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no sound means there’s no real fair way to rate music

the file could have used one-space indentations (or one-tab, despite the objections of python’s space purists). even without that change, with a few flags to tar i was able to shrink your gzipped tarball to 1902 bytes, small enough to fit a version 32 QR rather than a version 33 QR. i’m rather impressed by your PNG file! both optipng and pngcrush wanted to enlarge the file rather than shrinking it!

as for the gameplay, it was mostly just standing still and holding F, occasionally switching to S. spacing the bushes further away from the generators, or perhaps having a timer and cooldown on hiding, might make the system more engaging

i accidentally exited the game with a tap in the lower right corner, which i understand to be a clever way to shrink the code, but it was a mix of confusion and frustration when it happened by mistake!

programs that simulate a PC, so that you can test the game. writing to USB and actually booting an actual computer from it is possible, but it’s not as fast as just running it in a simulator

certainly had to have clicked in the game window to have beaten it. but this game did not, to my recollection, bring up the notification that my mouse pointer had been captured. it was generally invisible though, which made it all the more unpredictable when i was going to go out of the window and die

Oh, I’m on a mac :D

For this challenge in particular, you’ll want two things, both installable through Homebrew. From a terminal, type:

brew install nasm qemu

This will give you both nasm (the assembler) and QEMU (a reasonable PC emulator). There are other options for both, but that’s what I used when making Snakelight!

Other nice emulators you might like to test with are DOSBox (available from brew install dosbox) or 86Box.

the biggest issue with this game is that while you the player are moved upon death, the cursor does not move to match your position, and moving outside of the player instantly freezes your movement. had many, many frustrating deaths because the player’s position didn’t match my cursor’s position

this game uses more than three buttons. i count A, D, M, Enter, and LMB for a total of at least five if i haven’t missed any. but the winning strategy is to just sit in one place and click directly above you over and over again, rendering A and D useless — a good thing, since the use of key names rather than scancodes makes this unplayable on some keyboard layouts. navigating the menus with your movement keys and the dash button would have worked just as well and stayed true to the “three buttons” limitation

that last level was tough! fun tho. consider using scancodes rather than key names though so that your game can control more easily — A, S, and D are rather far apart for some people!

weird! the web build calls out to PCjs, the same as what runs the DOS games on — maybe their site was glitchy? thanks for the response!

could you describe further what “doesn’t work” means? like, is it not showing up at all? not properly responding to J/L/space after being clicked into? i downloaded Mint’s 20.3 Cinnamon image and have no issues playing on a live usb

menus are very much part of the game

i love the very literal interpretation of the limitation here

that could be the issue: my controller’s D-pad reports as an analog stick. I’ve got another one with separate stick and pad, i’ll give that one a try here in a bit!

this game has some bugs and packaging issues. for one thing, it’s arm-only, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but restricts your audience. pyinstaller has an argument that allows creating a universal2 binary, that would allow this to run on intel macs. something that is more actually a problem is the lack of title.png in the root of your zip, which prevents the game from starting at all. i made a small all-black png with that name and it worked just fine! sort of. i pressed some keys at random trying to figure out how to move and this happened:

the man himself — and nothing else

i clipped into the wall, and fell through the world.

then i closed it, relaunched it, and upon completing the game and trying to restart, i see TypeError: main() missing 1 required positional argument: 'restart'. Looks like you’re calling something with one fewer argument than expected.

i love this! the difficulty is set perfectly, and it’s got the best aesthetics :3

i’ve got only two complaints: first, the jump button is mapped to controller but movement is not, so it wasn’t as comfortable to play as it could have been. and second, it took me a minute to figure out what to do with the boss. or even that they were a boss — after a death, i somehow convinced myself that that health bar was a platform (oops)

i’m not sure i got the intended strat on the last level, seemed tough, but upon finding that it was that last level that difficulty made sense! a nice game. might want to embiggen the game window in the game page’s settings though, as most of the tutorial content is invisible in the default view!

a! this game deserves to expand! the core mechanic is simple and engaging, and the challenge is set at roughly the right level :D

a nice little game somewhat lacking in variety. i found that without paying attention at all to what the enemy was, i could consistently just watch the clock and alternate Healing and Water attacks to fly through the game. it took a while for me to realize that “DOWN” is the orientation to hit — is there audio that just refused to play for me?

i reached the end! there were some janky physics in this game, and i skipped the entire last section with an accidentally-well-timed jump!

it was frustrating that i could move with my controller but not jump, as the A/D bindings are on opposite sides of the keyboard for me and two-handed movement gets weirdly confusing

overall? cute squirrel, would squirrel again

very cute! the controls were an annoyance though: W/A/D are spread very far apart on my layout, but i noticed the arrow keys and my controller were both moving me, so i interpreted this as you having provided multiple equivalent setups. however, neither the up-arrow nor any button on my controller prompted a jump! the up-arrow does perform the air-dash if you have already jumped tho

after resigning myself to moving with the controller and pressing W with the other hand to jump, i managed a comfortable score of 110. would play again :3

score: 110

i got a 1:32, not great but not bad. thanks for using scancodes instead of keycodes! personally had an easier time after remapping the controls to HTO instead of QWE (JKL for y’all qwerty users) just because i wanted to use my right hand, but it just working without a rebind was a pleasant surprise.


