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A jam submission

Pawer DashView game page

An action platformer where dashing is your only weapon
Submitted by Gatlink (@_gatlink) — 3 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
interpretation of the Limitation#773.2263.226

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Just me, Gatlink

Software used
Godot, Inkscape, Tenacity

Use of the limitation
The player has to put energy into a robot to make it overload, but by doing so the robot becomes more chaotic in its behavior.

Cookies eaten
Around 3 I think...

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This is a great doggo, I loved the run animation :)

The concept is great, forcing the player to put themselves directly in harms way in order to gain power adds a lot of fun and challenge. The gameplay itself is satisfyingly tricky, feeling great when you manage to time a dash just right. 

I'd suggest reducing the time between opening the orb a little, as I found myself frequently missing when it opened - having to wait until it opens again when already at full power often ended up with me finding a safe-ish spot to hide. The progression is great though as the orb gets more aggressive.


Thanks for the nice comment!

I agree with you, the game becomes a bit dull when you are charged up and waiting for an opening. If I were to work on that game again, I would make it easier to dash through the core (bigger hitbox for example), and make the core opening more frequent once the player is completely charged up.


Cute doggo and fun concept. However, I couldn't get the core to take damage when dashing into it. Every attempt I made, the character went through the core while dashing but didn't do anything. Probably an error on my part.


Thanks for you comment, and sorry for that problem! If you're charged up but nothing happens when you dash through the core, it might be because of a bug that I didn't catch during my test. I hope you still enjoyed the game!


I like the dog animation.
I don't know what to do when the enemy is at the edge of screen and can't attack it.. 


you can only "attack" the enemy by dashing through its core (the blue orb you see when it opens up). In the meantime, you have to dodge though it's attacks to charge up, so when you dash through the orb you'll transfer all your charge.

Thanks for the compliment on the animation!


Wow, this is hard. Nice atmospherics. Good job!


I liked the concept and the direction the game took. A little too difficult to reach the core to hit it though. I was struggling hah great job


Very nice drawings! So hard !


Good game :D Not so easy, but waiting for the core to open becomes a bit boring if you gathered to all the energy and missed the core. But obviously it's a minor thing, overall good job!


Awesome submission. Found it really fun and the balance between nailing the timing perfectly to absorb energy and just off to get hurt felt fantastic. Super easy to adapt to but with enough challenge to keep it interesting!


The dashing felt solid and the challenge was fun, really cool game!


I thought the relationship between dashing through attacks and delivering it back to boss was really cool and unique. The game also got quite chaotic and the music and visuals were on point! Very awesome


The feedbacks and animations in your games are so cool, it's very satisfying! I'm sad the dog died because of me though. Great work!


Nice game! The art is very cute, & the music definitely gives off the boss battle vibe. I tried dashing into the core like the description said, but no damage was dealt to the boss. I could just be not understanding it properly, but I'm not really sure. Overall, fun game!


you need to charge up first, by dashing through its attacks. Then you need to dash through the core, the blue orb. But even then I think there is a bug where dashing doesn't transfer the energy properly.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the art!


As already said, the puppy is really cute and the animation is really nice, how did you do it ?

I didn't easily get what to do and when to do it, that's the main issue I found.

By the way, I like what you did with the boss fight, it's something I didn't really experiment yet, that's inspiring. As ppl told it lacks a bit of explanation or context but... look those cute dog eyes :D



Hi, thanks for your comment! I've been using Godot's AnimationPlayer to manipulate the scale and rotation of the sprites mostly, with nice easing. The idle animation for exemple is one sprite which scale I push to 1.1 and back to 1. I try to apply the basic principle of animation (try to look for The 12 Principles of Animation), but even then I don't go too far, mostly squash and stretch.

I'm aware of the problem new players can have at grasping the concept, but as you can guess I ran out of time. I should at least put gifs on the store page to show what needs to be done, but with work and the jam and I was exhausted today.

Thanks again!


Yeah totally understand ^^ Thanks for the principles, I'll have a look. Reming me of a book I read many years ago: "animator's survival kit"


The concept is great, I enjoyed it  a lot.


A definitely original idea! I like the bossfight against the orb. The first time you play, it's not quite clear what you need to do, though.


fun game! like the art in the game. sadly I could be the boss, gave up but great game


Really loved the art on your game, the dog was really well-drawn! I didn't really get the game until I read the description, if you had put the directions right there on the start screen it might've made it more engaging imho. Loved this submission though!


At first I was pretty lost about how to play and how to kill that machine... haha 

Maybe the concept with a cute dog and a machine throwing lasers needs some kind of context or some artistic way to attach them in the same game.

Also I felt the progress of the game a bit slow, I couldn't get until the end... 

The mechanics looks pretty well polished though.

I hope you take it as a constructive feedback and a humble opinion.


I had planned to give the dog a harness with some kind of lightning rod on it to explain how it would absorb the energy. But mostly I just wanted to put a dog in my game x)

Thanks for you comment!


The actual art looks good. The animations in which just the independent parts of the sprites move.

I like the concept of the gameplay, mainly because I like single screen boss-fights, with multiple phases. There is one big flaw, the dog controls a bit sluggish, with the jump especially. I can't really pin-point why, it might have something to do with the non-smooth dog animation

The sound and music are nothing special.

Overall competently made, but most likely not for me :>


The dog looks amazing


Thanks, I drew it with my dog as reference :D

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