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Ok. I found what cause the issue :

I use the bank1. Everything back to normal using bank 0.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic cls(0) issue

Impossible to clear the screen with color 0.

What can I do ?

What are the limitations of the demo version ?

Sorry. I don't know what's a rom bunder.

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The only problems I see is not about the game itself :

1) It's the 1st time I can't use the Pico 8 plugin in full screen.

2) You should add a real link to download your game  because everybody is not familiar with the Pico 8 usages.

I didn't finished it yet but it's already my favorite Pico 8 game of 2023.

The game is super playable. The controls are super accurate.

The ambiance is super cosy.

The graphics are super cute.

The music is cool.

The difficulty increases nicely.

I hope to finish it soon because I'm not super patient at platform games but maybe this game is just perfect in its style.

Is it legally possible to use these rules in a video game ?

The game looked cool but seemed to have no end for me. Just a plain blue background to see.

I loved this game so much !

It is a masterpiece of story telling and animation.

I liked it a lot because it was totally dark and totally cute at the same time.

I'm in too !

I'm not sure to finish but I'll try to upload something a bit finished.

I'll try to stick to something very simple.

I tried Naalaa a few years ago and didn't do much with it. I never learnt and used Blitzmax.

I feel this jam like a good opportunity to redive into a Basic dialect.

I wish you positives things for 2023.

Your game gave me a very cool feeling on this 25 December evening.

Thank you.

I'm not sure. Can I add pictures just above the text like in "The Hobbit" for ZX Spectrum ? For example.

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Hi !

I tried the game on the Nestopia emulator but it didn't run.

This emulator told me there was a mapper issue or that the rom lacked of informations needed for the game to run.

It works perfectly on Mesen.

I waited to play this game for so long.

I'm so glad to play it and finish it today.

It's a super cool game.

One of my favorites on the Pico 8.

What about making a longer version on an other framework ?

I finished it.

It was cool but I missed 1 orb.

I guess I shall try it later.

It's beautiful and playable.

My favorite pico8 game of 2022.

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Yes ! It is super ok and it is wonderfully ok if you sent me a free copy of your game when it will be finished.

You can listen to newer things at :


After a few debugging things, you can now play "Solima" on your cool 2021 computer.

Do you autorize the using of your ruleset in free video games published on the web ?

Shall I have issues if I install XNA4 on my computer that already has Monogame installed ?

What means FNA version of the windows download ?

Is this a 64 or 32 bits plugin ? My daw ask for 64 bits only plugin.

I'm glad to have played this game.

Thank you, it's a lovely game.

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9100 mais je n'ai pas de patience.

Merci de nous replonger dans scramble.

J'ai cru voir des bugs d'affichage (barres grises verticales en haut de l'écran).

A part ça tout va bien.

Hi !

I'm new to Dragon ruby and Vs Code.

How can I write Dragon ruby apps with Vs Code ?

Thank you.

Hi !

Can we use your musics in a free game project ?

I wanted to send you a very special and cool reply but I lack of inspiration so :

"Thanks for playing !"

I did it but the sound cracks and the graphics are blurry.

It's done.

Happy new year !

I really liked the idea. Everything has been done well. The demos were enjoyable. The assets were cool.

The only thing I didn't like is the use of one graphic page for the custom font. I would prefer all the pages with sprites.

Thanks for this good jam.

I've just posted my submission on Lexaloffle with the tag toyboxjam. Is it enough to be linked to the launcher ?

I'll do my best tomorrow.

Ok. Now I've got the 12c version and everything works properly. The assets are cool.

No I've got the 12 version. I'll try to update my pico8 tonight.

I can't open files with my pico8. This is the 1st time it occurs.

Solima1_AfterJamEdition1_014_3_FR : jeu en plein écran en français.

Solima1_AfterJamEdition1_015 : full screen game in English.

J'aime vachement bien mais c'est trop dur pour moi. Je meurs tout le temps. Mais c'est quand même mon jeu préféré de cette jam.

Je trouve l'ambiance sympa. Il y a juste un endroit où je reste coincé dans un mur mais je crois que ça vient du level design.