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Alpha Zoo

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Thanks! Great stuff, really mature workflow and it shows.

This is excellent! What did you use to create the music?


Thanks! Yeah, I need to fix that.

Thanks! I thought about it and they didn't feel right because of the movement up and down, but I do wish I'd gone with ASD and JKL instead of 6 on one side.

Cool. Would you recommend it?

I laughed. Your sense of style is crazy and wonderful. Keep up the good work!

A little more gravity would be good. I was able to beat the game almost without using the springs or the tornados, just by triple jumping. But very fun, good job!

Pretty. Is there a button for triggering the lightning effect, or is it under program control?

Cool. Cool cool cool. The jump is tricky. The power switching is very nice. Congrats on making it in three hours!

Beautiful atmospherics. Play control's a bit tricky. Really enjoyable. Please keep working on this one! It has great promise as a very good platformer.

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PS the music, Ozzed. Where's that from? Edit: never mind, I see it. Thanks!

Okay, your concept is simple, but your polish and juice and style are danged good. I really like it.

Good job, guys! I laughed at "here lies tree". It's been literally 15 years since I made a game in Java; what did you do to make it? For Javascript, you might try pixi.js, which works pretty well for making fast game prototypes. (I recently wrote a 7 day pixi guide).

This is so hard and so fun. It feels like the snowman has a really precarious life, which is about right for a snowman. With some work to make it juicy, I could see this being a very very fun mobile game. Good job!

This is delightful. Having to use opposite colors makes it about twice as hard as it would be otherwise. It has a lot of tactile, juicy sense. The twee sound in particular is wonderful.

120 seconds by the way, today. I parked the clouds over two swords and held the thorn bush and used it about 80% of the time to protect the third sword and 20% of the time to deal damage to clumps of enemies. Worked pretty well!

Thanks! It is too hard. I can beat the first two levels (some practice with Stepmania, or dancing with my fingers generally), but I can't beat the third one.

Thanks though!

I agree! With more time I'd like to rebalance it, and tweak the control sensitivity a little bit.

Thanks! I don't know if you saw, but I got them from, which ... sigh, was on sale. Would recommend at the sale price of $7.50!

This has a really nice kirbyesque feel. I really liked saving trees. thanks!

A bit rough, still very fun. I like that that one vine was kinda hidden. Good style, good job!

This is actually a pretty nice concept, and the build you turned in did get the concept across, so, good job! Heck of a good job for one hour. I'm lucky; I had grandma watching my one little one, so I got the full three hours ^_^

Poor little robot! Good idea, has promise. will you keep working on it?

43. Alternating rotation is such a great way to add some real gameplay to a one button game. Also, your effects are really juicy, good job!

I hope this turns into a one button iPhone game someday.

This game is so hard. I could never survive the first wave until I realized i could just run off screen to the left ^_^

I like your effects and the clean controls. You can get some great free backgrounds at or

Congrats on finishing!

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Ha, cute cat. I'd prefer to see it centered towards the middle of the screen. You can also get a cheap motion effect by making the picture bigger and then very slowly moving it to the left. Good stuff.

Edit: oh, and that's some great audio.

No shame in low effort! I still enjoyed it, and I was particularly happy it had an actual story and a nice message.

Thank you! I have a lot of convenience methods from prior games to build on and it really helps.

A friend of mine suggested it's not the number of keys but those specific 6, because they don't naturally fit one or two hands. I think I'm going to try changing it to A S D J K L and see if that works better.

If you heard the take damage sound, it probably robbed you of a heart! That's a bug and I'll investigate. thanks for letting me know!

Oh, the timelapse will do, thanks!

Man, this is beautiful! Nice, easy to control, feels gentle even while you're dodging disasters.

I laughed out loud every single time I smashed a building. Rad game.

This is a great use of the theme and a really fun game to boot. Thanks!

Your hand drawn animation is charming and game is really elegant and clean. Love it, thanks!

I LOVE THIS. Beautifully polished, clean style, very nice use of the theme, great controls, particle effects were a nice touch, good difficulty level. I won it on my third try, 94/99, but I was sweating bullets the whole time. It's huge, so it's a great use of level generation to extend the play time.

If you ever expand on this, could you had a level with a branching maze? It would have that nice metroidvania touch of exploration and backtracking.

I seriously love this game. Thank you!

Thanks! Yeah, I'd like to have had a scoring system. If I work on the game more, it's one of the first handful of things I'll do.

I'm really happy that this exists, because the concept is great. Game is really hard. Coloration in the second level makes good sense as you describe it, but is not intuitive as gameplay. Cool stuff. I'd like to see this one explored further in a longer game jam. Thanks!

Control style is really interesting. Being able to hit yourself makes it super hard. I was thinking "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" the whole time. High score 4 after like 10 tries. Thanks!