my only complaint is that i cannot for the life of me discern the topology of your surface. that is, i could not reliably predict where i would end up after wrapping through the circle’s boundary

this is a wonderfully cute little game! had to switch to firefox to get decent performance, but it was fun! proud of my sun hahaha

the sun, with a lot of colouring outside the lines

and my first goal out of this jam was to make something I liked within the alloted time

the best goal, and i very much hope you succeeded in that!

this game is improperly marked as supporting linux+mac+windows, but in reality is a windows-only game :c

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you claim full controller support, but that’s not quite the case! there’s no way to navigate the menus without the mouse! even still, thank you for including controller support at all!

also it counts as getting squished if you touch the bottom of a block regardless of whether you were on the ground or high in the air? that felt like a cheap death while bouncing on the green block! my high score is currently at 173. been enjoying playing in the “less-bloom” mode

high score: 173

oh, short, just two levels. it’s definitely good! wish it were a twin-stick though, this control scheme is impossible

the game would be significantly more playable if it used scancodes instead of keycodes, or if arrow-keys were allowed for movement, or if it had controller support at all, so that i could play without having to reach all the way across the keyboard to reach your chosen movement keys

aside from the playability issues, the game looks pretty great. i’d definitely look into touching up the fonts used on the continue/quit buttons, but yeah it’s nice

i very much appreciate your adding controller support! i’m using a six-button pad, so i’m not sure if a PS4-style controller would have made it make more sense, but i still wasn’t certain even at the end of the game which colour i would be when i pressed a switch button

seeing the enemies clip into the wall on that one level was a bit jarring. would have expected them to turn around

but overall this was a fun little puzzle platformer :3

took a bit to figure out the controls (was expecting LMB over space personally), but once you know what to press, it’s just a slight wiggle of the mouse and a mashing of the spacebar

would have liked to see a score counter or similar to incentivize progress, as well as a difficulty curve that isn’t completely flat

the biggest issue is the enemies’ hitbox sizes actually. they’ll kill you well before they’ve actually touched you, but equally so they’ll get killed with your projectile rather far away. the massive hitboxes relative to the sprites makes the game considerably easier than it would be if they actually matched up

i couldn’t figure out of it’s actually possible to defeat your shadow, but i could end the game in style thanks to the invincibility you get by holding space

some absolute chonkers of enemies

a nice game. the minimalist sfx were enough to get the point across without being annoying. need a way to return to title after you win tho so people can play again! (actually, having title screen would be nice!)

it took me a couple deaths to realize i couldn’t move with my controller lol

ooh so close to a win too — 200 is the end! if you do pick up a pico and build your own, i’d love to see what you make with it :3

i did, it was a fun little game :3

a nice little shoot-em-up. it crashed and reloaded the page once, but i think that may have just been my browser acting up. the music is a bop, tho it could use less silence between loops. making the enemy always be earthy seems to be the easiest way to win, so there might be some balance tweaks possible

yeah unfortunately the version of SDL2 that comes with emscripten (the “build for web” tool) doesn’t support pointer-warping, for good reason lol. the desktop builds make sure to keep your pointer in-bounds, but i’ve not got a microsoft windows system to build/test with so i couldn’t complete the trifecta

celeste itself was a jam game! yours here is good too — just needs a couple small things to be great. making the wall-jumps instant would be nice, i thought the delay was intentional!

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this is for sure among my top 10 of what i’ve played so far! it’s an original mechanic that fits perfectly with the limitation. only thing holding this back in my eyes is weird lines that pop up in the backgrounds, probably some kind of unity scaling bug

the jump could also be improved by only jumping on press, rather than on held-and-grounded

found a nice easy way to rack up a bunch of points :3

this game is cute and fun! i’m not sure what’s going on with the paint, but sometimes it appears as soon as you step on the square, and sometimes it appears only after stepping/jumping off — and the deaths seemed equally inconsistent. There were definitely some levels i shouldn’t have completed on the attempt i completed them, because i for sure stepped on some paint

i try to complete every game before i leave a rating, and this was no exception — seeing that it was endless, i considered “completion” as “emptying the shop”. that took a while! at least a couple hours — long enough that a pause button would have been appreciated

graphically the game is overall fairly nice, tho if i had to complain it would definitely be about the clouds, as their pixel size is noticeably different from that of everything else. it’s as if they’re supposed to be right up against the camera, but they’re clearly also behind everything

i’m not normally into tower-defense style games so i don’t know much about how they tend to play out, but i’m not sure it’s even possible to take damage in this one? multiple times i would move out of the game to chat in discord and the only time my health was lower than full was when i upgraded my max HP and didn’t buy the refill to top off the new capacity

speaking of the upgrades, in one trip i bought the top, bottom, and second-from-bottom HP upgrades, leaving the second-from-top. But after the next round when i reappeared in the shop, it was the topmost that remained available for purchase. it’s as if you just counted how many remained, expecting people to buy from the bottom up?

oo a gameboy game has cropped up again! you love to see it!

i normally can’t stand games with a heavy narrative/dialogue focus, but this one pulled it off rather well in my opinion. and of course no 8-bit top-down game is complete without an “ice puzzle”~