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A "Spore-Core" Fantasy Trip for Weird People.
Submitted by The ChaosGrenade (@thechaosgrenade) — 18 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Great setting and layout. Mr. Spudface Armor is the best armor.

  • Possibly one of the most cohesive settings in this jam. A solid case study in designing game mechanics to reinforce flavor. 
  • Call me biased, but mean-spirited dunking on the Smurfs guarantees a 4-star rating, at nimimum. 
  • Impressive table of thematic abilities! 
  • Gear options make clever use of the PC's mini scale. 
  • The variety of suggested encounters opens up a lot of possibilities. Even the throwaway gag about hippies is actually a potentially terrifying plot hook.

Sir, this is an amazing review to wake up to. Thank you for the thorough and kind words!


dripping/oozing/stuffed full of that delicious, earthy, fungal flavor. Extremely fun and cool!!


Absolutely love the setting, the use of tiny mundane items as the gear is so delightful. The siblings rules is a brilliant solve for integrating a generally clunky re-spawning mechanic into the game's world seamlessly.  The traits add some much needed character choice to the base system which is pretty light in that regard. I can't wait to play this.


This is a blast. The premise is inventive, and everything is dripping with flavor and a perfect tone. I want to play this and watch the (slightly inappropriate but not really) kids' cartoon it would spawn if there was any justice in the world.


This is a great hack. The whole thing from the story to the design and mechanics oozes charm.


This is awesome! The art is great, the concept is amazingly good, the implementation is great - love the traits and the continual use of 2d6, especially love the items and cluster siblings!

Was some of the font custom too?


The font was "Magician" available on dafont and a bunch of other places. Thought it matched the tone and Skullfungus' artwork nicely!


It looked almost literally fit-to-purpose! Wow!


Love it! I always had a soft spot for small creatures in a regular size world. It also reminds me of Krasnoludki from Polish Folklore (they used to be more mushroom like beings, nowadays they are just garden variety gnomes). 

I would totally get it in a zine format and I am getting ready to run an adventure with it!


I can't wait to run this. Not content to just list a bunch of mushroom powers and call it a day, this offers a whole campaign premise with sweet and funny touches like forging alliances with neighborhood children, and thwarting the schemes of creatures that are legally distinct from smurfs. And terrific art!


Stunning and fun, what do we need more?