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Vandel Arden

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All Edits done + New content

thanks Bruno! 

Also let me know how you like it so far 

More to come soon-ish

Yes I am :D Which reminds me I should add some stuff to it.

I can see your hard work here. And its really nice to see people spending so much efford into it. Well worth the time. I would love to see more of your stuff online.

Very well written and deeply enjoyable

Very cool ideas here. I really enjoy it.

Excellent layout, content and sleek execution.

Consistent and nicely done with neat ideas.

Amazing art and a very consistant feel to the setting. My favorite entry so far.

Oh well, this is simple and thoughtful 

I Love the Game idea! It’s a sleek little gem. 

An elegant blend of some of my favorite games, yet stands on its own with its soft and easy to read tone. A very sleek rpg gem and I am looking forward to see this in action.

  • Item Card
  • Settlement Downtime Card

Haha, ok.

A very well made game. I am amazed by it.

This made me smile.

I really like this. Its giving me a great time reflecting & thinking.

Hi Bruno, I just ran BitD today actually. Yes, it is on my agenda to finish and expand it. Do you have suggestions what you like to get next?

Hi Star West, its the Micro Blades game in my account. Thanks!

Oh damn, I was doing business card RPG all summer and than didnt looked on itch for 2 weeks and missed out here :D

Very nice adjustments to the original first version. The mini life path character generation is kind of brilliantly minimalistic.

I do it exactly as you propose. You would not want to summon spirits in a brawl. They would eat you too. But summoning it up in an unaware crowd of enemies? With enough distance? Yes, why not :P

A very subtle addition to bring in the gameplay of the Alone Games to a 2Player version. I like this a lot as it asked for collaborative storytelling!

Oh nice, now I can see what you meant with Charactersheet including rules. It is a great inspiration and I like how you put the Blades Style Downtime actions into this. Sleek!

Good Point, I should expand it by a charactersheet. Thanks for the praise!

After seeing so many great other entries, I kind of liked to expand here.

I am really amazed and have send a link to my local RPG community to try it out. I am looking forward to more in different Genres and modules.

Oh I saw the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic in quiet a few others now. Looks like some ideas are floating and echoaing nicely within the Jam. I was Inspired by the The Midnight Chimes to include Classes.

Pure excellence

Great Layout. I really like your design skills.

This is so superb! Cant wait to try.

This is a very solid Hack of Tunnel Goons with its own unique worldbuilding on a few pages.

Stunning and fun, what do we need more?

Great entry and compact with a lot of flavor.

Hi Bruno, nice to see you around. Sure, Let me know and I will correct it. Thanks!

magical corruption, like chaos at warhammer

cool, what kind of other characters would be interesting for you?

WOW you are amazing!!! I will upload it later. Can you add a card linking to your account here so people know you translated it?

ohmy no idea how to cut shorter 😅

How about some Call of Cthulhu vice here?

INVESTIGATORS: Seekers of Eldritch Truths against the Dark