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Vandel Arden

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How many pages are there? 

hey hey 👋 any update? 

I am kind of a grimdark person, but this gets me interested somehow. Let’s see. 

ok it’s 2AM and I am curious about the buzz. I guess it’s a bad idea to start in the dead of night… hrhrhrhr 

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looks great 😊 I have just printed it out and wonder if there are new supplements or sequels coming up? 

Hi there Snow, is the PDF also updated to the printed version? Or do you mean the Online Version?


I saw that this is no longer visible in your creator page. Is this no longer valid with Song Bird? 

mostly my own creations. That’s why there are both versions. 

nope, it’s relatively unclear in the source too. So I just make things up. Feel free to place dots 

this is really cool and nice to integrate!

can you explain more?

oh gosh it’s been ages. I will update in March 😅

ummm true. Do you have any mail I can reach out to? 

ummm no blog, maybe I should do one. I will notify you

oh that material needs to be put up still. Working on a second edition of the micro game currently 

thanks for your reply ! 

Feel free to send it over and I can upload it to the mix and put your name on the page regarding a colored version

feel free to share a picture of the final thing :)

True, that will be corrected.

Indeed, that would be great 😊 

Lots of great stuff created for the jam, I still have to look through everything. 

thanks! Let me know if everything is smooth during play

New Version is Up :D

Thanks a lot. I like your stuff too! 

So the screen versions of the maps are available as demos now. Also a new Blank version of the map.

yes, sorry it was delayed

Cool! I love your books. Sadly missed out on the last KS. 

Is it allowed to make adjustments and remixing the images after purchased, like swapping monster heads and so on?


ummm, making a discord is a pretty good idea. So far just Post feedback on it’s Project page comment 

oh this is very nicely done, I love it.

Do you allow people making hacks of the game? 

not till now. I should update it ! 

oh this was a fantastic read. I hope I can try it soon 

hey there, we love it. Is a printed edition planned? Would totally buy that. 

Hi there, will the Zine be in Print again?

Hi would it be possible to get a text only variant?

Cool stuff!

Gutter Scrolls are cheap Magic Scrolls 

Crazy! I am away for a week and will than update this with new content.

only 1 sale away from the updated maps 🤩

They loved it! Are you doing more adventures any time soon?