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Do you feel inspiration now ?

If you want learning to code alone you have to love spaghettis.

J'utilise le pad livré avec la Freebox. Ce n'est pas une référence.

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Je rajoute juste que ce serait bien de monter un peu le volume du jeu.


Honnêtement je n'ai pas testé super longtemps parce que mon gamepad n'est pas reconnu et je suis un peu feignant pour un jeu de baston au clavier MAIS je trouve l'ambiance très réussi. J'aime surtout beaucoup les arrières plans en gros pixels. L'animation de début est un gros plus. L'ensemble me rappelle un peu la nes. 

Bravo !

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mmmmmm. I'm bad at programming but I'd like to do a small thing for this jam. What about a war fog or a dungeon in the darkness with a torch ? Or a mine sweeper ? Or a guess the number ? Or a memory game ? Or a game with the space shuttle "Discovery" ?

Prems. Yeah !!!!!!!

I loved it. The cool ambiance. The puzzles. The time to finish the game is just perfect for me. 

Bravo ! ! !

The rendering is impressive and the ambiance is really dark even with the tiny heroes. You should continue this.

It's super lovely. The audio and the little bit "hard" moving hero remember me my Atari2600 when I was a kid.

It's really cool. I would be happy to reach the same quality.

Thank you. I'm glad to read that because it was one of my favorites game on the atari2600.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm a bit lazy now about the music now but the last version adds the auto-fire.

yes. It's the same game with other graphics.


My programming an physic skills are limited so I'd like to make a game in the Herocore style :

the hero flies and never jump. Is it allowed ?

Ok. I was so affraid to not finish my game that I made it in the Mac Donald's way. Finally it's not finished and it's not really a game but I was glad to participate to a game jam and learn a few things.

I'll try to spend more time on my next game to do something better.

1) Be sure to not move the exe file outside its own folder.

2) Can you tell me about your hardware and software ?


I'm sorry it doesn't work for you. I shall do my best to fix it but I'm not a real programmer so be indulgent please.

Just in case I wouldn't achieve to find a solution to this issue, don't be disapointed : the total game duration is about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the player's curiosity.


Solima_JamEdition1_08_Release :

Just a bit of music added from an artist called Visager. See "Read_me" file for details.

A few bugs fixed.

I've just tried it a few minutes and it is really cool.

Solima_JamEdition1_07_Release :

Small graphic update.

Solima_JamEdition1_07_Release :

Just a small graphic update.

Just a small bug fixing update and a bit of  polishing.

Thank you for all your advices. I'm ok with what you said. You describe how the game would look like if I was a good programmer. I have abandonned almost all the games I started so my 1st goal is to finish what I begin and I sent the minimal running game.

I hope to improve this small adventure with more interactions, choices and fights.

I'm so glad you included my "video game" in one of your videos. I discovered your YouTube channel a few months ago because I'm a big fan of the ludum dare and I like very much your cool style.

Thank you.

First minor graphics update.

Solima community · Created a new topic Updates
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Hi! This is not a revolution. Just the first minor update of the game. Just added a few graphics to turn the game a bit more cool.

Good flavor from the 80's.

Bravo !

It looks very cool. I'll try it.

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I am just at the beginning of a game supposed to be very short so I send just a first and maybe unique picture, just for those who like this kind of game flavor.

Thank you.

So it works fine and I can start the jam with my beloved Tools.

I think nobody needs this blue screen app anymore so I shall delete it. I hope to send a finished real game next time.

Hi! I'm bul71 and I didn't like to see this page totally empty because I really like the style of this jam.

This is my second jam and my only goal is to finish my game before the end of submissions time.

Good luck to everybody.

Have a nice day.

Thank you for this nice moment.

Thank you.

It's cool to take the time to read a poem. We should read and write more poems just to have a short time of rest and forget this world who want us to make so many things so quickly every day.