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thank you, rat bastard

it took me like 5 minutes to get past the menu

Thanks B)

i hate the person who made this game i hope you rot in hell

Thank you!

This was definitely interesting to watch! Thank you for playing my game, and thanks for the feedback! As I've mentioned before, the empty rooms were intended to build atmosphere, but that flopped. With future games I'll also be sure to include a version to download.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! The spiders and brooms weren't meant to kill you, just be a challenge. I realize that the empty rooms are tedious, sorry about that; I originally made them to pad out the game because I felt like it was lacking length, as well as to give it some atmosphere. Same goes for the lack of background music on the atmosphere part. Unfortunately I didn't know of any way to fix the physics and prevent things like that box you mentioned, due to a lack of knowledge and time. Again, thank you for the feedback!

Definitely a cool game! Nice job.

Thank you! Past that point isn't a whole lot, but again thanks for the feedback and taking the time to play my game!

Definitely a cool little game. Difficult, too. My high score is 48 with a 1366x657 resolution. It'd be cool to see this expanded.

not cool man im crying irl please man don't do this

Thanks for the feedback and playing the game! On the potential, the lead developer has stated he'd rather just keep it at what it is and work on new projects instead. Again, thanks! :)