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Head Square (LRJ2018)View game page

Submitted by br0ken_m1nd (@__br0ken_m1nd__) — 29 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#424.6504.650

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I dig this!   Also nice to see a Java entry.  The game design is pretty clever, there seems to be incentive to push down more blocks faster instead of waiting for them to stack up.  There seems to be a jumping bug (?) - sometimes when I push down a red block, I get launched (sometimes into another block, can be frustrating).  I like the audio, very 80s arcade sound.


First of all, thank's for playing and for the review. 

I see you connected with the game. You are correct, instead of waiting you gotta push them down faster, that way you won't be stuck. 

About the bug, I've seen many people with this problem, I hope to fix it tomorrow, since today I don't much time left to do it.

Once again, thank's for the playing it.


I found if you hold the down arrow while landing it prevents the launching bug. Makes it a lot easier.


It's super lovely. The audio and the little bit "hard" moving hero remember me my Atari2600 when I was a kid.


Thank's for playing!


this is the best game i hear every time!


Thank's for playing it and thank's for the review.


Nice entry !
The gameplay is very simple and effective. I like this kind of action-puzzle games, and the fact that the player is not just pushing single blocks but entire lines. The addition of different kinds of block is good and allows for more strategy.

Great job ! (my high score is 58, so far).


Thank's for the review. Wait a second, 58 is more than I did, did you just beat me on my own game? ahahah Well done.


A sweet little game. I can't help but wonder if that's a fantasy console of yours or something.

Developer (2 edits)

It's a phantasy console of mine. It's not finished yet, it has some bugs that need to be fixed, but it was enough to create this game in its current state. Right now it's using a palette of 24 colors (16 are pico8) the rest are colors  of my choice, note that, in the final version I will probably use all colors of my choice. The rest of the console is pretty much like Pico 8, the difference is that its mine and stuff on the core works differently. In the future I intend to create a Phantasy Console just for LowRezJam and one with less limitations like PixelVision 8, but this year I've been really busy, well at least Singulair 64 is gonna be finished or almost finished. Thanks for the review.


Oh and I still have to port it to android, that's gonna take a few days.


Interesting game! I like the style and am impressed this has been created with a fantasy console you have made! Like others I noticed a few bugs - randomly killed by blocks sometimes. I also noticed a weird thing where I would jump again after moving the grid down without touching any keys. Would be intrigued to see if you take this further - reminds me of a classic arcade style mobile game.


Thank's for the review, much appreciated. It's weird, I've noticed the "Super Jump" bug, but I haven't been killed randomly by blocks. Perhaps I'm too cautious playing it. Let's see you, you can only jump to the block, if it's on the ground, if it is still coming down, and you touch it, you die.

I'm gonna try to fix the bugs later, I'm still playing lots of entries and rating them. Again, thank's for playing the game and reviewing it.


Good game, I did 30. Sometimes the character gives a weird super jump. 


Thanks for playing. When you get the hang of it, you can score more than 40 easily. The super jump is bug, I'm gonna look into it later. Thanks again.


The first thing that stood out to me in this game was the seizure inducing background; thankfully I'm not prone to them. The idea behind the game play is a good one; although it took me a couple tries to figure out what you were meant to do. I'm not sure the execution was spot on. It seems like just touching the side of the falling squares kills you, which i'm not sure is intended or not. Also, there was a moment where I was way above the falling block and it counted as being crushed by it when I didn't even make contact with it. 

The jumping mechanics felt a bit off, very fast and you fall about the same speed you jump. 

Overall, it's a nice game, but I think it needed a few tweeks that would have made it a lot better.


Thanks for the playing and for the review. 

1º - If a block is not yet placed on the ground and you touch it, you will die.

2º - I will change the background on the next update.

3º - I'm gonna take a look at the jumping mechanics, but I don't really want to be changing it much because the jam is over and I want the game to be evaluated for what it was when the competition ended. 

Again, thank's for the review, this is the best one so far.


Good game, I tried it a couple of time and my best try was level 4 with a score of 33. I would like to try the game with a calmer or static background to see if I could concentrate more on the boxes. I was a lof of fun to play.


Thank's for playing. The background will be fixed on the next update. Hope you try it again. Thanks

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Not bad, it's a cool highscore game with evoluting gameplay. But you should really change the background.


Thanks for playing. Is the background to fast? Or is it just a bad background? aahah


The colors hurt my eyes, man, haha. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one to say that.

Developer (1 edit)

I see, perhaps if I slow down or stop the animation, it won't affect anymore ahah I'll find a solution on the next update. Thanks for the review!

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