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it’s more open at this Moment. Maybe I will put more into it in a 2nd Edition.

This is one of the best adventures I have read this year and will soon run it. Simply amazing style & writing. 

and will the physical products also include the PDFs? That would be awesome.

any idea when the Deluxe Hardbacks will be ready to order? When it’s available I will buy all your physical products. 

that would be great. I really like the visual style you create. Even more than the original MB. 

i was just thinking, that all your material collected in a single big printed book would be nice

Do you have a physical bundle or compilation for all your MB products?

A supreme Adventure in style, Art and writing ✍️ 

Amazing !

this is a lot of surreal and stunning art. It gives me Wonder and Awe into my Mind. 

Hi Grant, is there a list of games using the system?

Oh excellent!

great content!

Cool stuff! I like to see more of you, Thomas.

ok i try to get that done

Its one of the most brilliant useful tools for my workflow! One of the recurring problems was to find a way to insert random PNGs into my mapmaking process. Steven's tool has solved this tiresome copy paste work in an elegant and flawless way, which keeps me speechless. MAyn thanks for creating this small coded gem!

Thanks! I really like your work here. 

Currently I am revising Micro Blades & World of Blades. 

There will also be Genres of classic Fantasy, Lovecraft Horror, Space Exploration & Steampunk.

If any of those themes are fun for you, I would love to read/playtest your take on them. 

Your design has inspired me a lot, as it is a fine tuned articulation of design questions, I had yet to answer. 

Would you mind if I refer to a few of your rules? (Including attribution) They are bold at those parts, where I had not depart from the core FitD yet.

I am deeply impressed by the streamlined design and writing. It is totally on point and has all info clear accessible. I would love to see more of this in different Genre and or more expansions to the existing pamphlets.

you did. Or did I? Or did the mountain ?

nice! The mountain was steep 

this is amazing. I love the simplicity and elegance!

oh wow, I am deeply inspired. It’s so simple, so elegant, I am completely speechless. I love it and will sure take it up for Stage 2 Design! 

hi I played it during Halloween and we were crawling very slowly between chapters. Maybe I did misunderstood something but we barely reached chapter five after 4 hours. 

But overall it’s written nicely but maybe needs to much creativity sometimes to flow nicely for my group.

All Edits done + New content

thanks Bruno! 

Also let me know how you like it so far 

More to come soon-ish

Yes I am :D Which reminds me I should add some stuff to it.

I can see your hard work here. And its really nice to see people spending so much efford into it. Well worth the time. I would love to see more of your stuff online.

Very well written and deeply enjoyable

Very cool ideas here. I really enjoy it.

Excellent layout, content and sleek execution.

Consistent and nicely done with neat ideas.

Amazing art and a very consistant feel to the setting. My favorite entry so far.

Oh well, this is simple and thoughtful 

I Love the Game idea! It’s a sleek little gem. 

An elegant blend of some of my favorite games, yet stands on its own with its soft and easy to read tone. A very sleek rpg gem and I am looking forward to see this in action.

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Haha, ok.

A very well made game. I am amazed by it.

This made me smile.