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Make a hack of Tunnel Goons!

Tunnel Goons is rules light tabletop role playing game released under creative commons. It's designed to be a base to build upon! It's free to download, chop up and  remix.
I would love to see people use it to make their own games! Have a cool idea for a magic system? A class system? Mass Combat? Breakdance battles? Corporate espionage? Animal husbandry? Rip Tunnel Goons apart and Frankenstein together a better game!
This is a ranked jam, everyone who submits an entry gets to vote on their favorite submission.

Submissions close on September 5th. Voting ends on September 12th.

The top ranked entry will get a Highland Paranormal Society t-shirt of their choice mailed to them.
All participants will get free PDFs of The Eternal Caverns Of Urk and The Stolen City.

Find the Tunnels Goons PDF here.

Make a tabletop RPG or supplement using the Tunnel Goons rules as starting point, feel free to hack them up beyond recognition.
For the duration of the jam, submissions must be free to download. Feel free to sell it afterwords but keep it free during the voting period so everyone can read and vote for their favorite entry.
No hate speech allowed.

Tunnel Goons is release under Creative Commons 4.0 International License

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

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An analog adventure game for nice people
a survival roleplaying game
A rules-light pen & paper RPG 
about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.
work hard. play gay. do magic.
a space fantasy adventure game
A Game of Cosmic Goblin Mayhem
A card adventure for a single player
A tabletop RPG set in the world of Barsoom. Based on Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons.
A hack of Tunnel Goons for playing as Pentolan Gondolieri
A TTRPG system based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme
36 backgrounds for Troika & Tunnel Goons
A cyberpunk hack of Nate Treme's ENnie Award winning Tunnel Goons
A level-less spellcasting system and spell list for Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme (
A Tunnel Goons hack taking the piss out of the D&D satanic panic of the 80s.
3d6 DS-less hack of Tunnel Goons. Vaguely OSR-ish.
Role Playing
A Science Fantasy Drift of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons
A "Spore-Core" Fantasy Trip for Weird People.
Capture magical cards with your friends
A character creation system using Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons
A TTRPG for slackers who just want tickets to the hottest concert of all time
Play a gaggle of neolithic hunters trying to help their tribe survive!
A role playing game in the mythical underworld set in the guts of a dying city
Tunnel Goons + Robot T00n\z
A tabletop RPG hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons. Survive your curse for as long as you can.
An RPG about wreaking havoc in the afterlife
A Robots Vs. Entropy Hack for Tunnel Goons
Explore the dangerous tower of Nostalgia with your emotions.
A super-powered, vigilante hack of Tunnel Goons
A Tunnel Goons hack about a different and altogether stranger set of tunnels: the NYC Subway.
Tongue-in-cheek tournament battle with no holds barred!
A Tunnel Goons adventure with Alvarengu
Free nautical cartoon hack of Eternal Caverns of Urk by Nate Treme.
A fantasy expansion of Tunnel Goons within a barbaric Desert!
A rules-light philosophical exploration rpg. A hack of Tunnel Goons for the Goon Jam.
A mystical wrestling hack of Tunnel Goons
An analog investigation game of the paranormal
So's youse wanna be a made man huh? Have fun during the era of Prohibition? We's gotcha covered! Become a Gin Goon!
An analog roleplaying game about skateboard guerilla warfare. Based on Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons.
A rule-light role-playing game of Goblyn adventure inspired by Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons!
"Where did they all come from?"
Optional Rules for Tunnel Goons
A one page TTRPG of espionage action
This is a hack of Tunnel Goons letting players role play in a Circus setting.
Goon Jam 2019 submission about recreating road trip movies
A simple game of an up-and-coming band at the Big Battle of the Bands!
Running shine in the 1930's
the stars are alive with the sound of music.
Rocket Goons is Rocket-Age RPG inspired by Tunnel Goons a game by Nate Treme
A game of loose cannons, car chases, and bad muthas
Skirmish rules for Goonsquad!
A game about fantastic mycologists, and the fantastical adventures they get up to.
A super-hero hack of Tunnel Goons
Wakaaaaah! A Hong Kong action movie hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons
You're a kid, in school, sometimes it's tough, sometimes it's fun
Traduction en français de Tunnel Goons
Social climbing hack of Tunnel Goons
A NSFW two player rpg poppers trainer
A rebellious, position-centric hack of Tunnel Goons for #GoonJam.
Weird West hack of Tunnel Goons