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my comments are mostly just an echo of what's been said already!! very impressed with the structure and thought and care that went into this!!

dripping/oozing/stuffed full of that delicious, earthy, fungal flavor. Extremely fun and cool!!

I'm so impressed by the set up for this game!! The meditate and train between rounds especially stands out to me as so spot on for the genre, and is not only a cool way to intersperse action scenes with player driven choices but also an elegant and evocative way to handle "advancement"! The only thing that's not immediately clear to me is how to handle pvp for the final round - opposed 2d6+relevant bonus rolls?

I'm so glad!! Haha, it's nice to know there are other philosophy friends out there :^). Thank you so much, and I love all of your suggestions! The wild swan chase has given me a stupidly wide grin, and all your example scenarios are brilliant! I think your comment that not all the ideas are universally useful too is very insightful, and not something I had considered very much - do you think the "problem children" like solipsism would be better off replaced by more widely applicable ideas?

thanks!! I wanted to hint towards the totally open ended nature of tabletop that I love while giving some structure so the new player can see what they can expect mechanically. Do you think the principles/agendas notes are useful/beneficial?

Thank you so much for the kind words!!

I'm looking for some help with Itch's tools for admin sharing/contributors to ensure as smooth a jam experience as possible! Is there anyway to set up a game page so that the profits are split evenly automatically between contributors?

I'm so glad you liked it!! I love your map as well! And I also am a huge sucker for stuff that humanizes "monsters". Thank you so much for your comment!!

Thank you!! I realized after I'd submitted it that the underground tower idea is almost certainly an idea planted in my brain from Annihilation but the Borges influence is really strong too (and also an incredible compliment to me, thank you!).

Thanks so much for your cool game!!

Thanks so much to everyone for making this such a beautiful jam!! This was my first rated jam, and it was so cool to read through as many games as possible to see how people interpreted the prompt.

Thanks for such a neat game!! I am stoked about the upcoming version, and I can't wait to see it!

I really like the idea of hopping to different islands each in their own little bubble of history. I think I understand the basic ideas from the english translation, but I'll try to make my comments rely too much on it. I think I generally agree with Lari that changing the layout of the rules will help make them clearer. 

Calling out themes and having each player be in charge of the theme that they're most interested in is very neat and direct! And I like that the way those themes are often put in conflict is through the factions and individual people of each island, putting the focus on the personal implications of the abstract ideals. I think I might appreciate a little more guidance on what could keep the player characters all in the same game together - my read so far is that themes are never in harmony, so that working alongside other players means you are either waiting to be in competitions against them, or you are currently caught up in such a competition.

I really love Invisible Cities :^D

This game is extremely cool!! I love the theme, and playing as successive wayfarers for successive Khans totally captures my imagination. In english at least, the game rules seem to be a little more tangled than I think the game really wants. I also think it might be a little tough to play with more than three players - although I love the leading questions, my impression of the Eyes seemed like they have a little less to do than the other characters (admittedly, only from reading!! I didn't get a chance to play). With all the cool card drawing, I also kind of found myself wishing for a card-based random location/item/etc table. Anyway, I don't want to make it sound like I have any real complaints!! I am really in awe at the way you managed to pack in so much flavor into the map making, not to mention the questions and scripted statements.

I really like the focus you've chosen, and thinking about megastructures in spaces and how they warp the area and other structures around them (until eventually they must fall). I really like the stage setting questions, and "Alternative Answer" in particular seems like a cool pbta-esque move to me.

Only reviewing the rules, since I never got a chance to play. I'm extremely into the scope of this game's history, and I love the twisting connections each player builds throughout the ages. I like the way you implemented the previous eras into each successive one. And the Interludes are both awesome! I wish the player options had a little more variety - the "disconnected terrain" deities don't quite capture my imagination, for example, and it seems like there might be some possible design space for the professions to expand into beyond multiple dots. I think it's nice that the rules are relaxed on how to draw the map, although I'd probably make my players draw in their terrain and buildings.  All in all, this seems very very cool, and a neat take on a map-drawing experience!

I did it!!!! so: I am appropriately pumped

only four hours left but I think I'm gonna make it!! been a long week of game jams for me.