have nothing constructive to say about that goods other than, holy hell gg.

Also having a trailer is what got me to check this game out initially, when I saw you post it in the discord I had to play it.

Any jam game with any story is a winner in my book, it takes a gameplay showcase and makes it into a full package imo which enhances the feel amazingly. Plus as far as Story takes on the Limit, this one is amazing. Super awesome

The Less Goods:

The controls where a little clunky at first. when started realizing that your not supposed to be jumping constantly it became alot smoother tho! so it feels intentional to create a more grounded fighting system about parrys and the dash. So really this negative is more a possitive.

What doesnt have as much of a positive side to it imo is how slow you move because your dash takes HP so your not going to use it for movement. While making the dash free I think would take away to the intent and feel, maybe having some of the areas not having parts that need the jump would be nice. IE have the levels all be straight and flat, that way you can fast walk without stop.

more of a Bug report here, after dying to the boss a few times alot of the UI started acting funky, my HP bar disappeared, the final ability pick ups name was all messed up eventually. HOWEVER, since the game is very clear when you get hit and you can if your skilled avoid all damage, I was still able to continue and beat the boss without seeing my own HP bar. When in doubt, don't get hit lol

Seriously amazing, this is already gem in my book.

(2 edits)

wow you really nailed an atmosphere. Like too much of one for me tbh hehe, been having dream issues recently so dont want more nightmare fuel. Got to day 4 before the anticipation kind of spooked me. 

Imo Jam games are at their best when they pick one aspect and really nail it. The shaders, lack of music, sounds, and just day based repetitive gameplay with limited explanation. All of that Nailed home a atmosphere, GGs. If you add random little foot step noises randomly around the player or other kinda "what was that" sounds the game would basically be a horror game.

Note, if you click off, the game doesn't let you rehide your mouse in the game, and it makes it alot harder to play. So if I clicked out I had to refresh the game. Also on the note of controls sensitivity felt very low for me

in The "bad" ending I couldn't tell if I was moving so I was totally expecting it to be a cutscene with a jump scare at first lol.

Again I didnt finish, but I might come back before the jam ends to see what happens on the final day! (im heading to bed soon so I am not ready).

Really great work, the physics were fun to play with and the atmosphere spooked me good,

Super super great game as usual. 

The Good:

The controls feel great, the animations and sounds are all extremely high quality. The ability to keep spinning on the ground by holding the button is amazing. Makes me think of a super jump where you just spin on the ground then Boost. 

note for me is any Jam game with context/narrative is a HUGE step up by default. Turns a jam entry from a small little thing to something to remember, specially if the writting and characters are so charming

Game gave me vibes to alot of really good games, Celeste, Short hike, and others.

The Less Good:

I think a few peeps on the discord mentioned the difficulty spike, there is a few I found. Difficulty will be very subject, while I think you nailed it and it was fun through out, others might be turned off by a sudden wall.

I think the platforms and level end platforms were to similar, During the first long, travel right with the wind segment I kept dying. Then finally when I hit the platform I assumed was the level end, proceeded to pop off it and die. The Level ends do glow, but I didn't notice the difference until after than set back. Maybe if there was a glowy beam or like a icon on top of it.

Final thing I want to note is it felt like there was alot of times where I had to, glide, then release it quickly to hit jump again. While this isn't a flaw directly, it just was a very unnatural feeling input. Perhaps the player could have two jump buttons? would be very odd but would make that maneuver alot easier

BTW dont let the size of the sections imply anything. This game is flipping amazing, and there is so much more good. I am just alot better at writting out my thoughts on the critical parts.

Amazing work!

Oh yep I started doing that haha, its actually a better solution since means I can just set it to sipping whenever I am actually taking a sip.

thanks for the response tho!

Heya saw your comment and decided to give this a try!

I am doing video feedback, so you get a video too! 

Thanks! Our Musician is really talented!

Thank you!