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Cool! I love your books. Sadly missed out on the last KS. 

Is it allowed to make adjustments and remixing the images after purchased, like swapping monster heads and so on?


ummm, making a discord is a pretty good idea. So far just Post feedback on it’s Project page comment 

oh this is very nicely done, I love it.

Do you allow people making hacks of the game? 

not till now. I should update it ! 

oh this was a fantastic read. I hope I can try it soon 

hey there, we love it. Is a printed edition planned? Would totally buy that. 

Hi there, will the Zine be in Print again?

Hi would it be possible to get a text only variant?

Cool stuff!

Gutter Scrolls are cheap Magic Scrolls 

Crazy! I am away for a week and will than update this with new content.

only 1 sale away from the updated maps 🤩

They loved it! Are you doing more adventures any time soon?

just run it for my Stars without Number campaign as a Oneshot. 

It was great to run and we succeeded with it in 4 hrs of play. 

The players enjoyed the variable encounters with the NPCs greatly. 

This adventure is totally worth it. 

holy moly, someone just paid 100$ 😆

now i really  should do an update 😊

yess and yes. New maps will be linked in this account. And a hex version will also come.

Will this be included in the Kickstarter as physical print? Maybe I have overlooked that.

Also funny thing is that today I update my rules :D

Sure no problem as long as you attribute it to me and include a link to my itch page.


hi there, will a print version be possible?

New additional maps are incoming soon. 

wie habt ihr das jetzt geregelt mit weiteren Veröffentlichungen in Deutschland? Ich bin selber interessiert einen erweiterten Hack von Cairn zu machen. 

hi, ist bereits eine deutsche Print Version geplant?

This looks very usefully 

oh this is lovely 😊 I will try using it 

this is very impressive game design !

Funky :D

my pleasure. 

I will add detailed maps of each region soon


😅 I am too dumb to find it. It’s the finest high flow font I had seen in a while. 

i meant the the other long font. 

what is the title font? It’s really cool.

That would be awesome :D 

No Idea how to do that though

i like clear Layouts for such table work. 

Always a pleasure, your stuff got me hyped in the first place :P

Very Cool, is there a tutorial on how to create such?